It is a privilege to live when we make life worthwhile.

Life is a curse, a sickness and a source of misery and sorrow when people are parasites and unworthy.

Eternity is at our command and the whole Universe is our wealth, if we live rightly.

What right have we to claim rights on Eternal Truth?

Why should I cling to fancy prestige, or regard as my own that which belongs to the sages of all the ages?

The greatest joy of life is the surrender of self together with the gift of truth with the infinite riches of a pure heart.

My best justification in life consists in having remained true, and loyal to what I have learned from my predecessors and Guides.

What I have received I have honored by multiplying through and existence of devotion to Universal Principles and by dedicating myself by vocation and eternal inspiration to live Truth.

I have always lived in full consciousness, and my only concern is that I may not be permitted to do all the good I want to do.

My WILL is the example of my life and the key of wisdom, the beauty and power of the Universe.

Yet when I depart from the world I would like to see on my epitaph the following inscription:

“He always had forgiveness and supreme compassion for all”

“He was a true, unselfish servant of humanity and a matchless exponent of Divine Teachings who never yielded to any tyrant, never was a dictator, never committed any crime, never said a single lie and never was able to hate or despise any living being”.

“He never rested when there was injustice, suffering, or a problem within his sphere of action throughout the world, and He was already ready for sacrifice when there was a lie to disprove, an infamy to combat, a war to stop, or a villain to disarm.

“He would have sold himself so as to be able to do
good to the world. And, last but not least,
He never yielded to pride, lust and greed, and
He always effaced himself

From: “MY WORK”
By: H.H. Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig
Maha Chohan Koot Hoomi Lal Singh


“My (last) WILL is my present work and my sacrifices constitute my Living Gospel” NAWPS, XXIII Year, 8 of April, 1961, No. 1646

Motto. – “There is nothing mightier, more beautiful, and as useful and necessary as Truth” (As found on the shield of H.H. the Prince OM Lind-Schernrezig of Shan, Tibet).

UHR: We do not tell other people to MAKE PEACE, or to BE GOOD and LIVE WHOLESOMELY;  we begin by giving the good example to the people of all the races, faiths and conditions of life, so that they may find real peace, enjoy genuine Goodness and Righteousness, and live commendably.

THE SPIRITUAL CALL. La Voz Cósmica.       
L´Appel Spiriuel
Agosto 28 de 1973. Fas. 23., París, Francia.