From: The Supreme Justification of Life. Maitreyanam. Koot Hoomi Lal Singh (Pr. OM Cherenzi Lind). Yearly World Spiritual Message, published originally by the Aghartha, 1948.
Appendix III (Part 1) of the book.



World Government House

31 East 74th St.

New York 21 N.Y.- U.S.A.


            It is with unutterable joy that we hear from you and learn of your work toward WORLD GOVERNMENT NOW. We have just received your literature and we are simply devouring it. We had knowledge of your work form sometime, but it is not until now, after answering your Ad. in the New York Herald Tribune, that we finally become acquainted with your wonderful work, and feel so identified with your thought and aims.

            The UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION has been working at this same ideal for the past 34 years that is long before the UNO was ever thought of in fact even before the fancy LEAGUE OF NATIONS of the First World War was contrived. We are, therefore, veterans, and we know pretty well what it is all about. We admire your zeal, and we appreciate so much your earnestness because it only amplifies our own work on the North American scenery. We have been voicing these same ideas of the need to revise the Charter, blast out the Veto power, and reshape the UNO into a World Government form, the very day it was etched out at San Francisco, and the moment its Charter was handed over to the press we immediately protested it, denouncing its war spirit and pre-war consciousness, and because it spoke of a structure and certain functions of the UNO, but said not a mite about the moral standard or yardstick by which it would adjust its procedures, methods and designs. We even exposed it as a new form of “league of Governments” with certain totalitarian designs. We realized, however, that simply simply denouncing the wrong and voicing our ideals would accomplish nothing, and that the UNO would not be revamped just because we, in representation of such a great bulk of Humanity and without official standing as a State, choose to say what we did.

            The UNO is an official affair of established Governments, and its Delegates are appointed by political overlords, but they are not appointed by the People. Therefore, they do not represent the People, the common people of the world. That is why this UNO is so unpopular, so spectacularly ineffective, and so tragically impotent. Its record so far is one of diplomatic duplicity, or immoral internationalism, or bastard interest of sphere policy and of dramatic delusion.

            Thai is why the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION, which is Incorporated to function legally in forty countries, has decided to be the Permanent World Congress and Peaceful COMMONWEALTH OF FREE PEOPLE, a counter part of the UNO, much before it was created, and now we reaffirm our purpose and aims in the face of recent UNO failures in such cases as Iran, Syria, Indochina, Central Europe, and Trieste, among many others. And we still challenge impending events, ere the doom of the UNO is produced, so that humanity at large may not be disillusioned and overpowered by the tragedy of a Disunited World because of its false democratic assumptions. Either it is now transformed into a positive and effective World Government, or its sovereignty of sovereignties will be disrupted and annihilated by irreductible opposed interests.

            We certainly fail to see how the UNO in its present condition can bring about World Peace, Order, Justice, Respect and Happiness, if within the boundaries of many of the nations adherent to it these conditions are unextent and practically prohibited. Anyhow, what humanity needs now is World Government, which is the only solution to International problems, and the only means capable of preventing a new fit of carnage and destruction once every generation or so. It matters little who owns or bosses over this or that bit of land, or how we choose to boast ourselves, if we are above all HUMAN BEINGS. All we need is to know that quarrels over bits of land conduce nowhere and accomplish nothing and humanity at large can be better off by thriving at peace and in moods of mutual understanding and trust. Russians can remain good Russians, Americans fine Americans, Ethiopians wonderful Ethiopians, and New Zealanders unimprovable New Zealanders, if they will realize that they and the rest of the people are Human beings, and deserve to be treated with a same moral yardstick, irrespective of their race, color or religious beliefs. That, of course is a lesson outlines in the Atlantic Charter, but which the Allied Nations soon postponed and compromised upon. Thus, the only justification of the world war was obliterated and the promise of a real Democracy shattered forever.

            We are not politicians, and we care not a mite about any political platform. But this UNO is supposed to take in hand the future of humanity, together with all our individual rights. We are therefore in our own moral right to inquire about it, and to protest where we find it wrong and deterrent, unhumanistic, undemocratic and more totalitarian than what Democracy just fought for. That Veto power is nothing short of a knout on the face of the Common People of the World, and a tragic lashing at Democracy. Besides, if the UNO was created to make Democracy feasible, or to make the world safe for Democracy, they should have begun by Being Democratic and showing moral superiority in giving the vanquished countries a fair treatment letting bygones be bygones, since almost every nation extent to this day has done or sought to do more or less what the Axis Powers strove for, in a not far off past. A clean new Bill should have been started for everyone, because this last war was not exactly the doing of only the vanquished part, it was also partly caused by circumstances in which all the nations of the world had a good deal of active interest. Yet, if the UNO is only to ensure the prewar spirit, and function on a war consciousness, then we must strive for something better, nothing short of World Government. In the previous League of Nations, the cause of failures was due to prevalence of one certain nation. Now, in the UNO we have the same practice. Quousque tandem?

