Article published originally in Spanish in Ariel Numbers 70 and 71, August and October of 1.957, and Ariel Number 100, July and August of 2002 . Here, we continue the series of writings relate to Peace that have served as editorials in previous editions. In this article you can clearly sense how “religious,” “philosophic,” “fraternal,” “spiritual,” etc, followers, the same way that politicians do, contribute to the monster of war, every time exclusive, sectarian and conventional positions are assumed. Also, you will find essential Considerations and Proposals, as well as vital subjects beyond Time and Space.


Order in the World Chaos

The movement shows by walking down the road, and every action reveals itself its basic principles and its primarily values” Mary O'Day

Let us say it at once, there is a very long gap between saying and DOING, as well as between asking and CREATING. There are too many organizations and people that presume of being leaders, but that really are nothing more than simple salesmen offering books, medallions, amulets and honorific titles and horoscopes or Divine blessings, seeking only easy money. To these people, generally, one cannot talk of neither Spiritual justifications nor moral fundamentals. They do not understand a thing about these matters neither have time to lose; for them those are futile explications. They have already enough concerns with their proselytic campaigns and making fortune soon and easily. This, would have to be said, if we dear to speak clearly. Of course, more likely dealing later with the most vulgar attacks from those who behave accordingly. It is precisely these negative factors the ones that continually do the most to prevent the success of the genuine sense of every Religion, those that oppose to the creation of a Grand Universal Fraternity, and that fight any formula of Good Will or SPIRITUAL COMMUNION.

Many times we strive to break barriers, dissolve prejudice, eliminate hate and transcend the abyss of fanatism. We tell our neighbours: LET US BE FRIENDS, LET US UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER, LET US LIVE LIKE SISTERS AND BROTHERS. Unfortunately, charlatans and impostors of all conditions and categories do not understand this language. They talk of good will, only if they get their way with it. When they talk of ideals of Fraternity, Peace, or Charity is to make others believe in their magnificence and get their admiration, even when they never practice them.

How easy is, as well, to criticize and denigrate of other people in the name of Divine teachings and Spiritual values. But those who proceed in that way would soon change tactics if they knew that when one lives truly according to genuine Divine teachings and authentic Spiritual values there is no time to be ignominious, vicious, cruel or belligerent. It is here where resides the great difference between the SACRED UNIVERSAL DOMINIUM and those who antagonize it: While they thrill themselves with their deceitful doctrines and theories, we endeavour to live according to the ETERNAL SPIRITUAL COVENANT, the Golden Rule and the essence of all Religions.

There is not doubt, many groups have characteristics quite sui-generis, special, that force them to work independently. There is nothing impeachable or criminal in this. There are also organizations that rather maintain traditional lines for which they pay an expensive price, and there is nothing wrong about that either. We believe that is commendable to be loyal to ideals. What really is contradictory and misleading is that religious, fraternal, spiritualistic, mystic or philosophic groups prefer to work alone and exclusively for themselves, refusing to cooperate with others of identical origins, methods and immediate or ultimate aspirations. Proselytic sectarism and fanatic exclusivism pronounce themselves in devious ways, while refusing themselves to live in agreement with their most uttered principles and ideals.

For example, what could we think of a Fraternity that do not want to be fraternal with other Fraternities? Or, of a society of Good Will that cultivates defamation, hatred and mistrust towards other organizations and people that do not revolve inside its exclusive orbit? Or, of churches that call themselves universal, but that excomulgate, attack, profusely insult people or other churches?  Or, schools of mysticism that scorn all that is not in their convenience or in their favour? Or still, of a spiritualistic group that claim Divine Love and Universal Brotherhood, but that consider itself unforgiven enemy of groups that are characterized by their independence of criterion, feeding demoniac hatred towards them? Perhaps, would it not be sufficient justification, or better demonstration of sincerity if all Religions, Fraternities and Philosophies join themselves to build a common Moral Front and a Spiritual Crusade at universal scale? Would not such gesture be demonstration of laudable sanity and admirable generosity of heart?

We ask for no more. The true GOOD WILL, sincere FRATERNITY, MORAL COOPERATION and SPIRITUAL COMUNION that we demand imply neither surrender nor slavery, simply a better demonstration of sincerity and own dignity. Besides, acting this way, are we not demonstrating a more extended intellectual capacity and a disposition of indisputably Divine or Spiritual inspiration? Is there any other way to end the WORLD CHAOS and the monstrosities that are communism, fanatism, exploitation of a man by another man, and ignorance that eats the souls?

It is not less enigmatic the fact that nowadays there is a copious abundance of more spiritualist groups, new ones are emerging and more churches of different denominations are being built in all latitudes, but not for this the culture and luck of humanity improve. It is as if the prosperity of religious, fraternal and philosophic organizations of all kinds and ranks of meaning do not have a minimal influence in the messy concert of competitive forces in the world. Indeed, it is fit to ask, if the prosperity of the exclusivist organizations and strongholds and cenacles of specialized souls in a type of faith or cult lacks the connection with the level of culture and the sum of dignity of the entire population?

