“I realized what it means only when I lost it”. -Faust

Youth is the problem of life. Youth is not an age of few years, but the sum total of vitality that we represent in our body behavior as well as in our mental capacities.

The Bible refers to much aged men were the Prophets of the Lord, and they seemed to like life as much as if they had just been starting at it. Of course one must have a pretty good motive to want to reach a prolonged age; yet this is not enough, this advanced age must be coupled with a capacity that really makes life enjoyable, constructive and enlightening. A senile age is fruitless and embittering, and nothing disillusions people more than the futility of living, or the lack of incentives and enjoyments. Certainly, if we are to live long, let it be with a real purpose and with positive results; otherwise it is ludicrous to cling on to life simply out of fear of the hereafter, or merely because we ignore what is next after ignoring so much of what life itself is all shout.

Man in born with an astounding potentiality for living. In fact, considering the vitality of a child, man is destined to a living capacity of around a thousand years. The reason of earlier death rates is the current pilfering of vitality which humans indulge in by sexual excess, wrong diets, undue nervous strains, mental deterrents like worry, fear and negativeness, and, last but not least, failure to contact Cosmic Force sources.

Man´s ability to survive is in direct proportion to his capacity in duly contacting Cosmic Forces, or in living harmoniously with Universal Principles and in keeping with his own Natural environment. Man ages himself through wrong livelihood, because this deteriorates his circulatory system, breaks down his nervous system, depletes his endocrine system, and defeats his mental system. The grant modern death rates, such as of heart disease, arterial decomposition, kidney trouble, are the direct cause of wrong diet. Cancer, tuberculosis, hysteria also contribute greatly in abortening the life span, and they are caused by wrong ways of living, despite the best of religious designs. Yet, even slight alleviation of these maladies actually prolong life and youthfulness, although they are hardly ever cured. Blood pressure, acidosis, apoplexy, super emotionality, fears, are other apparently insignificant illness which are nevertheless the greatest causes in shortening the span of life and bringing about a miserable old age, and they also are the product of wrong living even among the most learned theologians and exalted academicians. Knowledge is no passport to Youth and Health!

Tissue decomposition is great curse. Arteriosclerosis, fibromas, cysts, poisoning, organic dysfunctions, among many great illness, are in fact due to call troubles, decay, and carcinomas which derive from wrong ways of living, mineral deficiencies, uneffective breathing, insufficient intake of solar energy, and vitality depletion. Infectious diseases are also a great extoller of life, and they are invariably the result of wrong living. If people only adopted a way of living more in harmony with natural conditions and designs, they would not only extend their life span, but also preserve their youth and vigor.

Some people believe that by Praying and adhering to a certain Faith wholeheartedly they will be guaranteed against ill-health and spiritually preserved so as to continue in supreme bliss in a next life, or Heaven. The belief is really candorous, and it may be a source of comfort within misery, if sincerely adhered to. But neither this method not the “witch medicines” will help anyone in regaining lost youthful vigor or in halting the progress of advanced age. It certain would require more than a miracle to stop the process of decay or to reproduce vitality when people do nothing consistent toward making life worth living. In fact, most people worship God, strive to enjoy life to the lost drop of their energies, and disregard all the conditions and rules for sane and healful living. No wonder they are felled through all sorts of illness, degraded by vice and doomed to a short youth and miserable senility.

The smarter folks of our modern days have a recourse to the blessing of science. The Ersatz or artificial drugs are aplenty in the market, and not few of these people earnestly believe that they can mend vitality, or increase it, by simply resorting to organic products and chemical stimulants of the endocrine system. There are marvelous products like Testosterone, Estrogens and Luteinics which conveniently affect the gonadic organs and the Pituitary gland, with results that cannot be minimized or disregarded. But these are only artificial substitutes of Nature. So are the so-called mineral salts and vitamins which are to be had at any drugstore in pill, tablet or flask forms. Any cordial wine for that matter, is also a wonderful stimulant and invigorator, or a source of cell food, but that is not enough. We could no more rely on such isolated items to build up our health than we might depend on the sole aid of bricks to build a mansion. Any single secondary element cannot be depended upon, and whatever we do without all the basic requirements is only a precarious mending work.

One thing we must all remember in this. Once Youth is lost, it cannot be regained, and once senility has settled up it cannot be routed. What we must realize, foremost, is that the decay of senility and the depletion of youthful vigor can be checked, if we proceed in time; but once too advanced it has no remedy. The best is to seek to preserve Youth Vigor though Vibrant Living, and prolong our aging process without falling in the pitfalls of senility, through sane and sound, wholesome living. Life is energy in process, and it must be maintained so, “energy in process”, if we really intend to enjoy Youth prolongedly and never be a victim of old-age.

What is wrong about old-age, is not the number of our years lived, but the number of years wrongly lived. Besides, aging is a process, not a fatal imposition upon us. We have the choice of living as we prefer, and we can make life to measure up with the best of our dreams and ideals. If we fail to do this, it is our own fault, and if we prefer to ignore the voice of wisdom, we must have the courage of being a good victim of our own stupidity and ignorance.

We have given in the course of this Treatise the essentials of Health, Vibrant Living and Happiness. Those who care to follow the Way of Wisdom will not have to pay tribute to inexperience and ignorance, and it is their privilege to enjoy life without making it a permanent suicide. Most people live only to kill themselves in a slow process of self-devitalization, thorough wrong living.

The lack of vitality is also a form of hunger. We should learn to provide our endocrine gland system, our nervous system, and our digestive system the primary elements of energetic livelihood, by means of convenient absorption of Cosmic Forces, and adequate diet, and a wholesome living.  

Let us begin by practicing cleanliness of mind and body. Cast away all unwholesome thoughts, all negative moods, all depressing ideas. Then, bathe the body at least once daily. Cleanliness is the prime condition of sainthood and the basis of wisdom.

Avoid heavy clothing, specially the dark shades. Avoid living too long indoors. Houses should be only for shelter form elements, and rest, exclusively. If you have to loaf and dream, try to do it outdoors as often as possible.

Avoid sexual promiscuity and excesses. The beauty of human mating lies not in displicence and lust, but, rather, in harmonious companionship and mutual support, as well as Spiritual Communion. For each minute of sexual pleasure life has in store a million forms of moral and spiritual happiness; but for each moments of sexual excess we dare indulge in we lose untold numbers of moral force and spiritual privileges. We do not advocate absolute continence, because organs stand for definite and needed functions; but we do command dignified living, so that our energies may be duly sublimated and our soul conveniently enlightened.

Make recreation the fitting interlude to all your daily strivings. Relaxes as much as possible, and never forget that when the mind is not alert, the body falls in itself, unless the Mind is well disciplined and used to elevated thinking. Sound thinking always will have a rich conscience to rely on.

Never end the day without at least a three miles’ march-step. Begin all your days with a good set of exercises.

When you have your meals, do it with music and in a fine surrounding. Never talk or indulge in superfluous talking at the table. Meal time is also the best time for Meditation. Meditate as you eat, and then refuse to be a victim of negative forces, to be depressed, or to be the agent of destructive designs.

Youth is vigorous living. As long as you endeavor to keep on being vigorous you mind will remain alert and your body will remain in shape for a wholesome, vibrant and happy livelihood.

Never despair. Never fear. Never Worry. Why despair, fear or worry, if life is to keep on as usual in the immense Cosmic Realm? Strive your very best to achieve your best designs; you will only fail when you desist to make the right effort. Success is yours’s in any dedication, so long as you know how to have it and use it rightly.  

Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig