Paris, the 8th of December, 1965

Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig
Vice-Pres- Mrs. E. Sanders
Post Box 135
Altadena, California

Mr. U. Thant
Secretary General
New York City, N.Y. U.S.A.

Dear Sir,

This is to accompany a copy of letter which, we have sent to Mr. Ho Chi Minh and to the Government of North Vietnam. Like letters have been sent to the Heads of governments of Rhodesia, Santo Domingo, Congo, Cyprus, etc.

We have organized this WORLD PEACE CAMPAIGN on a basis of human realism, since neither extensive warfare nor religious interventions or purely political endeavors have thus far brought effective solutions to the most harrowing world problems. WAR is, of course, but the desperate and most unreasonable let loose, or escapade of man. WAR is also the most savage, stupid, brutal and inhuman of all possible recourses, and it has never proven really constructive or nobly inspired at any time in the long course of history. WAR has never solved any problem at all, and much to the contrary it has only multiplied and worsened them.

Yet, we must realistically face the facts. WARS constitute an end product of a long series of different social and economic problems, which themselves are due to ill-health, inadequate education and confusing incomplete notions about the truths of life. WARS, however, could be avoided by simply eradicating its causes, and by making people more peaceful and lovable, more dedicated to designs of human dignification, and more appreciative of genuine spiritual values which are eternal.

The oneness of HUMANITY is yet to be discovered by most people. Then, the conflicts between convenient myths and the arrogance of domineering, self-appointed acmes of Divine perfection, easily transform the whole surface of the planet into battlefields. Sometimes the battlefields are purely mythical in designs, but they invariably end in wholesale destruction and sadistic bloodshed or satanic follies just the same. Thus, political ideological and mystic doctrines divide mankind as well as the world, and in concrete reality it is always MAN that suffers the harrowing consequences.

We do not profess to know everything, or to solve all problems. We do know whereof we speak, however, and we abhor dwelling too much on problems without solving them. We realize, of course, that problems which have existed for so long must soon meet their end, otherwise they will continue to soak the world with human blood and adorn it with infamy and untold abomination.

Needless to say, it is NOT words and fancy promises, or even admonitions and monstrous carnage, that world problems will ever be solved. We must tackle the problems resolutely, once for all, and thus prove to what extent we are truly intelligent, sagacious and responsible people.

We have stated plainly enough for the past fifty years or so that we are not interested in politics, or in any form of faith supremacy and world mystic hegemony. We are, above all, HUMANS, although our spirit is UNVERSIAN in characteristics and designs. Our present campaign PRO WORLD PEACE is, therefore, fundamentally and implicitly PRO HUMANITARIAN. God cannot fail to be with us –, and to assist us, indeed, if we can succeed in delivering mankind from the scourges of WAR and all its determinating factors. This is so true that the most nobly inspired religious bodies of the world have agreed to collaborate with us. Our terms can, of course, be extended to all people throughout the world, whether they be politically minded or simply agnostics, atheists and anarchists, provided they reasonably underwrite the GOLDEN RULE. This GOLDEN RULE, the United Nations Organization may as well take notice of it, has been enunciated by the founders of all the great religions and civilizers of yester ages, beginning with RATAUVEA in the dawn of the Paleolithic age several dozens of thousands year age in the Pacific Ocean area. Even the Lord Christ is said to have voiced it, while His Grace the Prophet Mohamed in later days admitted it as a vital law.

People who are staging hideous WAR conditions wither in Cuba, Cyprus, Congo, Vietnam, Rhodesia, the Holy Land, Santo Domingo, Brazil, Uruanda or elsewhere, today, are obviously too busy to take stock of the atrocious and most inhuman consequences in which they indulge. Or are they too engrossed in their business of destruction and bloodshed with ultra-modern armaments that they are hypnotized and entranced by the weird spectacle, which springs from the innermost parts of their being. No, WAR is not a human requisite, regardless of what some Holy Scripture may ordain and propound. Savagery, vicious strife and monstrous bloodshed cannot be ever enjoined by any sound and respectable Deity. Man is naturally endowed with all the necessary faculties, virtues and powers to solve all his problems intelligently and with fitting dignity.

The UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL, RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE FOR MODERN TIMES, Inc. (New York), which is also legally established in most civilized countries, and because of its unique record of peaceful endeavors and spiritual designs, is unquestionably the only organization that can claim with due sagacity and propriety the right to speak of HUMAN CONSCIENCE. For one thing, it is integrated now by 758 different religious, fraternal, cultural, spiritualist, humanitarian, philosophical and spiritual organizations. It is, indeed, the UNIVERSAL ORGANISM of all conceived organizations. Our requests and pronouncements represent the greatest freely expressed consensus of human people ever reached.

