Paris, the 3rd of November, I.95I

By Pr. OM Shernrezig Lind

Yes, this is my misfortune and whether I like it or not, I AM A COMUNIST BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT!

Recently I was requested to attend a Worldwide Masonic Council in Paris, and my presence soon aroused the interest of those present. The subject soon came to light in a grand way, since I was openly questioned whether my presence was not rather harmful to the august Assembly, since I was considered everywhere as a rugged communist. To my amazement I heard the commitments, then walked up to the Speaker’s chair and requested to be heard. The first I did was to ask all those present to present me a single proof, even the faintest evidence that I had ever shown the slightest interest, admiration or love for COMMUNISM in any of its known forms. Then, I added, “even during the war, when it was stylish and even obligatory to vaunt and glorify Russia and her communistic antics, I was among the few who refused such a sympathy to the Allies, and for this reason I was branded Nazi and antidemocrat” ...

No one budged, and not the slightest word was expressed to comment on my arguments. The entire Assembly finally shed its dense veil of reticence, and acclaimed me, requesting me to occupy the Presidency of the Council. In my words of thanks, I stated that “… now, no more than during the last war, not a wince of sympathy or admiration can be gotten out of me for the Allied block, or for its opponent in that matter, since I am intensely humanistic and Spiritual to the core, therefore above al partisanship, sectarianism, or nationalistic designs. Furthermore, whether I am branded as communist, nazi, jew or catholic, all such accusations leave me cold and irresponsive. I am what I am, and I don’t give a damn how my enemies consider or brand me to suit their own stupidity and mean designs” ...

A few days back, I receive a cable inviting me to a Spiritual Congress which is scheduled to open in Santiago de Chile soon. However, I declined the invitation, because I would not like to see this wonderful endeavor toward human spiritual advancement jeopardized by my presence, since  the fact that I am branded as a communist by a number of cranks and irresponsible fanatics might be harmful to the good cause cultivated by this Congress.

I do not like to be the talk of the town. Yet, such a publicity is being given to my name, branding me as a communist, a self appointed Messiah, and a Jesuit, when not as a Wall Street agent, a Moslem secret agent, or a “Yellow Pope” that I cannot help enjoy the situation. However, this is becoming tragic, since from every quarters I am being locked upon as a freak. I receive secret Phone calls telling me that I am “being investigated by the FBI”, that the Secret Service is catching up with me... and that “the Vatican is well determined to erase me from this earth” ! l also receive stacks of anonymous letters maltreating me and accusing me of being a “dirty communist, antichristian, enemy of humanity” ! This is more than I can swallow! ... Why those who so treat me, whether they be Christians or democrats, were surely happy to be the Allies of Russia only a years back, treating Communists as bad companions, so why all this fuss now? Why bother me with their debasing insults and vicious slanders ?

The whole world can rest assured that I don’t give a damn about being investigated or not by the FBI, the Department of Justice and all the Gestapo, GPUs and Secret Corps imaginable, and no amount of Inquisitorial threats will bother or intimidate me. All I can say is, the more they investigate me the more they will discover that I have never entertained the slightest communistic sympathies, nor have ever either courted any sort of political party. During, the last (?) war I did lend some services to the United States of America, but I now question my earnestness, considering the war aftermaths and what is now defying us all throughout the world.

The fact is that I have been so bored with all such accusations that I am now sick of hearing the terms “democracy”, “Christianity”, “communism” and “modern civilization”. I’d sooner live in caves with baboons than admire the ideological antics of those who brand me as Communist, or what not.  Whoever or whatever they are, and no matter what their ecclesiastic, social or police rank and condition, I have lost all admiration for their cause and pretext, and the more I hear of them the more I admire vipers and desert beasts which are at least sincere about their aims and motives.

As I said I AM A COMMUNIST BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT. This, of course, after having being treated as a “Black Magician” by self exalted theosophists, “Crook” by the AMORC bedlam, “antichristian” by the auspicious Catholic Church, “Nazi”, “Wall Street agent”, “Cosmopolitan” and “vulgar Jew” by the capable communistic propagandists, and last but not least as a “deluded mystic” by certain Scottish Rite so-called Brother-masons of England and France! … what a service file! Yet, each of these people who attack me so willfully have never brought the slightest evidence against me, backing their freak accusations! Needless to say, these people just as freak as their own fabrications, and their motives or purposes are well divulged by the way they so frantically attack me. Why, if they could have even a shred of evidence against me, they would have sink and destroyed me long ago !

The point is I cannot be destroyed that easily, not even by making a crank, a communist or any other specious thing out of me. Whatever may be said about me, the fact remains that no one can prove the least against my character. They may try to affect my prestige and destroy my reputation, so as to prevent my efforts from fructifying, or my sacrifices from triumphing; but it all will have to be upon my back and in the dark ..... such as gangsters would behave.  I have never yet met eye to eye any of my detractors or enemies. None seem ready or willing to face me in the open, away from their own back alleys.

A year or so ago a British newspaper published in Paris the DAILY MAIL, accused me of being a COMMUNIST AGENT.  I immediately sued the yellow sheet for vicious slander. A whole year has passed, and its lawyers have resorted to all sorts of legalistic tricks so as to prevent us from obtaining legal reparation. They went as far as denying us the right to seek satisfaction through Courts, and of course likewise refused to retract. So, if the French Courts really accept the arguments of the DAILY MAIL, I shall keep the nasty brand... of communist in spite of myself, and nefarious characters will keep on slandering us in the same manner too !  Of course there is not the slightest chance of my obtaining legal reparation through the French Courts, where I requested damages for the amount of $ 4.500.000.oo or I.000.000,000 Francs, since this is not the moment to bother the Conservative Government of Great Britain with a suit against a paper of its sympathies, not the UN Russian Delegation now entertaining the whole world on the state of de Palais of ChailIot, nor even the French Secret Service which was supposed to have given the “news” … Since evidences would have to be presented, it would a tremendous task to fake proofs in such a clear case. I wanted to bring my enemies into the open, in a French Court, where I still believe justice can find its true course, BUT... I hold my breath, and wait, because “Justice” is such a frail creature, and like all ladies, so changeable and accommodating ! What chances have I against so powerful interests at odd? I realize that I AM A COMMUNIST BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT.

Yes, I AM A COMMUNIST BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT, even though I ignore, dislike and really abhor it. This vicious attack upon my character works like a mischievous timepiece, menacing to explode into atomic shreds, like a momentous excommunion. There seems to be no indulgence for me, no pity, no quarters. My enemies are powerful, and they know it. I also know it, because those who so wantonly slander me, work in the dark, by means of nasty whispers, always stating “it is a proven fact”, “on dit on hayt lieu”, “Police is on his tracks” … but never humanely offering evidences. They track me, and pretend that my activities are subversive. Why? Is it not because I bother them, or because I am much better than they could never dream to be?

The worse of this shameful campaign, is that so many people who believe in me are now afraid ... and some doubt, while most run away from me.  Sooth to say, this is the world two world wars were fought for and a third general catastrophe is being prepared. Shouldn’t I be glad to be among the very few who are not responsible for such a truculent way of Life.


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