The Spirit of the New Age

Editorial. Revista ARIEL reissues, as a manner of an editorial, this magnificent writing from Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig published in London on May the 3rd of 1966 and published in Revista ARIELNo. 83 in October the same year. Very few advances have been achieved since then on matters of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, the hegemonic hunger and the urge of prevailing right that force and power bestow are still conserved, but at the same time it is evident of the dawn of a new awakening, a new era, tinted precisely by Human Consciousness.


The beginning of the ATOMIC AGE had just began with the abominable destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with a toll of more than 200,000 dead and so much more injured or seriously affected people…., more insidious because it was not necessary due to the fact that Japan considered itself already defeated and was soliciting  surrendering without conditions, for this reason it became the more atrocious, repugnant and despicable mass murder (genocide) of all times, regardless of it being done under the name of Christian hood and the triumph of democracy and with the reason to end, forever, all vestiges of war. The triumphant nations (!) constituted an organization called the “UNITED NATIONS”. Its purpose, it was said, and was amply guaranteed then, was to organize Victory, rebuild the world based on a solid Peace, rescue subjugated countries, to help REFUGEES AND EXILES OR APATRIDS, in short to establish the ERA OF DEMOCRACY.

This happened in 1945. But in coming years humanity showed not to have learned anything from this devilish monstrosity of four years of destruction, carnage, serial and mass murder. Or maybe humanity liked the taste of the Law of the jungle and the excellent refinement of denial and contradiction of all moral, spiritual and divine precepts, of yore and tomorrow. The fact is that COLONIALISM, that ominous scar of Christianity, and finally everything shown off by the United Nations remained the same, even though with distinct ideological vestment and different psychological technics. The allies of the famous victory struggle to rip themselves apart and mutually overcome each other in a beautiful way, and finally the world in 1966 is as if there have never been so much wars and subtle and obstinate warlike spirits in the whole history of the world.

Finally, for more that is being said, there are, today, much more REFUGEES, EXILED AND APATRIDS that says much of the civilized or democratic and christian spirit of eternals contenders for supremacy and hegemony that is quite antidemocratic and antireligious imaginable. With all this, as if this were not sufficient enough, manufacturers of war armaments is increasing in numbers and challenge each other, day by day,  more effectively;  now day France ignores the illustrious services of the USA and post itself as equal to the majors (big one), with a superiority worthy of the most consummated megalomania, on the same hand China already improves its techniques with Hydrogen and Atomic Bombs, and in Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, etc. etc., they don’t lag behind in their secret anxiety of being able to show to the face of their astonished neighbors (so beloved) a generous doses of annihilating genocidal power. Thus are thought and appraised the so called HUMAN RIGHTS OF MAN, now days. Absolutism has been reaffirmed with incontrovertible sense, remembering pass colonialist feat or cultural expansion (sic!); now seems that no nation as big and symbolical that it may be, and with imperialist strive or simple biblical character, wants to deny itself the privilege of taking over the world or master, subject, conduct, redeem, enlighten and glorify human kind.

Of course, no one worries about HUMAN COSCIOUSNESS. What matter is to dominate, expands one’s domain, to show a proclaimed superiority, Institutionalize internationally and Planetary the Diktats, the Dichotomies, Dogmas, Ukases or Hard Laws with due rigor widely to all striving “material, moral and spiritual improvers of humanity, be it on the name of God, of the “triumphal revolution”, or as one can say “by the force of my pistols”. It is undoubtedly, the AGE OF ARROGANT CACIQUISM, AUTOGLORIFIED AND IRREVERSABLY ENTRONIZED. Not only nations has turned as such after the infamous lessons of history, but also some organizations and many individuals that have dealt, deep into their morbid brain, the idea that they are indispensable or that they represent GOD. Who by force of necessity of incapable petty riff-raff, intrepid and even monstrous to lecture, substitute and glorify them better than THEMSELVES.

Lets take a look to RHODESIA in order to convinced our self a bit. There “it is being fought for survival of the benefits of colonialism, for the supremacy of the white race in Africa and for the glory of christianism that ought to last”. The United Nations has barely touched the problem, however it does not do anything practical so that two and a half million of authentic black Africans could be treated with due dignity by about 200,000 white Christians colonizers that believe to be still living in the XVII century. Neither a single Christian, democratic or humanist voice has been herd in a condemnatory or accusatory way whatsoever (except our).