We are interested in solving human problems, but only through reasoned ways and really intelligent manners. Not in behalf of a determined faith, notion, race, continent, clan or party of people, but BY AND FOR ALL MANKIND. We feel certain that there is nothing to lose in trying our propositions. In fact, we want ALL MANKIND TO BE THE VICTOR AND BENEFICIARY under all circumstances.

We demand that all the nations agree on our conditions by resorting to an immediate ARMISTICE, and then forthwith engage in pourparleys directed to OUTLAW ARMED VIOLENCE AND ALL FORMS OF WARFARE OR SYSTEMATIC ANTAGONISM. We must begin by mankind the Human Rights functional realities, not simply promises and hopes for the future. Then, the principle of LIBERTY from Human Conscience to the Way of Life should underlay and permeate all the humanly statuted laws in all the latitudes of the world. In this manner we would safely inaugurate a protracted epoch of history spelling PEACE, Righteousness, Love, Brotherhood, Kindness, Noblesse and Ideal Humanism.

The UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL, RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE FOR MODERN TIMES, Inc., being always consequent with its own principles and nobly inspired designs, not only INVITES all the war-torn nations and people to apply the GOLDEN RULE at the table of WORLD HUMAN CONGRESS under its ponderous guidance, but it CHALLENGES all truly peace-loving nations to answer without delay the here expressed “CALL” of HUMAN CONSCIENCE. Our impersonal spirit constitutes a supreme guaranty of fair play. Never in all human history has there been such opportunity to really SOLVE PROBLEMS, which affect all mankind.

It would be up to the UNITED NATIONS Organization to make our present Message to all the Nations. It may also facilitate our noble task in every possible way, for as we have hinted, there is nothing to lose in trying our GOLDEN RULE way, and all the gains shall forever be for mankind.

Much obliged for your kind attention

Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig
General Patron


Post Data: Now, we have discovered a real solution, but we do not intend imposing it in any way on people. If anybody has another better solution, in fact, we want to know it, and if it works better than the one we have presented we shall gladly adopt it. What we would abhor is TO KNOW A GOOD SOLUTION AND REFUSE TO USE IT. Far from us the idea of demanding from all people to be like ourselves, or to follow us and submit in a sheepish way to our dictates, as we are not indoctrinators. We are scientifically minded as well as spiritually inspired, but above all we hope to be always as practical and sensible as it is possible.

We do not pretend to tell all the nations and mankind at large what to believe, how to breathe or what to do. We simply proclaim that we constitute a unique media for serene and constructive analysis of all problems. A sort of oasis, free of all prejudice and most willing to act as impartial MEDIATOR.

We do not enjoin any TRUCE. We want an intelligent and final ARMISTICE. Definitely, we demand a NO MORE CARNAGE – NO MORE CARNAGE – NO MORE ABSOLUTISM SCHEMES. All totalitarian conceptions are reprehensible and vain, being based on blind conclusions and vicious force. Also, no truce can be commendable or moral, for it is only a tacit admission of the folly of wanton destruction and savage carnage, plus a resolution to continue this cynical course of insanity and infrahuman designs. What HUMAN CONSCIENCE demands and strives for is an immediate UNIVERSAL ARMISTICE, POLITICALLY AS WELL AS RELIGIOUSLY SO THAT CONTENDING POWERS MAY SIT FORTHWITH IN INTELLIGENT PARLIAMENT AND NOBLY INSPIRED TO BRING TO AN END ALL FORMS OF COMPETITING RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, IDEOLOGICAL ABSOLUTISM, BRUTISH HATRED AND VIOLENT WARFARE. Now, we do not say “For God´s sake” or “For the love of Mike” – since such formulas have proved futile heretofore -, but rather, FOR THE SAKE OF A BETTER HUMANITY and IN THE NAME OF YOUR OWN SELF RESPECT stop all the war-torn and strife-ridden “concentration wars” of our planet from Berlin to Jerusalem, from Korea to Congo, from Cuba to the Vietnams, from Holy Land to Rhodesia, from Brazil to Santo Domingo, from Bogalusa and watts to Kashmir, etc. there is no true GLORIOUS GREATNESS OUTSIDE HUMANITARIAN DESIGNS AND SPIRITUAL VALUES. Neither can there be today the least admiration and respect for facts of arms, primitive power absolutism and whatever form of exploitation of man by man. For Lo and Behold – THE GREATER, REALLY SPIRITUAL HUMANITY began in 1912 with the ushering in New Age (Aquarius) when the UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD – COMMONWEALTH OF MANKIND was created. In fact, whether we care to believe it or not, the long gruesome history of the schemes of Intolerance, Cruelty, Pride, Self-righteousness, Tyranny of force and self-sufficient egocentricities was doomed the day the Nuclear Era was born at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now, a better world is in the making, thanks to the intelligent application of the GOLDEN RULE.

Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig.


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