The Divine Presence is what we have termed otherwise Spiritual Consciousness (Bodha).

In this case, individual consciousness is extended well into the Holy Presence, and it partakes in the realizations of Divine Life-Essence.

Little can be said about this experience, which is the greatest of all within the Planes of manifestation of life. In fact, only the more advanced Initiates attain it.

We may safely say that the Holy Presence confers by natural right a Spiritual Anointment. Divine Presence endows with supraspiritual realization and the highest capacity for Spiritual Communion or accomplishments.

No amount of wording or definition could ever give us the right insight or even simple clues as to this experience, for it is well beyond the scope of all human or individualized consciousness.

The Holy Presence is the common form of living of Cosmocrators or Jinas, people capable of cosmic consciousness. The Divine Presence is Spiritual Consciousness at its best, and only devotees of Spiritual Truth capable of Spiritual Consciousness can grasp its significance, and this takes place by means of the annihilation of self-consciousness and at the same time acquiring Universal-Eternal consciousness.



"Bodha" or Spiritual Consciousness is the mental function of Principles (Budhi) and the attainment of Consciousness of life, without which life itself is but a mere trend of fancies and barbarity. We seek "Bodha" as a means of ultimate realization of the very process and end of Life.  K.H.

"The more we meditate earnestly, the more we reap and the more we expand our consciousness, transforming the individual from selfish member of a small group, into a conscious Citizen of the whole Universe" Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig.

"Muéstrenme personas pobres, sinceras y buenas, haré de ellas genuinos Ciudadanos del Universo". Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig.