Calle "O" Número 10


Dec. 2, 1946

Through de Secretary General
Hon. Trygve Lie
Flushing Meadows
New York City. N.Y.

Dear Sir:

This is to voicebefore theGeneral Assemblyof the UNITED NATIONS the decisionsadopted by the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION Inc. at its General Yearly Meeting last Oct. 15th in regard to certain important issues affecting humanity at large, and we hope that this document may be pressed on the attention of all the Hon. Delegates before this UNO, so that the needs of mankind may be better felt.

The UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION is not a political or a religious organization, and it does not concern itself with the affairs of any such systems of politics and religion. We remain aloof of worldly designs, and we refuse to lose time in futile fantasy or in playing the part of mobs.

The whole world is intent on what is going on at the UNO, as though nothing else mattered. All humanity knows, of course, that if the world cannot be honestly allied or united now, it is bound to end in the throes of gruesome carnage and destruction, where atomic energy, chemicals biological substances, death rays and cosmic forces would serve the designs of fiendish earthly creatures that are not fit to solve their problems intelligently or to abide by any moral principle. Yet, it is with despair that we all read the daily news, only to learn of new rifts, complications, misunderstandings, hideous secret diplomacy, odious power policies, despicable nationalistic designs and all sorts of negative forms of politics at each new session of the United Nations. Then there is that famous VETO power, which is nothing but a knout lashed at the world's dignity. Must all this continue?

Humanity is in need of a grand show of exemplary Democracy. We all understand that this UNO was created for the specific purpose of justifying the Victory won in the name of Democracy, and we all expect likewise that the UNO makes democracy possible in tangible forms of Peace, Justice, Order, Respect and Happiness in a world that is disgusted with its own past, war-weary and eager to find itself in the greater expense of the Universal Soul. However, the show afforded to the world so far is far from being tranquilizing and inspiring. In fact, the menace of a World War III of the XXth Century of Christendom looms low on the horizons, and seems to be the only effective promise arising from the UNO sessions, although not officially voiced. Quousque tandem?

As things stand, we realize that the UNO has started on the wrong foot. First of all, it should not have been created in the heat of Victory celebrations or under the advocation of war mottos. Nations should have first signed Peace among themselves, then created the UNITED NATIONS WORLD COMMONWEALTH, or U.N.W. PEACE ORGANIZATION. It should have begun by making all the promises of wartime effective, or at least promoted on a goodwill basis, so as to really demonstrate the good faith of everyone. Democracy would have been thus consecrated.

But the moment the Atlantic Charter was postponed, compromised upon and forsaken, even at San Francisco, that day, Democracy was despised and compromised upon. Even at the San Francisco Conference of Peace, the spirit of irony reigned tragically, because there was no Peace in the world; in fact not even today, over a year and a half later, the state of war still prevails throughout the world, because Peace has not yet been signed with any nation, and the spirit of war guides the thoughts of every single mighty nation with a design of its own.

The other great blunder of the famous San Francisco Peace Conference is the VETO power, which consecrated the right of the Big Ones to run the world as they chose, and exerted a secret controlling force over the Big Ones themselves, as though none trusted the other, and needed this protection. The real victim of this ludicrous situation is Humanity at large. The whole world now suffers the tragic consequences of this ill-fated UNO, and the record of failures with the Iran, Syria and Indochina cases, the present Trieste impasse and the prevailing conditions in Central Europe, India and China, to mention but a few, prove beyond doubt that the world is not precisely headed for Peace, Justice, Order, Respect and Happiness, bur rather, for a straight-jacket, or the abysses of devilish warfare.

This calls for a revision of the UNO Charter. Otherwise, a competitive WORLD COMMONWEALTH ORGANIZATION OF FREE PEOPLE will have to be set up against it. The UNO Charter must be amended, the veto power must be blasted away, and a WORLD GOVERNMENT FOR WORLD FEDERATION must be created, otherwise "sovereign nations” will keep on troubling the world and waging wars in spite of all humanistic principles, and despite all the ideals of Peace, Order, Justice and Happiness of the common man of all geographical latitudes. The UNO must become a real Parliament of Man, a Court of Humanity, a Superior House of Commons, or Democracy will be blotted out, because as it is, it can only discuss the interests of its own parties, since it functions only as a league of governments in power.

This UNO must begin by making certain that its members, even the Charter Members, are really and effectively democratic nations. A cogent survey might prove an ugly surprise, especially when we realize that the Big Ones of the UNO quarrel on local and passing issues and cannot reach any understanding on truly humanistic and democratic principles. At this moment, the whole world queries about the real motive of this last war -- and whither mankind.

The UNO has been successful so far only in one point, in meeting. But in almost two years of functioning it has not been able to harmonize the interests of the Allies of yesterday, nor to give any social status to the vanquished nations, or perhaps this is not its business, since the soldiery of the victor nations do as they please with the conquered nations, oblivious to whatever humanistic design or democratic principles. Central Europe is a paradise of totalitarian regimentation. India is the "shame of the empire". China is as divided and unruly as it ever was, without the Tatar dynasties. The whole world, in fact, is wreaking with brutal designs, with and without the UNO. It is not our aim to blame the UNO for everything, but for what it does not do, despite its standing for something worthwhile. In fact, if this UNO is so important to the world, why doesn't it achieve anything toward a real lasting Peace toward establishing the reign of economic justice and social security, and in the orderly and liberated from the clutches of ignominious leaders?

