SPECIAL MESSAGE for the Spiritual New Year 

  Wesak 2480 – (1936)


(Being a synopsis of an expose and forecast of thought trends and Spiritual developments for this year; by the Ven. and Illustrious K.H., as Head Director of the Esoteric Sanctuaries of the Orient)


            “If we survey the conditions of the world by understanding them according to the real nature of things, we see that there is a good deal the matter with them.

            Mankind does not know very well where it stands, what it needs or strives for; it lacks true direction and knowledge of the way to be followed.  It thinks to regulate its own affairs, whereas it is not behaving independent at all, but unbalanced, uncertain, fearful and unfree.

            Constantly the cave man shows up in so-called civilized beings. Time and again, man lets ignorance and unworthy impulses rules him from within and without. He talks of brotherhood but instead indulges in the cosmic misdemeanor of separativeness or non-solidarity. He is quite disinclined to look reality in the face, but rather ignores what he does not like.

            Social humanity is the victim of conventions, regimentation and competition: Science is often used for business-exploitation, and as an element of warfare. The people rather thoughtlessly using the applications of science have thereby become pretty much of automatons.  Politics and economics appear to be a clash of interests and passions of men, a following of prejudice and egotism; limiting of individual freedom and being a brake of the conscience.  Religion (as popularly understood) is still failing to practice what it preaches; it lacks right disposition, is declining in faith and in living for principles; while it has unfortunately much concern for organization; whereas it was supposed to have brought: culture, virtue, wisdom, freedom, unselfishness, brotherhood.

            In view of all this our future will be in a sore predicament and dire calamity if no vigorous turnabout is made and the principles of Spiritual consciousness (Bodha) be followed.


            The cause is that excitement that is due to being lost in non-essentials and appearances.   Man did not control his actions, feelings, and thoughts, and has been devoid of true purposefulness.   He did not realize that his emancipation consists of increasing in Spiritual Consciousness (Bodha). Our crisis is a reaction to the false concepts we have fostered, a misuse of our mind by motives of selfishness, greed, ill will and delusion.   Socially, we have been torn apart by the opposition between conscience and free expression, occasioned by false rules. Modern man has no true principles; he does not know to appreciate values and has no true principles.  In religion and social matters, theory and practice are at variance in a lamentable manner;  imposition of outside forces and ideals hampers people’s liberty and incites them to give attention to dogmas and systems instead of to essentials.


            The remedy is realization, the awareness to be aligned with real Spiritual Cosmic guiding power, which presides over human affairs from sources right within its own midst.   Spiritual Consciousness (BODHA) is what mankind needs, for it will fuse its mind with Universal Consciousness (Alaya) which is the Goal toward which all intelligence forces tend.   The first step to it is preparedness of spirit.  Then come unfoldment and finally definite expression thereof inhuman affairs.  That will supply him with chart and compass on the ever upward and onward going Sun-Road of happiness and progress.

            We need to establish Unity, the Real Brotherhood of man.  It is a unification of minds, for mind is all there is in the infinite expanse of Universal Nature.  Let us then step forward and challenge a revision of values and a truce to human ill will and intentional competitions. 

            Science can be for us the mental endeavor that conduces to harness the natural forces for practical use, to utilize them for better human livelihood.

            BODHA points to the systematized order throughout nature. Nature, while regulated, is also free to express itself in the infinite expanse and possibilities of consciousness; for reality is a phenomenon of consciousness.

            Control of mind, wisdom that enlightens, added to science will elevate it to serviceability in enhancing the genuine civilization and worth of man. Science is to respond to the requirements of man’s spirit, it is to reach spiritual realizations along the “golden thread of beauty”, that unite the divine with the human, the spiritual with the material, theory with practice, and harmonize the objective and subjective aspects of consciousness.

            BODHA teaches good will, loving-kindness, to be happy with others, in their joy of true growth, and to uplift them from unfortunate states, and to lead them to the cognition of the Law of Truth (Dhamma).

            Let us put our hand on the plough, to labor for a Greater Mankind whose members know that all have EQUAL opportunities.   Let us strive for a Greater Mankind, more natural and less mechanical. Be ours the aspiration to elevate true religion by nurturing spirituality.   May we be girded about with true understanding that communes with our fellows, and that reach out beyond petty dissensions and discriminations, to unify all sincere hearts and earnest minds irrespective of outside and apparent differences.

            Then we will discover the Spirit, the ultimate Reality, and provide it with a vehicle of expression. Then we will understand that Life is ONE and raise our spiritual standard of living.  Instead of self-imposed limitations, we will experience ever-growing expansion.

            Will you help to bring about the NEW ERA of thinking and realization, the climax of the last of 3rd Year of the Spiritual Plan of renewal, inaugurated by the Sanctuaries of the Orient and the Masters of Wisdom?

            Will you come and merge your forces and assets with these really divine (and yet human also) agencies, to pave the constructive track of strong, positive, wholesome endeavor.

            The auspicious, the accepted, the well-favored time is NOW.

            At this time, most important of history, the promise of the ages can become reality for YOU, i.e. for those who heed the call and say:  Here I am Lord, take me.

            And, as a confirmation of that resolution, yours will be the blessings of spiritual sympathy of the community of the Children of Light.   Feel that great realization among us at this time.  There is upliftment of spirit, a divine fire touching the soul and suffusing it with the subtle glory of Higher Inspiration to know and to DO. Resolve that it be lasting, determine it to keep sustaining you. The Great Ones send their benedictions on this new starting point.  Then let go of all our useless resistances, let us place our aims high, lift our hearts and go forth towards our goal.


            THE WESAK MESSAGE FOR YEAR 2480 (1936/7) - This vital message has been issued two month in advance of Wesak, because of its tremendous interest and importance in relation to forthcoming events during the third and last year of the Three Year Spiritual Plan.   The coming year will be an eventful one.   If you wish to inform yourself, of the trends that will arise, of changes that will take place, of events of historical transcendency that may be expected, - if you wish to peer behind the scenes and behold the forces shaping human destiny, you will want to read this Message by the ever active and Illustrious Spiritual Leader known throughout the world under diverse titles, but more so by his initials “K.H.”.