Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig


instituto nobel

Temporary Headquerters: Darjeeling, India


To the NOBEL Institute

Drammensvei 19, Oslo, Norway

Dorsulu, the 12th of February, 1957

Presenting our candidate the Maharishi of Dorsulu

Maharaja OM Lind-Schernrezig

for the highest Nobel Award in the near future



Effete morals and tragic methods of violence seem to be now the mainsprings of the world, as materialism due to the ignorance of Spiritual truth invades all the departments of human interest. All this is true, of course, because of a distressing inversion of values which can be discovered everywhere today, and most particularly among the masterminds of economic-social leadership, political conspiracies, treasons, and devilish wars.

Mankind has gone astray, abandoning the perennial philosophy of the great sages of yore. Great savants like Aldous Huxley, Sir Radhakrishnan, Sir Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Louis Bertrand, Anatole France, Maurice Maeterlinck, Dr. Alexis Carrel, Alfonse Louis Constant, Stephan Zweig have made reference to the Perennial Philosophy which created the great spiritual civilizations of ancient China, of the Uighurs of Central Asia, of India's Vedic grandeur under Valmiki, of Buddhism in India which also gave birth to Jainism and Sikhism, of Parsism in ancient Persia (modern Iran), of Chaldea's wonderful Holy Realm of MelchiTsedeq, and of ancient Egypt, even if it all sounds now like fanciful dreams. It was the illustrious sage Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig, however, who first disclosed the profound unitarian sense and universal meaning of the fundamentals of all the Religions. He also presented to this time grandeous revelations about spiritual existentialism.

Modern times have also seen the upsurge of humanism, liberalism and democracy, and "as a counterfeit and antithesis of these, the ruthless and barbarian insanity known as communism", in the words our great Spiritual leader the Pr. OM Lind- Schernrezig. But neither democracy nor humanism, and much less liberalism and all the known Religions can in all fairness claim to have accomplished their own allotted Mission. All should, rather, confess their failures and their spiritual incapacity. World events do demonstrate clearly that there is a great absence of moral responsibility and lack of spiritual consciousness in all the latitudes of the world. Nations wage wars to their heart's content, and human society is as divided today as it ever was heretofore. Yet the great ideals of Religions and the magnificent proclamations of democracy fill the air everywhere.

                  Nevertheless, if the Lord Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Jose Marti, Victor Hugo, Simon Bolivar, the Lord Buddha, St. Francis of Assisi, George Washington, Jose San Martin, Moses, Shiri Krishna, Lao Tseu, Bodhidharma, or any of the great liberators of mankind happened to appear today in their own countries they would be soon demoted and jailed as vicious fiends, or accused of being communist or devilish impostors, by their own best supporters and disciples of our day, or accused of being communist or devilish impostors, by their own best supporters and disciplines of our day. Why? Simply because nowadays all Moral and Spiritual Missions have utterly failed, and people have lost the sense of righteousness as well as the bearings in matters of spirituality. People speak of vital and divine faith but live like ruthless mortals, and spiritual poverty is a permanent accusation everywhere. The human individual has become a ward of the state, and the states themselves are only intent in making good their own hegemonistic designs over the whole world. Domineering has taken the place of sound religious purports and genuine political management throughout the world.

The greatest exponent of Perennial Philosophy in modern times is the Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig, as it is amply proved in his wonderful Spiritual teachings and through his

endeavors toward bringing the people of the world to live more consistently with vital spiritual designs. He has made possible a modern SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE and brought to light a philosophy of individual responsibility for all people that revels to what extent our species has become enslaved to regimes of serfdom, and to what extreme Religion and humanist ideals at large have utterly failed in their Mission until this day.

The Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig has not only revealed that mankind has failed to fulfill all religious and humanitarian ideals, but also, to meet the most vital spiritual needs, as even today the human individual is exploited and persecuted in the form colonialism and under the cover of religion and politics as if he were a simple element of environing atmosphere, and in many instances the ravages of savage warfare and the tragedy of modern materialistic civilization are so great that man is merely a "contribution" machinery or a badly domesticated animal.

The rescue of Man from the throes of the police state absolutism and from the serfdom of religious totalitarianism is imperative. The great quest of man is now ended, the supreme test of life is made, and man is conscious of his discovery of his own mighty and magnificent self. He also knows for sure now, beyond the faintest shadow of doubt and above all fears that the Holy presence and the real Sacred Spiritual sanctuary are eternal and universal. What has happened recently to Egypt and Hungary and only yesterday to Ethiopia, the Balkan states, North Africa Palestine, China, and Korea should never happen again, no more that the atrocious racial discrimination in America and the thousands and thousands of victims of Algerian patriots who seek the right to enjoy democratic freedom and self-respect. The Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig has dignified man through his wonderful teachings, and mankind

has only to follow his precious revelations.

