The second aspect of SPIRITUAL COMMUNION is known as HOLY PRESENCE.

Holy Presence is felt in the course of due Meditation, that is when Initiates prolong their devotion to the point of deep realization beyond the frontiers of psychic experience of mentalization.

At this point we reap the fruits of what we have stock of in the course of deep mental exertion. The thinking process must not, consequently, be interrupted or altogether effaced, since the "blank mind" can only provoke lopsided mental states and derivation into somatic pressure.

Yet what we must cater to in the course of Meditation is precisely that greater experience which we know as Holy Presence.

By Holy Presence it is meant the opening up of Consciousness in its greater dimensions.

There is no possible mistake about this wider experience. We face the Holy Presence at all time, yet cannot sense it because consciousness is not duly awakened.

As soon as Consciousness is obtained we come into the higher states of the HOLY REALM. In fact, the Holy Presence is the confrontation of individual consciousness with the Divine Eternal Presence, which is also known as Divine Consciousness.

This  experience is the highest possible form of human consciousness above the ordinary mental consciousness. In fact it marks the beginning of what some mystics have termed "cosmic consciousness", or the "Meeting with the Cosmic Mind", although it is by no means the greatest experience possible in the variegated forms of consciousness.

The Holy Presence has absolutely no Form whatever, and it is not contacted by means of psycho sensorial senses. It is definitely not a Suprasensorial function. That is why it takes hold of us, it unwraps and soaks us so to say, giving our better consciousness a sense of untold grandeur and Universal magnificence.

In the course of such experience we completely lose sense consciousness, that is purely mental operativeness and projections, only to be immersed and aggrandized by the Holy Presence, which is infinite and indefinite.

This experience is flash-like. Yet it can be prolonged by means of intensive Meditation.

Such an experience always leaves in sense of living in depth and expansively, thus infinitely extending the horizons of consciousness and the limits of thinking.

This experience enriches in untold ways. Only the experience itself can prove its worth, and its matchless significance.

Kut Humi Lal Singh