Nowadays, there is a significant number of religious, mystic, spiritualistic, philosophic, and cultural organizations in all countries where there is democratic freedom, but judging for the diverse and daily facts, wars and the constant increase of vice, we could not say that these are impressing, in view of their cultural, moral and spiritual results. In fact, in sinister parallel formality equally prosper manifestations of violence, vice dumps, political oppression, the monstrous communist incisiveness the hopeless misery and also the embarrassing insolence of those that love to show up their wrongly earned wealth and their social prejudice. In ultimate analysis, we inquire where is the proof of progress and how is that culture as well as moral health and spiritual happiness are improved in our species.

Perhaps, the evident failure or breakdown of religious, mystic and spiritualist idealisms mentioned above is due to their lack of practical sense, because they are not educational, but simply proselytical. Maybe, their scare progress is due to the fact that their foundations lay down on faith and abstract and metaphysical doctrines more than on the necessity to solve world problems and satisfy intimal categorical imperatives in the human being. It is also obvious that their mayor fault resides on the fact that they are divided and mutually hostile, demeaning and fighting one another. In contrast, criminal forces unconditionally respect and support each other.

Indeed, religious, fraternal, mystic, philosophic and spiritualistic elements that are truly sincere and interested to see triumphant their humanistic ideals and their Divine teachings, should GATHER or at least mutually respect and help each other, in an unconditional way. The success and well being of one group is to the advantage of other groups, bringing guaranties and better conditions for every one. Unfortunately, we often presence the tragic fact that distinct Religions harass, hate and fight one another, forgetting their most elemental ethic principles as their fundamental philosophic precepts. Fraternities behave as if they do not believe that fraternity is possible, at the same time, we see mystic, philosophic and spiritualistic groups defame, deny, destroy and lose their heads in futile disputes about doctrinal interpretations or mystic postures, instead of GATHER to better demonstrate the kindness of their respective efforts. It is obvious that they do not know yet that earthly institutions, call them Yoga, Church, Mystic Order, School of Magic, Spirita Society, Masonic Cenacle, Chinese Reliquary, Rose-Croix Center, Spiritualistic Cathedra, Hindu Sagrary, Tibetan Society, Invisible Clinic, are but simple means to an end, and no an end by themselves, and therefore equally good and respectful as long as their members are sincere and honourable.

What should prime over institutions, in light of cleverness, are Spiritual principles and ethic norms. In order to have an exact idea of what we mean, we just have to note the institution called United Nations: It fails and is underrated because it has a Magna Declaration of Man but neither respect it nor function according to it. On the other hand, we see that different nations in their world relations subsist based on means of convenience that are political recourses without even thinking of any Moral Code. As if they do not follow any basic or constitutive statute, they go without direction, ending in the abyss of economic war and barbarie. The same way, many religious, mystic, spiritualistic, as well as fraternal, naturist, and metaphysical organizations prosper without a fixed spiritual aim or safe moral bases, following the stream of tragic circumstances that surround the world, devoid of positive ethic transcendence or exceptional character. Instead of living, they just subsist and vegetate. It is precisely because of this that when they are proposed to live in accordance with a well define Moral Code, they arrogantly respond that it is well known to them; when they are propose an Eternal Spiritual Covenant or Pact of Conscience, they get ignorantly frighten, demonstrating with this their moral incapacity and spiritual vacuity.

Well known is that republican nations do not suffer tyranny, they change government each 4 or 5 years, modifying, at the same time, their believes and methods of action, going sometimes from a democratic state to the most infamous despotism. Such things would not happen if nations really work according to a permanent Statutory Code of Ethics. Neither would happen facts as those in Hungary and Suez, or the current ones in Africa that is trying to free itself of foreign impositions and torments, if nations live according to the elemental moral precepts that recommend in their Justice Codes and teach to children in schools. If Moral was something they indeed pratique, there would not be neither wars nor robbery nor crime; but perhaps, it is too much to ask to civilized men to behave respectfully and with dignity.

The same way, we see many organizations that presume of religious, fraternal, idealistic, mystical, philosophic and spiritualist, capable of hate and kill for their beliefs and furiously talk of their principles of Love, Charity, Good Will, Divine teachings, as well as about their humanitarian sense; nevertheless, if it is proposed to them to meet for a Spiritual Communion, for a Consecration of Ideals or to constitute a Cosmic Legion of the Divine Golden Rule, they haughtily stand up with poses of sufficiency and  proclaim their independence. They do not know, of course, what is the divine blessing of the Spiritual Communion, even less the spelling of the formulas from their own uttered systems of believes. They may effusively spoke of Love, Charity, Peace, Human fraternity, Divine Law, or Good Will… But they ignore how to live their faith or any honest way of thinking; even less they have an idea of how to practice righteousness. What is worst is that these organizations are neither in harmonious coincidence of benevolent and intelligent Will nor in conjunction of noble ideals of authentic Spirituality, as if at the end each one creates its own Truth, its own exclusive Divine Law and supreme Spirituality for the consumption of certain individuals only at the interior of each clan or sect. If this were like that, it would be all right to say that we are witnessing in these tragic moments the exaltation of illusion and obcecation instead of the flourishing of sublime attainments due to genuine Divine teachings and authentic Spiritual values.

