ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY AND INJUSTICE and SOCIAL INSECURITY AND IRRESPONSIBILITY are the two great curses of modern materialistic civilization.

Fortunately, great changes are happening, and a New World is in formation. A New Age is ushering in, and most of the old moulds of living are to be transformed. We already see them crack up and shatter, while new modes of social concept are being essayed. The great economic confusion and troubles of the present are but phases of these momentous modifications being undergone by all mankind.

It remains to be seen now whether the human species will really understand the causes of all problems and ills, and whether peoples will comply with their real needs. What humanity needs,  indeed, is NOT bloody REVOLUTION, of VIOLENT COERSION, TIRANNY and TOTALITARIAN IMPOSITIVENESS.

Humanity must EVOLVE toward better ways of living, in which all human beings are treated and respected as equals of Brethren, and Democratically. The “Big Brother” policy of self-righteous potent nation, and absolutist Dictatorship are really specious doctrines, and odious predicaments, specially when we cherish Democratic Ideals. There is, in the way toward true Humanitarianism and natural evolution, a number of absurd condition and false principles, which must be eradicated ere this world may be cleared for true Democracy. Humankind must shape, forthwith, a New Spiritual Bill of Rights of Man.

Also, POVERTY, RACIAL AND RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION, COLONY STATUS, POLITICAL PERSECUTION, EXCESSIVE NATIONALISM, ECONOMIC EXPLOITATION and SOCIAL ABSOLUTISM are terrible evils that must be eradicated. It is generally believed that the present MONEY SYSTEM is the root cause of all such evils, and there is a lot of truth in that.

If you are interested in solving economic and social problems, read these two books of ours:

Ø      New Age Cosmic Economic and Social Rehabilitation Plan

Ø      The New Age Wealth, With and Without Money

These two books bring the answer to all the quandaries of Religion, all the problems of crafty politics, all the bambooxie of “Marxian economics and historical materialism”, all the stupidities of financial wizards who have created the artificial, cruel devilish ways of living which humanity is now needing to cast aside in a decisive search for a more wholesome and winsome livelihood.

Dr. OM Schernrezig Lind

Excerpts from: WORLD YOUTH RALLY