The destiny of man cannot be that of herded animals forced to admit and love the most forceful and ruthless Faith and to embrace the citizenship of the most powerful and successful nation in the world, either the paradise of slavery (Russia) or the paradise of the Dollar democracy (America), so as to better enjoy the jungle rule of yore. The Maha Guru Maharaj OM Lind- Schernrezig has, in fact, warned the whole world that if nations and individuals alike failed TODAY (Now) to heed the essentials of perennial philosophy which are to be found in the ETERNAL SPIRITUAL COVENANT the world is headed for inevitable doom.

We speak here, of course, from the Spiritual standpoint as well as from that of pure ethics and true humanism. We are not interested in the treasons and compromises of world politics, which always end in gruesome warfare and untold human misery. What we contend is that the genuine Spiritual values should be once for all hailed. We claim, in fact, in a special Message to the United Nations Organization in 1944, that the United Nations should adopt an attitude that lends credit to a real Moral Code under all circumstances, and also that all organizations like the Nobel committee, Philosophical Academies, Peace Movements, Moral Rearmaments Societies and Religious bodies should forthwith UNITE and lift their mighty voice in the name of god, Truth and humanity as the illustrious Pr. OM Lind has been propounding for the past forty years; so that the vicious voice of cannons, hatred and strife should be outmoded, or stilled for ever and ever.

The merit of our illustrious nominee for the special NOBEL PRIZE are innumerable, for, indeed, he is par excellence the philosopher of Human Dignity and the peerless Spiritual philosopher of the ushering in new age. His works on the Yoga of Liberation are Unique, marking the essentials upon which all Religions coincide and explaining the Divine Science in minute details so as to help all people, regardless of faith, race or nationality, as human beings who intensely yearn for Spiritual realization.

Neither is the educational task of this magnificent philosopher reduced to simply literary expressions, He is a great leader of men and a builder of character, and his accomplishments appear more evident in his Mobilization-Crusade for the Rehabilitation of man, which ushers in a modern Spiritual Renaissance. Then, this momentous accomplishment is characterized by the structuration of the World-wide Friendship-Brotherhood-Commonwealth of man under the Fatherhood of God-Truth, succeeding for the first time in human history to make people of different faiths meditate, pray, heal, work, teach, and worship together as well as assist, ennoble, protect and bless each other above all considerations of sectarian prestige, racial discrimination or nationalistic differences.

The Illustrious Pr. OM Lind is not an ordinary kind of Religious Minister or Priest. He prefers to give and set the good example, rather than teach people only. In his constant struggle with odds and untold sacrifices to reach his goal he surpasses in spiritual vision, self-effacement and glamorization of righteousness all known examples, even the lives of prophets and Saints. His biography is one that deserves to be amply known.

This great sage has been proclaimed repeatedly the world's supreme Spiritual Guide. Around 1925 he was hailed in India as the Maharshi Dayananda OM, or Holy One Who Reveals Divinity, a sort of World Savior, one who brings a New World Order based on wisdom, love peace, universal co-operation, and the fulfillment of the Divine Law. He was also announced as the Expected Avatar. Yet he promptly reacted and rejected all such contentions, claiming

 to be only a Good Man, not needing and not interested in worldly glamour, gold and glory. He was then proclaimed Maha Chohan or Great Spiritual Enlightener and Maker of a New Age Civilization of Peace, Love, and Human Brotherhood-Commonwealth. Enclosed are some literary evidences of what we state, and we trust that the NOBEL INSTITUTE will take them into consideration when it decides to great the NOBEL Prizes in the future.

Should the attention of NOBEL INSTITUTE rest on the eximious sage Pr. OM Lind, whom we nominate as the world’s greatest educator of modern times and the supreme Spiritual Guide of our age, a signaled service would be rendered to mankind at large, as this would be the best means to make known the Spiritual Massage of the one who prefers to be known as the "Cosmic Voice". Indeed, he does not speak for any special sector of the world, for any nation in particular, or in behalf of a single faith or Church, but for all Mankind as well as specifically and exclusively in the name of the universal-eternal God and Truth. This is unquestionably the first time in all our planetary history that such a cosmic consciousness is made evident and gloriously effective.

Most sincerely,                                                                 


Ven, Anagarika Dhammakanda

Ven, Anagarika Bhikkhu Bodhikaruna


-The Spirit of the New Age, Paris, 1947

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