Published in 1952. Unfulfilled hopes.

*** Whatever becomes of the billions and billions spent for military purposes, year after year, is a mystery to no one. Militarism is the best way to drain national economy, or to create a colonial empire in order to enrich metropolitan citizens at the expenses of aborigines who must live in slavery under the pretext of democracy.

*** A nation with paupers, illiterates, slum-dwellers, hoboes and overcrowded prisons and military camps is a living example of the failure of its political system and religious faith, no matter how we choose to call them.

***When rebels succeed they become national liberators and heroes. When idealists fail, they are treated as seditionists, gangsters, outlaws or savages.

***Civilization makes no allowance for ex-inmates of penal colonies or people with a criminal record. It enriches and glorifies gangsters and criminals who behave like fanatics and wage wars of hate and slander in the name of the Church or Fatherland. Society honors well those who serve it best, mostly with a record of ignominy, black-marketing, filibustering and crocked politics.

***An American citizen is worth $10.000.- while a Canadian is worth $100.000.- according to recent press reports, which is what the Egyptian Government will have to pay to their dependents at home. Thousands of Kenya Citizens, South African aborigines, Tunisian patriots, Egyptian fellahs and folks of Arabia, Korea, China, Hyderabad, Cachemire and other places rebelling against oppression must remain anonymous, starve in prisons or be murdered without a single protest from the U.S.A., Canada or the UN. Why? Is this democracy, civilization?

***Millions of people remain homeless, starving and wretchedly poor throughout the world. They are to be found even in the greatest and most civilized nations. WHY?

***Jews have their ISRAEL, Catholics have their VATICAN STATE, Brahmins have their INDIA, and ISLAM has its own FREE STATES. Why should not peaceful and unbiased freethinkers, spiritualists, naturists and sages have their own Independent Sovereign Free State?

***The U.S.A. could get rid of her $300,000,000.000.- nationaldebt by simply increasing the value of her own Gold deposits at Fort Knox. By so doing, all the assets of the nation would likewise automatically increase, and all people would be richer. All nations could do the same.

***If only 10 % of the total amount of Income Taxes paid by American citizens were dedicated to building homes, school-houses and hospitals for the nation’s needy, there would be no more slums, illiterates, sick people, and much less prison inmates. Why do we not see any nation proceed in such a manner?

***Nations’ wealth grew compoundedly in the course of the time. Wars and political crookedness impoverish them just as easily. Must we construe that civilized people are not intelligent enough to prevent such calamities?

*** The U.S.A. has around 1,500,000 mentally retarded children. England 1,000.000. France has 1,800.000. The adult population of insanes among civilized nations is roughly 15%. That is if UN statistics do not lie. The worse of it all is that absolutely nothing is being done about it. The only solution is prison, in due course of time, or mental institutions where those unfortunate people are treated as animals.

***The aborigines Indians of America and Canada are mostly kept in reservations, and they held the official title of “Free Nations”. Nevertheless, they have no right to elect their own Government or administration officers, have no right to vote and cannot travel freely. Can those ”wards” be called free people? What idea can they have of democracy?