From de book: “THE ESSENCE OF SPIRITUAL SCIENCE". Anatomy and etiology of modern world conditions. First edition 1946.

Autor: Kut Humi Lal Singh – Kwang Hsih

 la vida es una mision


Right living lies not in adhering to a Church, to a Society, or even to the SANGHA. People make their own becoming, and no matter to what Lord they dedicate their worship or where they may seek refuge; if they are not sincere they will not change their nature or ever be prepared for the decisive experiences of Life.

         Religious Life - Life that justifies itself is earnest EFFORT, sincere YEARNING, constant STRIVING for self-superation or BETTERMENT, decisive PURPOSE TO SUCCEED in our best aims. Thus, only do we fulfill the motive of Life and attain to the Ultimate Goal of Life.

         No matter how difficult the primal source of Life may be to us, or its Ultimate end. The important part in Life lies in our ability to make it a source of happiness and a means of self-betterment, through persistent vigilance of the Heart and alertness of the Mind.

         This can be achieved as we develop a strong character and prefer to be a healthy, vigorous and noble personality, not yielding to worldly delusions, fetters and poisons.

         A clean and humble life is worth thousands of time that the fancies and delusions of sensual life.

         Moral weakness is our worst enemy. It not only lowers us but it also enchains our Mind to worldly conditions. Each time we fall in our best intentions, failing to keep up our Moral integrity, we weaken ourselves. When we yield to sensual impulses or gross instincts, we simply resign all Spiritual rights and powers.

         The DHAMMA clearly gives us the Golden Path of Self-betterment and Self-Enlightenment, and if we pledge ourselves to follow it we must sincerely abide to this decision of Conscience.

         It is utterly foolish to arbour good purposes, and never live up to them, because by so behaving we only part front the Right Course, and weaken ourselves in the face of events.

         People must learn to be honest and to respect themselves. This will not be difficult if they strive to control themselves and guide their life toward better aims. Only thus will they be truly able to control others, and also deserve other peoples’ respect and admiration.

         The importance of living lies chiefly in the victories we win over self.

         For all this boasted material Christian Western civilization people live dazzled by stupendous achievements of science, yet they are as helpless as primitive cave-men when elemental forces rage. They can work wonders with electricity and cure great ailments like tuberculosis, typhoid fever and syphilis, and they can travel with the swiftness of light, yet they do not know how to control their emotions or their fancy, and they die out of shore fear, or they worry themselves to death, or develop cancers, heart disease or insanity, without knowing how to cure them, and neither do they really get anywhere with their constant rush and hustle.

         They boast their social superiority, their religious supremacy, their cultural excellence, or their Divine assistance, yet they are like frail creatures tormented by yearnings of dried and unfeeling hearts, and have to resort to drugs or to liquor in order to ease their infinite sorrows and make their growing miseries withstandable. These people should learn to use their Mind and to commune with the Great Universal source of Spiritual Light, the DHAMMA. This experience would surely initiate them to the secret mechanism of life, and they would learn thus, with a clean Mind and a pure Heart, they have at their command a might greater than that of all their machineries and atomic bombs.