Then we see the problems of ISRAEL (ex-PALESTINA), COREA, INDOCHINA, CACHEMIR, CUBA, SANTO DOMINGO, etc. In each case the RIGHT OF FORCE has spoken, and not the humanitarian and religious FORCE OF RIGHT. Bastard and conventional interests take priority over the imperatives of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. Indeed, much is being talk about Human Dignity, of Divine Love for Humanity, at last of “cult-respect” toward human personality…..but the poor human kind is still favorite and easy prey of all war mongers and self-appointed redeemers imaginable.  Modern men is very scientific on its achievements in order to facilitate its existence, nonetheless, when whims, illusions and selfishness interfere life itself lack due meaning. Everyone invokes natural or Divine rights, or when good or bad reasons stop producing adequate or expected effects, they resort to more ready means, like nervous wars, plundering, “annihilating crusades of “heretic, pagans and satanic enemies”, and slaughtering, “patagonesque” (of Patagonia) and the “congolesque” (of Congo) of latter days. Due to lack of CONSCIOUSNESS science is being used in order to solve satisfactorily all differences, even to the cost of blowing up the planet with technical artifacts and supreme perfection. Lest not forget that Russians and Americans already have perfect bombs of 20 million tons of TNT. With that the human race can take notice if they don’t let themselves be subjugated, conducted, saved and glorified by the power that be with certain well defined pretensions.

For this ignominious harshness of unquestionable UN-HUMAN temperament, or let say, rather, ANTIDEMOCRATIC, ANTICHRISTIAN, ANTiSPIRITUAL AND ANTINATURAL, the coming about of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS should not be annihilated, nor can it be conceived to be destroyed so easily. After two million years of existence, human kind has learned to conserve itself after and in spite of all absolutism that may have risen whether in the tribes, or in the secret confine of prehistoric mafias, inside mystic or idol worshiping clans, or in superstitious sects more or less progressive uni-theistic, multi-theistic, tri-theistic or simply agnostics. For states and empires that prevailed during the last million years, things has gone from bad to worse because of “BLOOD AND FIRE”, or rather due to the philosophy of “Move away so that I may reign” that comes to be something like “As your Gods, your cultures and your sciences, are but hoax; allow me instruct, guide, save and glorify you with my own God that is unique, my own culture that is superior and my knowledge that is un-surpassing”. Neither moral, nor ethics, nor philosophy have prospered and progressed meanwhile, indeed, but meanwhile HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS in exile, reclusive within or on the classic clandestinely had learned to last and ennoble itself.  Now day, in historic sense, the world finds itself in a crossroad, because empires are dis-aggregated, the ultra-powerful nations disintegrate because of lack of genuine moral and spirituality, and lastly, all the display of power and hegemonic sense or ideological absolutism, imaginary or simply sentimental find themselves amply judged and quite condemned to an unavoidable retrieve, if not to a natural destitution because of simple inoperability. As a matter of fact, HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS gets stronger day by day, and surge as the legendary Phoenix Bird, ushering from the ashes of all infamies, betrayal, and ignominy that has enriched human history in a hair-raising and highly enlightening manner.

Happenings as CUBA, SANTO DOMINGO, VIETNAM, CONGO, PALESTINE, CACHEMIRE, and RODHESIA should not be considered as simple local or sporadic incidents devoid of rational relevance. In reality, they are other distinct cases of ventilating of a liquidation of facts or historic deed that HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS can now tolerate. They are, problems without apparent solutions, in effect, however we should not cultivate, neither impatience, nor desperation, much less to wield any Divine anger that may be laughable or to impose any punishment that only portrait reasons as force, and that are unworthily used by those who voice loudly of possessing Codes, Sacred Scriptures, Carta Magna and Holy or superlative Declarations.

In fact, the world progresses in a more humanitarian sense. Nonetheless, is not quite yet the entire human that he should be. Great civilizations has risen during the last 12,000 years, however, in spite of its respectable greatness and virtues, humanism has remained questionable, or to say the least, has not been able to prosper or place itself above all sophist and armed war mongers of advanced history. This includes the majestic civilities of Egypt, India, Greece, without any doubt the refulgent Sumerian and Chaldean Civilizations, the Maya and of the Vedanta or Vedic. The Spiritual Verb has not of yet been able to shine with all its magnificence. The magnificent Greece and the Mayans, that were contemporary, coincided with their practical humanism, maybe due to the fact that they were totally apart from the theological worries of their time. In this, undoubtedly, they followed the superb lessons from the Huighurs of Central Asia that existed from many millenniums before and were emigrants from the vanished continent of Mu. Great civilizations had come and gone, one after the other, historically; nonetheless, they have not been copied or surpassed at all. They have mutually influenced each other, only. However human history would have been different if the expedients of brutality or of the domain of barbarism had been ignored. It is a fact that humanity progress in bestiality and the demonic anti-humane, anti-religious and anti-democratic exactions as time moves forward. The irruption of Christian Hebrews gave the making of arrogant Latinity and variants of the Phoenician culture that threw away Hellenism, as well as the magnificent greatness of Egyptian civilization, that were never respected , nor surpassed and less imitated.

