To have a wonderful opportunity to be good and to materialize a great ideal, and ignore it, is either idiotic indifference, monumental ignorance, monstrous prejudice, or unpardonable selfishness.

Lack of freedom is the world's worse evil, and even ignorance, superstition and vice rank next precisely because it breeds all the wrongs, ailments, problems and evils of human nature.

The most foolish idea I ever heard of is the one that fancies that the nations will ever decide on disarmament.  The next one is that which claims that peace can be made on earth by simply signing international treaties and mobs shouting their demands on public squares.

The most unbelievable thing today is the fact that the Nobel Prize of Literature was awarded to a certain Boris Pasternak who defined communism as the spirit of adventure in the realm of boredom and bloodshed.

The best possible definition of communism: an attempt to communize the world by communists because they know nothing else and cannot be anything else.

Is it possible to find more cynicism anywhere else than in the organizations and individuals who vaunt their love of peace, their mercifulness and their sacred faith while claiming to the historical succession of some of mankind's worse episodes of atrocity and barbarianism.

Imitate us, and we shall greet you fraternally.  Imitate us, as this is yet the best way to help us in our aims and aspirations, for believe it or not, no substitute or ersatz as yet ever triumphed over the genuine product.  The worse is not in IMITATION, but, rather, in grotesque imposture and charlatanistic self-sufficiency.   K.H.

There is nothing in the whole wide world as easy as to create a new church, a new school of thought, or a new style for ladies, as most people resort to this stratagem as a last resort, when they are irremediably lost or really in the abysses of utter failure.  Why, almost everybody believes that comes next, or the loudest voice that speaks, and nobody questions the truthfulness of what is mysterious and supernatural.  That is why, precisely, there is a great need to check on such activities, particularly when the 'new ministers or priests' have a dark background, or a questionable character.  Swami Jñanakanda.

It is our obligation to help any good cause.  Platón

There must be something wrong with us, or somewhere and somehow, when WE REFUSE TO CO-OPERATE to further a good cause or to honor a generous ideal. Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig