PEACE is a consequence, not a cause.

PEACE is a fruit, not a seed.

PEACE is the fruit of kindness, Service, Dignity and Compassion. Wherever any of these four sources of PEACE are lacking there is strife, lust and war.

SILENCE and PEACE come from the realization of duty accomplished, and in the face of problems which cannot be tackled straightly when we become aware of our potentialities and dare ACT gently but effectively, we know what real SILENCE is, as we create and fructify. We reach PEACE only when we have lived the part that belongs to us in the Grand Concert of Universal Realization. PEACE is the rest that comes after great struggles and conquests.

Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig

From: Curse of Unity

*  *  *

Health. Peace. Good Will. Understanding. Love. Serenity. Brotherhood... Miracles worked by simultaneous efforts.

Great Mandala of Peace at Work