There are as well the movements of the last hour that call themselves WORLD FRATERNITY, UNIVERSAL GOOD WILL, IDEALISTIC ALLIANCE, ORDER OF SERVICE, PHILOSOPHIC UNION, RELIGIOUS COOPERATIVE, WORLD PEACE, SPIRITUALIST CATHEDRA, etc. that have their own conceptions with ideas absolutely concentric and unilateral, since when they are invited to UNIVERSALLY cooperate, they rather ignore us. They understand Fraternity, Cooperation, Love, or Spirituality only in function of their own exclusive benefit. Either you are with them, or they are with no one. As such, it is summarized their philosophy of life, and their religion is: EITHER YOU ARE WITH ME, OR YOU ARE AGAINST ME, AND IN SUCH CASE, I SHOULD DESTROY YOU.

We have had this experience many times in the pass with similar sui-generis organizations, and for that we have learned to totally discard them. We understand that their ideas are kind of excessive, egocentric and highly selfish.

We have already talked about the SACRED UNIVERSAL DOMINIUM; it is convenient now to refer with special emphasis to what is substantial and positive from that genuinely Divine and Spiritual. It is not fit to continue with unfruitful fantasies and superfluous doctrines. What is ethically justified and in good Spiritual character, that uniquely, deserves to be taken seriously at this time in the entire world, is divided and blood dirty by the most contradictory “ism” and most antipode cults. Of course, MAN is the measure and base for criteria of all values; even Spirituality and Divinity would lack significant validity, if they would not before hand satisfy all necessities of our species, right now.

The supreme immediate ideal in this world is, therefore, the dignification of man. Let us learn, above all, to completely dignify Man, indistinctly of his religious believes, his race or nationality, all of these are secondary and additional. Life substantiality is the validation of Man for his present ideals, his institutions of rehabilitation and enlightening creeds and cults. And, if Religions, Fraternities and Philosophies do not know how to fulfil their Divine Mission, improving human destiny, they should be discarded because their uselessness and lack of vital sense.

This way, we have arrived to the proclamation of the religious-spiritual transcendental sense of priesthood for modern times. In effect, the priesthood is a service, a mission of rehabilitation. The highest priest is consequently as grand as the Spiritual principles and as sublime as the essentialities of religion (all Religions); and is not reduced to limitations from any sectarian or doctrinal circumscriptions. One is a priest of God, the Truth, and no of any earthly organization. Let us not to forget that the Spirit existed before Jesus, Abraham, Shri Krishna, Budha, Lao Tseu, Zoroastro, Blavatski, Allan Kardec, Filmore, Mary Baker, and every creator of Religions and Churches, since the Spirit is eternal and is, consequently, universal, it is in all places, and no religious or spiritualist organization has ever gotten ownership of IT (call it Holy Spirit, Truth, Universal Soul, Pralaya, Purusha or Brahma) or is its exclusive dispenser. It is obvious, in light of these unarguable considerations, that the supreme priesthood is first and foremost the most Spiritual; in other words, it works in function of impersonal service, without sectarism or selfishness, in total personality forgetfulness or earthly and circumstantial things. It is primordially a devote dedication to what is essential or vital in Man, to God. This supreme priesthood consist to be, above all, to the service of God, all Humanity and the Truth; from here is that comes its universality. In fact, the effort to achieve such sublime purpose is, precisely what justifies the most, the existence of the SACRED UNIVERSAL DOMINIUM.

We have always asserted that is a great privilege and incommensurable happiness to be able to give integrally oneself to the SERVICE of Truth, this is, to God, to what is essential in Man, above all personalism as well as all exclusivism with sectarian or partisan character. Of course, this by itself can accomplish the supreme ideal of all Religions and Spiritual Philosophies when the claimed or longed universality is genuine. If this is as such, every religious priest should coincide in their efforts and ideals and then the SACRED UNIVERSAL DOMINIUM cannot be a simple fantasy, or myth or an unachievable utopia. Besides, is it perhaps indispensable to repeat that there is only a God, A Truth and A Humanity?

The happy coincidence of Spiritual sublimations can take us from enthusiasm to believe in a unique Universal Religion. However, it is no the case to exaggerate or confuse reality. Even more, in essence all Religions are identical and the multiplicity of Religious systems, Fraternities and Philosophies is harmful to no one; the intelligent men can SERVE God, the Truth and Humanity well, in their own way, considering that by harming, excommunicating or killing each other precisely demonstrate their antireligious, antifraternal, antiphilosophic and antispiritual forces and propensities. In fact, what is most important here is not if one should convert and conquer others, because we consider our Faith superior to theirs, it is really about demonstrating with dignity and conscience the superiority of our capacity of GOOD WILL and SERVICE through our FAITH, neither getting into mystic pathological complexes nor psychoneurotic moods. If we are able to attract sympathizers and faithful persons by the spirit of imitation, by the magic of admirable example, we believe that is the best way to justify a church, a creed, or priesthood.

Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig