Rome, 12/3/23

Where there is Church absolutism and totalitarianism, through dogmatic doctrines and intolerant orthodoxy, there is a fear instilling process, secret methods of persuasion, and a system of hypocritical morals, abjection and criminal self-sufficiency.

Where there is Political autocracy and absolute authority, there is graft, crime, persecution, abjection, waste, corruption, injustice and crime.

Economics based on selfishness and interest-bearing money or finance, or exploiting credit, breed perversion of morals, uncertainty, inequity, injustice, lust and crime.

Selfishness breeds vanity, pride, ignorance and vices. Then, tribalism and clannism, bigotry and its subsequences of brutality, lewdness and barbarism.

Autocracy is synonym for intolerance and tyranny, and it breeds slavery and misery, consequently usurpation, conscription, outlawry, violence and crime.

Monopoly is the result of greed, avarice and lust. It breeds serfdom, hatred and jealousy, even crime and the love of war.

Pride breeds complex mystic dreams of grandeur. It also leads to lust and makes us love metaphysical theories wherein we fit to suit our own stupidity.

Credit is the bosom-child of cupidity and stinginess, and it breeds speculation usury, scarcity, poverty and spoliation.

Ostentation of wealth is permanent insult to humility and to the majesty of Universal Life. Ostentation is false presence, fancy reality, delusion of crafty grandeur. Truth, being self-evident, does not need ostentation. Great souls are never fantastic, because they are humble in unmatched grandeur.

Taxation is the application of a devilish principle destined to cause ruination, limitation of wealth, hinder progress and limit prosperity. It is a form of confiscation of property, and a way of exploiting man’s daily efforts.

Selfish profit is the structure of an economic system, which fosters, condones and stimulates the exploitation of man-by-man.


Monopoly. Just another word meaning monarchy, and a system, which rests on absolute rights of certain people or societies to exploit the rest of humanity without molested.

Dogma. A postulate, which we declare absolute Truth, or constitute as irrevocable basis for any form of belief or behavior. Dogmas are not to be understood, but simply to be accepted and obeyed. It is a substitute for autocracy, and may be considered the worse form of taxation and credit, because it cannot be questioned, or at least must not be questioned, under extreme Divine penalty.

Absolutism.The right to be right by all means and to be never questioned.

FEAR. A complex common to intelligent creatures who are trained for such a purpose of through means to that effect, to the benefit of some forms of autocracy or monopoly.

Share.Something, which can be partitioned and shared by different people. Sharing is a practice exclusive to the more highly evolved forms of society.

Cooperation.A wonderful discovery due to sharp intelligence. Autocratic systems adopt this thesis in their exclusive benefit, and naturally at the expense of the other fellows. Monopoly is cooperation in the form of slavery, where all people must toil for the benefit of few, or of only one person.

Service Is a process whereby people can be useful. A science in itself.

Righteousnessis the art thinking and behaving wholesomely and always equitatively. This requires equanimity and noble-mindedness. Ignorant and criminal bulliers, such as autocratic tyrants and professional monopolists seem impervious to Righteousness, because they are acmes of self-righteous freaks, portents of deluded selfish cranks, metaphysicians, speculators, or colporteurs of doctrines, which they promote yet never live up to.

Race. An apparent physical condition, which does not affect either the biological, the psychological, the mental or the spiritual mechanism of people. It is more obvious through the customs and ways of dressing of people. Some idiots make an issue out of so-called racial conditions. Sages do not yield to such delusions.

DO UNTO OTHERS, AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. A wonderful formula, a Golden Rule, which was fashioned ages ago by Buddha and Confucius, taken over by the Gospel writers, and much boasted nowadays by some religious people, yet almost never practiced.

Peace.A condition, which has its basic roots in our soul and heart. To the Neanderthal pithecanthropus, it is an accidental condition climaxing fits of jealousy and hate, in between wars. It also can be construed as a “philosophy of do and be as I tell you, else you are doomed”, and also as a current development once the last breath of life has been expelled!

UNIVERSAL SERVICE UNION.A Worldwide COMMONWEALTH of Free Souls and Practical Idealists who choose to live as peaceful and friendly Citizens of the world, under the guidance of THE PARLIAMENT OF MAN.

K.H.—the author of these essays has only one pretention, and this is to be absolutely sincere. He is neither a daydreamer nor a braggart, and to him the supreme ideal of life is synthetized in SERVICE and for the rest, he effaces himself and claims no credit for anything. All he wants is to enjoy peace and long life, in order to assist others toward a better design for living, and to enjoy boundless Well-being, Dignity, Freedom and Happiness from now on. K.H.