A Last Message by Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig

Paris, the 23rd of Oct. 1952


I am leaving Europe. I came for a last visit, hoping for the impossible. I have spent a fortune –again- trying to bring people together. To that effect I called upon all Churches, Mystic groups, ethical Movements, Masonic Bodies, Fraternal organizations and learned Associations. I expected correct answers. I even went as far as inviting Church and fraternal leaders to come in for tea, so as to facilitate matters, trusting that a tête à tête would bring understanding, since the personal approach usually works wonders.

I tried every single means towards and earnest rapprochement of personal views and interests, no matter how opposed they bay be or how identical and sympathetical toward each other they could be on moral grounds and spiritual fundamentals. Results have been so contrary to my aims that I finally came to wonder whether I was not being too radical in expecting people to abide by their own most vaunted moral doctrines, philosophical tenets, ideals and spiritual values.

The truth is that I came to miss so much true spiritual values, a sound moral foundation and valid philosophical programs that I have often-time spent long hours in deep meditation seeking for an answer to my own queries. I have found a void around me, and it is not precisely of a social kind. It is a void of moral stamina and spiritual structure and dynamics, a superficiality and absence of responsibility, or hypocrisy which dangerously fringes and even surpasses the frontier of sheer imposture and charlatanry. Is it any wonder therefore that I should question myself, and wonder whether I am the right man at the right time and at the right place?

I have never made any claim whatsoever as to my own character or the qualifications and virtues, which could adorn my own person. All my prestige and attributes have been bestowed upon me in recognition of services rendered and in token of admiration. I have never catered in the least to the effect of provoking even sympathy toward my person. If there is an impersonal individual and if there ever was someone with utter disregard for distinctions and worldly glitter; this is me. I have been invited to the highest positions in different Churches, philosophical schools, humanitarian groups, learned societies and spiritual brotherhood. I have been proclaimed Supreme Pontiff; King and Emperor by different groups of people. Yet I have tried to make my authority felt at any time except through a wholesome and exemplary way of life. My only concern is, in fact, to be a living evidence of my own Teachings and commendations.

Yet it is hurtful when someone is a sincere as I am and sees himself cruelly misconstrued, maltreated and slandered by people who vaunt their spiritual attainments and religious stature, or by individuals whose only merits consist in exploiting human credulity and in roguish designs and self-displicence. My Teachings and endeavors have always been above board and plain, and without the least intent to boss others or to hurt feelings. I have always defended noble ideals, and even when I found moral turpitude and false concepts in close collaborators of mine I immediately dismissed them and exposed their weakness and failures. I have never tolerated the slightest mite of injustice, hypocrisy or ignominy around me.

This picture of myself, though necessarily vague because I do not like to speak about myself, should suffice to prove that I mean no harm and no undue regard toward anyone. In fact I always state that I cling to no worldly riches, titles or privileges, and I would gladly surrender my position and prestige to others who could prove at least equally qualified. I am in fact desperately eager to deposit all my rights and asset into the others who can make perhaps better than myself as a leader and counselor of men. I cannot bring myself to believe that I am too superior to be without substitute. However I cannot yield to people who have no heart and no conscience out only a majestic pride, a sadistic selfishness and relentless designs for self-gratification. How could I suffer what I object to the most?

Even then, when I see people set up their forts of opposition against my person and all what I stand for, according to their own words, I cannot help feeling atrociously lacerated. I abhor personalism to the utmost, yet my opponents accuse me of the worse things which I most staunchly oppose. And when I take a stand publicly against someone or a group, my motives are disregarded, and I am accused either of jealousy or criminal assault. When I expose an imposture or a vulgar charlatanry, I am immediately considered as a freak and a fake. When I speak of peace, others come along and claim that I am a Wall Street Agent. If I happen to speak too heartily of Buddhism and Islam I am forthwith accused of being antichrist. Again, if I chose to help war refugees, conscientious objectors and sans patries I am treated either as a communist agent or a Jesuit. Must I conclude that I must at all cost, by all means and under all circumstances be considered as a crook, a fake or a vile creature?