We do realize that the curses of the world are multiple and complex, and that it will require a lot of goodwill and understanding to bring so many problems and ills to extent. That is why we protest. Instead of losing time in a ONU that will not solve world problems, although its members are the ones that provoke, maintain and inspire these problems and ills of the world, why not bid for something more effective, like World Government World Federation, World Commonwealth, anything put this stupid “sovereignty" business that torments, splits and sets up human groups against each other? If this is asking too much, then the UNO should be the Seat of Nations, not of Governments; that is of the elected officialdom, which are seldom respected in their own countries. The UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION should deal exclusively in humanistic designs, not in national problems, and it should represent the people at large of all nations, not merely the appointed representations of a majority that reached power under circumstances that it is preferable not to analyze here.

This UNO business is costing a great sum of money from the taxpayer's pocket, from all the citizens of the world. Then why not make it a business of the common people, which is the greater majority? Why should this UNO impose itself as an official organism, while it comprises only minorities of nations, who happened to have more votes at the polls? The people that do not vote actually triple in number those who do vote everywhere in the world.

Our suggestion is as follows: Modify the charter of the UNO by drafting a MODERN RIGHTS OF MAN. (b) Modify the UNO so as to function as a WORLD GOVERNMENT OF FEDERATED FREE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD. (c) Accept delegates from all nations, freely elected by the people, at the rate of two units per million of citizens of each nation. d) Grant equal rights of vote, and expression to all delegates. (e) Create a World Supreme Court, to vie over the courts of all nations. (f), Create a World Bank and a World Currency. (g) Outlaw all the ills of the world. (h) Create a World Police system, with power over all national armed systems. (i) Outlaw all forms of armament throughout the world, except that of the renovated and corrected UNO. (j) Blockade, morally and materially, the nations that despise the decisions of this HUMANITY INCORPORATED FOR TRUE DEMOCRACY. (k) Create World Citizenship and a World Passport for the citizens who prefer to have no "sovereign" nationality, or to be bullied and exploited by any nation by choice or per force. (1) Establish World Colonies for all the minorities, DPs and expatriate people as well as for the Citizens of the world. (m) Support morally and materially all minorities, displaced nationals, political refugees, and apatries (heimatschloss) and pay their expenses to go to better parts of the world where they may live as honest and respectful human beings. (n) Adopt a World Flag of Regenerated Humanity, to be officially displayed everywhere as the supreme ensign of the spiritual sovereignty of Free Man. (o) Banish all nationalistic barriers and tariffs. (p) Open all prisons and instead create Schools of Human Rehabilitation. (q) Outlaw alcoholism, narcotic drugs, financial empires, totalitarian religions, proxenetism, class hatred and whatever form of human regimentation.

This proposed system would of course be morally empowered for such purposes, and the elected governments of all the nations should pledge themselves to abide by this spiritual consensus of their nationals Governments of each nation are elected on political platforms, but the delegates for the UNO elected by the people would be the consensus in terms of spiritual design, over which no government of sovereign states are even slightly concerned. Such a UNO would be really the House of Humanism, the triumphant Parliament of Man.

This new UNO would not interfere with any “sovereign” nation's business and the only difference with the present day grueling nationalistic systems is that all nationals would be free human beings, no artificial frontiers would subsist, all nations would be open to each other because they would not be secretly at war in a tariff competition, the whole world would be open to free trade, and all humanity would again return to the system of private enterprise, free competition and personal contacts, without being harassed by syndicates, government rules and international laws which only limit man's liberty freedom and makes this world unfit for democracy.

The UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION has long advocated these same ideals and pending their establishment and official enforcement, we have proceeded to give them consistency. The UNO in view, which is so much yearned for by all humankind, is already functioning in the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION. But we are willing relinquish all rights, and to submit to the authority and power of the renovated and perfected UNO which we propose, so that all humanity may enjoy real Peace, Order, Respect, Justice and Happiness until all “sovereignties”, national and personal, will yield their real and fancied prestige to the general welfare of humanity, and serve their “neighbors” needs “without insulting them with such deterred names as “foreigner”, “alien” and “goat”, when this world is naturally beautiful and a blessing to the people who are dependable and capable of expanding consciousness. Bigots are savages in disguise, and all the fanatics of sovereign nationalism and this or that “religious set” or “political schemes” are stupid hypnotized victims of moronish leaders.

We would heartily welcome the attention of the UNO Secretary General and trust that this document voicing the yearnings of humanity and our own membership will deserve due treatment. If we can be of any further assistance, we will gladly send you a delegate of our's to discuss details, and hoping to be of real assistance to humanity always, we remain,

Sincerely yours,

Pr. OM Cherenzi-Lind,

Chairman of the Ecumenic Council

General Spokesman of the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION

P' 0. Box 494, Los Angeles (53), California, U.S.A.

From de book: The Supreme Justification of Life. MAITREYANAM. By Koot Hoomi Lal Singh (Pr. OM Chernrezig –Lind), 1948