            We realize that the present UNO components will not easily yield to any project toward WORLD GOVERNMENT, because they are still too infatuated with the tribal spirit of “national sovereignty”, and they would be fearful o losing their autonomy. This great change in outlook needs a great deal of information to public opinion, and of schooling toward new forms of thinking. That is why the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION, while voicing its ideals, has sought to put into practice these ideals, and it now functions as a WORLD COMMONWEALTH OF FREE PEOPLE, offering to the war weary humanity precisely what it needs, namely, World Parliament, Economic Justice, Social Security, and a Guaranty of Education and Happiness. The disregard of the UNO for the People of the World is notorious, since even its main Sessions are private –secret diplomacy- as though the People of the World had no concern there! Is that a foretaste or the pattern of Democracy that we have been offered?

            Perhaps the worst point of the UNO is the fact that it is conducted on the same line of the previous League of Nations and by the same type and cut of men who are more intent on the repartition of the world, on feeding themselves on the spoils of war, and on feeding the monster of greed and lust, rather than in attending the pleas of mankind for Justice, Peace, Order, Welfare, Respect and Happiness. To them, humanity might as well be a herd of cattle.

            Speaking of cattle, the basic value of human beings has not improved very much since the earlier days of tribal society, despite all the juridical and religious proclamation. Jurists, diplomats, prelates, statesmen, apostles of Divinity and Humanity, all coincide in agreeing in their flashy speeches, and humanity is their pet golden ideal; yet in practice they always seem propense to disagree among themselves and do the very opposite of their avowed purports and luscious promises. Man is still the victim of all sorts of injustice, and subject to all forms of insecurity, material, moral, economic, social and spiritual as well. Politics is theoretically the science of better economics and due administration of society; but in practice it is a dramatic disposition of human values and rights to the profit of the much sacrificed “politicians”, and man remains the object of all infamies, the subject of all forms of exploitation, and the element of abstract submission in all delusions. The taboos and totems of the tribe of primitive times and the crude law of the jungle still prevail everywhere, and, to make things worse, if the human being wants to travel, he is tagged and pedigreed, and he cannot move about the world freely, since he has to request permits every time he has to cross a frontier, because nowadays tribes are quite sized, and they call themselves nations, and their boundaries are well guarded frontiers. These, of course, are only token examples of the many kinds of present-day human problems.

            We hold no grudge against the UNO, nor in fact against anybody or any organization. Yet, we believe that if people are to continue boasting about their religious marvels and democracy, it is well nigh time to give such ideals at least a semblance of reality by beginning to consider human beings better than animals of prey or of exploitation. If religious systems and political schemes cannot achieve this much, then again it is time to start ennobling human character and making this world fit for community livelihood. The UNO seems to be the end of the rope in human ideas, and since it is so well auspicated and expensively presented, we might as well make something worthwhile out of it. Humanity is truly tired of political parodies and inoperative fanciful Leagues of Nations. Every great conqueror that has succeeded in changing the course of history has charged himself with the making of positive progress for mankind, but they all ended in the same way, lonely and powerless in their megalomaniac dreams and lust. Now and again, a new prodigious self-appointed Master of the World or Apostle of Democracy shows up, and his name may be either Hitler or Roosevelt, and with all the powers accumulated around him, he could solve all problems in the span of a few hours. However, he invariably fails to accomplish anything worthwhile even in a whole lifetime!

What is there so difficult about making this world safe for Democracy and dignified as any religious system proposes? Absolutely nothing. All people and nations speak in the same terms, but each emphasizes these terms with different meanings, and meanwhile the People, Humanity at large remain the victim of crude dictatorships and vile tyrannies. At a single Conference, world delegates could reach decisions capable of changing the course of history, which certainly needs a lot of changing, if they were really sincere and honest. Instead of that we have all sorts of squabbles and grabbing, ending in sumptuous banquets, with everlasting adjournments!

Our contentions are not mere festooned ideas, or sentimental fetiches. They are the product of mature thinking and scientific research, and our plea only sums up the unutterable cries and claims of the human heart, the sublime yearnings of the soul of men, the needs of eternal Conscience.

We offer you our complete appreciation as well as our hearty cooperation. We realize that the lone voice of scattered individuals will not achieve much. What the world needs, will be accomplished only through World Unity. HUMANITY UNITED would work wonders. Right now it could break the present deadlock at the UNO and call for the creation of World Government, with or without the present trouble makers, either by amendments to the UNO or by calling a new World Convention under the age-old Charter of the GOLDEN RULE or under the famous though ambiguous Atlantic Charter. The time to proceed in such a direction is NOW!

Nations are but opposed and warring tribes, different factions that only strive for self-gratification. If humanity is to evolve and transcend the curses of the past and the grueling problems of the present in economic and social affairs, it must forthwith begin by considering man as a noble creature, and make him the object of a universal moral standard. To the now beleagued and useless “sovereignty” of nations, humanity at large should oppose, or, rather, impose upon, the SOVEREIGNTY OF MAN, and the Russians, North Americans, Turks, Germans, Libyans, Syrians and what not, would still be able to praise their own national glories with due pride. But at least we would end with the undemocratic stupidity of frontiers, sphere policies, tariffs, communications and travel restrictions, and racial, religious and nationalistic discrimination and prejudice! Why not?

Thanking you for your kind attention, we wish to remain

Most Sincerely Yours,

Pr. OM Cherenzi-Lind

Chairman of the Ecumenic Council
             P.O. Box 494, Los Angeles (53) Cal. U.S.A.