Needless to say, those who so accuse and persecute me must have good reasons for their attitude. We may in all fairness vouch that they defend interests that are sacred to them, and that they cannot suffer to lose anything because of my presence and through my endeavors. Therefore they must banish and eradicate me, or otherwise denature my Teachings and my person. Slander is their best weapon. Then they have recourse to all sorts of strategy to discredit me through smear campaigns and vicious attacks in my absence. They know that by sewing the seeds of prejudice, flowers of hate and fruits of fear are bound to appear. They also know that by condemning what they so daringly seek to destroy by reaching me, they grow in stature of prestige and authority. What they seem to be totally ignorant of that my Teachings shall forever remain despite the miseries that I may endure, or perhaps because of these, and also that victories are obtained on dangerous quicksands, because popularity easily obtained is just as easily lost. People who can be so influenced will never cling long to their delusions, and they sooner or later react to unfulfilled promises, castrating dogmas and euphemistic doctrines. Deep within the human being the spirit lays untouched by the vagaries of the mind and manifold worldly interests.

I have always spoken from the depth of the heart, and my words have been saturated with compassion and all the wisdom commendable. I should have rated at least the benefit of the doubt from those who oppose me. They could likewise have tried to meet me personally and accepted to weigh reasons, measure earnestness, and compare spiritual values with me. But the sad truth is that they have always refused to grant me such a privilege, which is only human. They have preferred to deliver assaults on my character and to try to devaluate my endeavors in the eyes of the world. Naturally I do not care the least about such methods, yet I am deeply concerned for the future of mankind. Those people who treat me thus are not all-powerful, or the flower of humanity by any means, yet they do command force and respect, because they are well organized, and they know how to be sympathical to meek and frail creatures? That is why they do have a following in spite of all.

If the future of the world is placed within such hands, what can be expected? If such unkind heart and uncouth minds can prove so irresponsible and malignant, and so effective in their well concealed wickedness and magnificently attired ignominy, what chance has humanity to find remedies to modern ills and solutions to world problems?

There is much selfishness and disregard for others rights. People vaunt doctrines but also impose their dogmas. They claim that brotherhood and freedom, as well as peace, must prevail among men, out meaning their own absolutes and under their own interests. Among these who attach us we find pompous self-satisfied mystics, purposeful prelates, glittering spiritualists and boisterous poseurs claiming Divine mandates or heavenly credit. When I look upon them, I feel deeply sorry for those fantoches that appear under their robes. When I seek for something admirable in them immediately under their skin I find disclosed the horrors of injustice, prejudice, discrimination and abominable vices and turpitudes. Yet they are the demigods who so successfully thrive among the ignorant and foolish delusion seeking masses of the world. Of course my opponents are not only spiritualists or religious, they are also political, because my Teachings are destined to solve all world problems and to remedy all human ills. Does not the fact that my presence and my endeavor hurt and inspire abominable passions in such people prove ostensibly that they only reveal their own weakness and true falsehood? Or those it prove rather that they cannot suffer the principles and accomplishments for which I stand to prosper?

I speak on behalf of Humanity and Truth. My whole life and Teachings testify to this plain claim. Can anyone in spite of all reasonably prove that I am wrong or wicked beyond appreciation? I would like to know what a sincere critic who really knows me has to say.

My conclusion for the time being is that all my endeavors to unite mankind under the Fatherhood of God and to establish peace and true Spiritual Communion along a great sector of mankind have utterly failed. I do not complain, I am only sorry to be so unsuccessful despite the fact that I have always been so earnest and so diligent. It seems to me that I have largely succeeded with these people however, since they are united against me through their specious hate, prejudice and self-centeredness. This predicament comforts me to a great extents, because insincere people, like gangsters and pirates never share too long, since sooner or later the same interests which united them will make them cut each others´ threats.