From de book: “THE ESSENCE OF SPIRITUAL SCIENCE". Anatomy and etiology of modern world conditions. First edition 1946.

Autor: Kut Humi Lal Singh – Kwang Hsih


Of course, we must not believe that Karma is a fatal predetermination. It is in fact definitely an undeterministic mechanism, and this is better demonstrated by the fact that the process of "Self-Provocation" is of a dual implication and application. Man can resort to it conscientiously, as well as mechanically, and proceed to achieve his own superation, or betterment.

Karma is the natural sequence of things, or the common denominator of the equation of Life, but not a fatal Law. This is better evidenced by the fact that "self-provocation" enables us to promote our own transmutations or sublimations, and also to provoke the accomplishments of our innermost decisions for the better. Thus we need not believe that Karma calls for "atonement" or for "self-martyrization". Karma imposes no "trials". Karma is but the Law of retribution and leveling of life conditions; it converts causes into effects, or vice versa, according to our natural needs.

We have it in our Mind’s better designs and faculties of selectiveness to seek the transcending of current conditions, or to promote the best which we are capable of planning, dreaming, or yearning.

Unfortunately, human beings preferably yield to complex fancies and unwholesome proclivity, as if they were not content enough with their common foolish errors, such as those already mentioned which make for their misfortune, sickness and unhappiness. Yet, beside the "mental imperatives" that issue from the inner recesses of the Mind, provoked naturally by the common anti-natural actions and designs of people with uncontrolled and uneducated Minds - which constitute the greatest produce of earthly Karma - we also have the Cosmic imponderables, or transcendental consequences.

The Cosmic imponderables arise from our own lack of due harmony with Universal Principles and Nature’s sense of Life.

When we fall to live righteously, as propounded by the Dhamma, we provoke about ourselves conditions that antagonize the Universal Principles and Spiritual Values, and this is bound to bring about certain reactions. These reactions are what we call here "Cosmic imponderables" or Karma’s more transcendental consequences, which arise following, and sometimes despite the more common and immediate karmic inferences of a purely biopsychosomatics character.

People oftime wonder why they are subject to all sorts of miseries, accidents and sickness and unhappiness, or falling in their best yearnings. Of course, they do not count on imponderables. However, nothing that ever happens to us is really foreign to us, not even accidents, telluric incidents that affect us, or our most unexpected failures and misfortunes. We actually partake in the great mechanism of Universal life, as an integrant part of the Cosmos, and this makes us living, organic participants in Cosmic designs. That is why we have to suffer from our negative behavior in regards to the Universal whole, and also the consequences of our wrong contacts with the Cosmic mien. Therefore, we are tragically affected by our evil or destructive ways of living, in the immediate hurtful consequences that are obvious to us, as well as in subtle forms of spiritual significance which are so difficult for common people to understand. However, these imponderables are unquestionable, even though they be assigned to "Providence" or "God" by ignorant people.

We may not realize it, but they stimulate themselves toward more intimate contacts with the inner forces of life in Nature. Our common misdeeds of every day living may not appear important to us, but they verily are since they produce in us immediate as well as transcendental affect us, because we dispose or predispose ourselves in of living likewise bring about consequences of unquestionable significance.

The imponderables of life are generally baffling, because they are not understood. However, nothing in all life is mysterious outside of our own ignorance. Imponderables affects us, because we dispose or predispose ourselves in corresponding manners through our deeds, thoughts, and attitudes. In the line of imponderables, we may consider all accidents, all great failures, our love misfortunes, all happenings of a transcendental character, and in general the events around us that profoundly affect our life. These, of course, are only transcendental consequences of the minor karmic conditions already referred to buy equally tragic and distressing.

Yet, humans do not seem to have enough with these complications, and they seldom - if ever - do anything to countermend them, or to provoke better conditions. They stand their living tragedies with disgust and rudeness, laying the blame for them not on themselves as they should, but on their own God ! But this had to be enlarged upon by people, so they foolishly create synthetic imponderables of their own to prevent themselves from falling into any sort of edenic drudgery, as if pastoral times were accursed, and as though moral latitudes were to be shunned.

Some day, clear, sound, definite answers will have to be given to a number of apparent absurdities and human freaks designs, and then of course, only then will the corresponding imponderables be banished from this world. Indeed, just why do people prefer to live in artificial cities in preference to the natural blessings of life closer to Nature? Why do people adhere to the crude system of mutual exploitation, which is modern society and economics? Why do people stupidly continue to thrive on the present monetary system, which is the worst system of exploitation of humanity by the money coiners? How come God is held as maker, owner and governor of life at large, and still there is so much imperfection and misery everywhere, and why so many Ministers and Priests represent Him, without preventing in any way the increase of worldly ills, wars, vices, and ignorance? Why is the State that is prompt to force individuals to defend and uphold it in cases of war, does not give them freely the health, culture and happiness which they fail to find? Why should the terrible poisons of tobacco, coffee, engine and factory smokes and motor’s carbon monoxide gas, which affect human health as well and the mental equilibrium, and moral dispositions of man not be banned? Why are all canned and artificially processed foods, tolerated in any way, and all acid-mucus-forming, bacterial, putrefactive products, such as flesh, eggs and animal products, that thereby constitute degenerative or poisonous effects in our body not condemned by hygienists, dieticians and religious preachers? Why is sexual indulgence incurred into for other reason than procreation and biogenetic sublimation? Why procreation is not wisely controlled by means of a biopsychological health Code? Why are wars so inevitable to human society in its present formation? Why is Freedom so boasted, yet so much denied to the weaker folks by the more resoluted, restless, audacious, and morally unsolvent people? Why do people fight and murder for the sake of their ideals, yet themselves fail to live up to them? Why must men create Gods in his own likeness pretend to be faithful God-fearing believers, yet behave slickly, boisterously and discountenancedly like free demons? Why do people who pretend to love birds imprison them in cages for life, and when they love flowers they proceed to cut them; or is it that man simply must hurt and destroy what he loves, or impose a servitude or domestication wherever and whenever he loves, simply to gratify his gross penchant for selfish, greedy and lustful possession? Why should physicians be permitted to interfere with natures’ body with material elements when they are unable to heal with their Mind? Why do all religions, or their prelates and followers pretend to serve a same God and to foster like moral designs, yet would not underwrite a Universal Religion that would Unite all Humanity in a common Spiritual Realm, or Fatherhood of God? Why is prostitution, crime, nationalism, deceit, hatred, lust, greed so common to the people that boast their "racial" superiority and "religious" hegemony over the peoples that believe differently, while these "colonizable" so called pagans and devil-followers manifest an unbelievable low rate of lawlessness and dismeanor, besides imperceptible conditions of vice, abjection, and effete morals? Why is sex so abhorred, and shamefully refered to, while those who condemn and denounce it the most are those who morbidly yield the most to its charms and magic? Why should God have Ministers who are as ignorant and as moron as the ministered Grey, and why doesn’t God Almighty run His affairs on His own? Why will human beings currently fall in the trap of their own selfishness, trying to "possess" what they love, want or cherish, only to become the victims and "possessed"?