In the Far East, the descendants from MU preserve the Sacred traditions of MU that we can still see today, and are kept with zealousness in some islands of the Pacific as well as in the indomitable jungles of South Asia. In India itself as well that in Vietnam and the Sonda Island these Traditions persist, with singular resemblances with Maya universe and the pre-Inca of the Americas and of the most remote times of the Mesopotamian and Aryan world.

In any case, on matter of Sacred Traditions or simply humanistic, if not sublimely Spiritual, human kind has nothing to attribute itself for, nor the  one from hundreds of thousands of years would have motives to feel surpassed, displaced, discarded, maybe defeated, momentously, nonetheless, they have never been improved nor discredited. Historic incidents have been unfavorable, but HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS has kept with their unquestionable and indestructible values. Displacing a God or destroying a civilization does not imply necessarily new avenues of human progress or orchard of genuine Spirituality. Both the Incas of Peru were never morally and spiritually superiors to the Chimus and Chibchas that they conquered, nor the Christians that defeated the Inca demonstrated to be more dignified and respectable than their own defeated or conquest victims. History repeats itself on all latitudes of the world. If world conquerors were to be admired, loved and glorified the world would be a magnificent place to live.

Indeed, history truly shows that succeeding or over imposed civilizations have been copied to some aspects. In pottery as well as in cosmologies and Divine concepts there have been a simple adoption and transposition, with very few differences, as to dissimulate plagiarism or re-editions with additions. The one thing that has not changed due to the fruit of conquest is HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, as the new masters, perhaps, by being the more powerful, have not worry whatsoever about the well-being of the defeated or conquered, that were rather slaves and forced contributors to the wealth and glory of their new masters. One must wander if under such disjunctive the autochthonous defeated or colonized suffer from nostalgia and ostracism, and if they dream with melancholy of recuperating their lost cultures, Divinities and natural way of living. These facts lend themselves for serious meditations. HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS comes because of natural laws to recover its lost dignities and their innate spiritual rights. This, we have analyzed with more amplitude in our SPIRITUAL TESTAMENT FOR NEW AGE HUMANITY.

The events with a sense of rebellion, as unsatisfied youth with the eccentric and extremism of YeYeism, as well as the wrong tendencies to escape from the tragedy of living with rigors of uncertainty or un-adaptability routed with illegalities, impunity or reckless and self-destructive vices (alcoholism, tobacco, drugs, orgy, sacred sects, etc.) are also indicators of great changes in human condition. Also the defiance attitudes before the established customs and the selfish interests, signal methods of inept and already defeated souls that do not respect themselves.

Humanity is gravely sick. Nevertheless, these are labor pain (childbirth) of a new civilization. It is in effect the dawn of the NEW AGE, which shall be deeply humanistic. It can be say as if moved under the auspices or cosmic sign of the eternal Divinity, humanity shall awaken and throw to the side all myths and contradictory institutions, and concerning the failures of illusions and believes from the past would get ready to humanized itself in superlative sense or at least in an excellent way, with the revival of the already timely postponed HUMAN CONCIOUSNESS. An Einstein, a Gandhi, an Anatole France, a Forester, an Oppenheimer, perhaps, are not worth more with their noble virtues than all the dictators that humanity had to put up to this day? It is not because of lack of other enlightened spirits or genuine Valmikis, Pythagoras, Manes, Mithras, Buddha’s and Lao Tses, but that, precisely, the most humanists, mentors of humanity have not been the ones that have written the dark pages of history.

But the hour to reconsider, to revise and revalue has arrived. The NEW AGE that is to end all eras of doubtful values or incidental forced superiority do not need defenders or representatives, because it is promoted with the natural expressions of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, that suffice by itself. The turbulences and violating turpitudes of the moment shall not prosper much as to annihilate HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, or to avoid its uprising and its final preeminence.

Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig