Barcelona, the 10th of July, 1966

Ill. Mai Marquand
Bombay, India

Beloved ONE

It being quite time since I heard from you, I thought of contacting you to learn about your health and general activities.

We are, of course, busy as usual since early this century. I travel considerably, particularly now that I am being considered for the office of Secretary General of the United Nations, in lieu of Mr. U. Thant, whose term of office is ending soon. I have accepted the nomination on the condition that I be really and truly the Secretary General, and not a puppet.

I would appreciate if you told me in what way I could be of assistance to India, in general, in that pest. Of course, it would be nice to have a Hindu there. But I am not yet elected, of course, and this depends much on the requests they receive in this respect at the UN Headquarter. You also may send a petition on my favor. All I would aim is to make Spiritual Values respected throughout the world once for all by all the nations.

How is your health? I do hope and trust that you are well, and that you work is fully prosperous.

In MAI´s wondrous Blessing,

Faithfully yours and all the collaborators of Mai,

Pr. OM Lind