Life is a Course, and we have to follow it till the end.

There is no doubt a purpose to existence, and what is more, we cannot be existing just out of fancy and for the simple fact of it. This is something that could not be the result of the whims of the Gods that be, nor simply a means of distraction, for as we come to understand it better, we discover that most of the human beliefs hardly make sense un the face of reality.

Some people believe that we exist because we issued from the Primeal Bosom, Divinity or Brahma, and through the means of life we evolve, until we return to the original source. We certainly fail to see the logic of this, for such a cycle hardly explains the motive, if there is any. Anyhow, it is not credible that we should go out on a venture through the myriad of conflicts and penalties of life, only to return to the origin source of our being. We should have gone out of it in the first place. Nevertheless, there is a motive to our existence. But those who know it will not easily dwell on it, for each individual has to find it out for himself. It is an experience which each must undergo. Only then can we realize completely what it is all about.

Meanwhile, the wise thing is to JUSTIFY our existence. This is at least the best recourse. Those who pin all their hope in the Faith in God and Heavenly Powers live and die in utter confusion, never convinced about the motives and the ultimate advisability of existence, and for this reason they find their life constantly desolate, baffling, mysterious, or unsatisfactory at least. That is why they despair so much, and call on God or other Forces, and beg Providence for a better destiny!

Neither Religion nor Science or Philosophy answers all the questions that arise in our Minds, and for this reason we all turn to our Hearth and we try to interrogate Conscience. We do of course get the answer to the queries; but we cannot put it in to words. It is expressed in us in the form of mystic yearnings and great aspirations or ideals, sometimes as religiosity. Unfortunately, human beings seldom respond to their inner calling, for they are too concerned with outside glitters and superficialities, or passionate motives. Displincency and worldliness mother our inner urges and defeat our most earnest desires!

Man is most of the time a slave of his own fancy and desires. A weak and impressionable creature he is, and when he sets out in quest of Truth, he creates dogmas and doctrines, selfish views which stand as a mirage in the desert of their existence. He would not reach for Truth without prejudices, and when he reaches conclusions, he does not realize that they are the balls to which he is enchained as a prisoner of his own creations. When he decides to be free, he breaks with all conventions and with all healthy precepts, and thus falls in the abysses of lewdness and infamy. When he decides to behave, he loses all contacts with reality. And if he decided for pleasure, he takes his sensorial system to capacity and creates all sorts of morbous conditions in himself. In all events, he creates his ideals for his own selfish ends, and not for the superation and elevation of his being to them as standards of living.

Thus, man lives rather ignorantly of himself, and in constant blunder and to his own detriment. In short, he does not know how to live, in spite of his much-boasted Religions, much pondered Philosophies, and much vaunted scientific accomplishments and already granted Spiritual attainments. Religion certainly serves as reins on his character to a certain extent, but they do not transform the beast! Philosophy is a means to make him conscious of his importance in life, but it does not solve his problems nor give him happiness. Sciences give alertness to his mind and make him more perceptive and perspicacious, but they hardly free him from himself, while they contribute to make him a worse slave of his surroundings. In regards to Spiritual attainment, we must frankly admit that he is a most imaginary creature, for he obviously demonstrates by his ways of living and methods in going about and around worldly and daily problems that he is especially speculative but still far from being a wise and dignified individual. And there is nothing pessimistic about this purview; we are simply being realistic and delving into human nature inquisitively with the intent of finding a better outlook on life.

Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig