May the Eternal Powers of Life, which pervade the whole Universe, reach the heart of all human beings and make them feel that they are Brothers, not enemies.

May Divine Light awaken us in consciousness, so that we may better understand universal designs and eternal trends of life.

May Divine Love enrich our being so as to be able to enjoy the greater Blessings of Life.

May we all renounce to selfishness, and reject evil purposes, so as to free ourselves from the devilish forces of hatred and violence.

May we ever deserve to fulfill our wishes and triumph in our ideals.

May we ever be assisted by the Divine Powers, and learn to reject the destructive forces of greed, selfishness and violence.

May we be worthy vehicles and channels of expression of Divine Will.

May Humanity discover the blessings of peace through Kindness and justice, and be at the service of friendly human Brotherhood and Divine will.

May Divine Blessings shower unceasingly!

Kut Humi Lal Sing