(Mindology, the Newer Psychology)

“Powers of Life are unlimited, except when made otherwise by man’s own ignorance, displicence, , and passions”. K. H.

            We are now bordering on a new realm. Whether we call it MIND, or SOUL, it matters little. Let us not linger on age-old doctrines and futile theories. Let us be always mindful of the fact that Nature is wise, and that even our best knowledge can always stand some sort of improvement.

            Regardless of what you have learnt about the mind heretofore, you must realize that you are now entering into the new knowledge regarding the Mind, which is far greater and wonderful than what has ever been uttered. In fact, it is only now that we are - as last - reaching the secrets of the Mind, the Holy of Holies of Conscience, and the magic treasure-vault of Vitality.

            The Mind is an association of forces. The character and combination of these will make the whole difference between the genius and the moron, Health or morbosity; Creativeness or crime; Happiness or misery, want, limitations, and stupidity; high rate intelligence or sentimentalism and weaklings delusions; and noble-mindedness or instinctive and undignified livelihood.

            The Mind can be better understood as a system of “lines of forces”, which constitute a congruent whole. If these “lines of forces” are not well strung and woven, they produce confusions and knots, which we know as psychological complexes, and insanity. If they are tangled up, they produce our mental quirks, fads, morbous propensities, vices, hypochondria, asthenias, sexual anomalies, morose conditions, psychoneurosis, hysteria, epilepsy and incivility.

            Thus, the Mind likens a dynamo. These “lines of forces” are, in fact, our interests, endeavors, yearnings, knowledge, ideals, and designs. We of course develop these “lines of forces” during our life, and they are the basis of our current livelihood. They are our stuff of life, and also the elements that fashion our personality and prepare our destiny, or becoming. Our mental functions are of course followed by these “lines of forces”, and because of these we dispose of abilities or faculties that either direct, mix up, or steady our inner mechanism. Will is only a Capacity of direction within our Mind. Likewise imagination is the functional ability to combine these “lines of forces”, and if the process is analytical we have perception, which itself leads to concepts, and if more deeply controlled they become intuition.

            The Mind is at once a dynamo that generates energy of its own, and also its own energies. It is the content and the container; the energy, the dynamics, and the resulting powers.

            The Mind is, therefore, a Powerhouse wherein are generated and stored up great forces, and also a wonderful machinery whereby it fulfills the most marvelous functions, such as are THINKING, FEELING, and CONSCIOUSNESS, and also those of a radio receiving and transmitting set which is also television and Rays. The Mind is all this, since it can create by thinking, and also transmit its motives or ideas - which are forces - (telementación or telepathy). Besides, it can Heal and change events, or modify the quality of things, by precipitating or condensing itself.

            The Mind can be pictured like a cone, such as this:

This theoretical graphic of the Mind presents us the source (UP) of the being´s energies, where the TATWAS (Life – Principles) begin to take shape in individualized form. In the opposite end, is the exit of the vital forces in characteristics of Personality. The source is pure, but the later results depend entirely on ourselves.


            In the first instance, we can realize how de TATTWAS or basic Principles of Life assume the consistency of personality, and then take to diversification, only to end in variegated modalities of life-forms. In the second instance we present the selfsame idea differently, for the sake of clarity.

            In the firs instance, it is obvious also, that differentiation needs control, or channels of expression otherwise the mental energies are sparingly diverted and profusely lost in disorder and disharmony. In the second graphic, with the narrower end of the cone downward, we have a better idea of the orderly, controlled, and harmonious direction of our inner forces, or vitality, whether they are expressed in forms of intelligence, or biological functions.

            Of course the Mind can be subdued, harnessed, tamed and controlled. Those who say the contrary merely voice their own ignorance, or aim to veil their shortcomings and limitations by means of arrogant negations and witless affirmations.

            Anyone who wishes, or dares to try RADIOMIND, will soon be wonderstruck at the clarity of all this, and will also be in a position to take advantage of the countless benefits that can be derived of a well controlled Mind. Positively, if we know how to take stock of our abilities, and are willing to profit by the infinite potentialities that either lie dormant, or weaken in our inner being because of morbous mental disposition or manifest confusion and uncontrolled deterrent idleness and aimlessness.

            Like stagnant waters, the Mind rots and falls in chasms of meanness, weakness, sickness, and vices, or develops fiendish and criminal propensities. Yet it can also overflow with motives, notions, and designs, and then we have the psychological complexes, insanity, lust, and defects of vitality. In the reservoir is too tight, such as in cases of selfishness and prejudice, ignorance and stupidity, then it bursts, and the results are violent passions, gross ambition, iniquity, etc. a well controlled MIND is sound in motives; it becomes more and more healthy and dignified, and also ever increasingly wholesome and powerful.


            In order to correct our mental defects and develop good qualities, we must be intent on our own rehabilitation. To expect betterment otherwise would be foolish. We should never expect anything but the due results of our own endeavors, consistent aims and aspirations, and patient efforts. Only our own personal experiences truly count in the great equation of life, and we are only the outcome of our most intensive and most sustained efforts.

            Today is the result of our yesterdays, and we constantly become in accordance with our most effective mental designs and attitudes. If we have no real, definite aim or design, our Mind is bound to be idle and to have fruitless attitudes, and consequently fare without guidance, norm, purpose, nor abilities. We cannot expect to have a Powerful Mind if we let it be the victim of outside forces, or unharnessed and uncontrolled. When the Mind is unkempt and unbridled, it gives the world its countless fools and its great criminals, and on the contrary a cultivated and controlled Mind produces the great leaders, artists, inventors, and geniuses and saints that enliven the world history and enriches the human patrimony.

From the Book “RADIOMIND” or “THE SCIENTIFIC CONQUEST OF LIFE”, byPr. OM Cherenzi Lind, Edited by The Universal Spiritual Union, Pasadena, California, USA. Copyright all countries. All Rights Reserved