March 14th, 1976

People are thought to be meek and God loving, but they behave like hypocrite monsters whenever it suits their own private interests. People are also taught: “LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR”, “BE THYINE BROTHER´S KEEPER” . . . yet their civilization is built on conquest and developed by treachery, hatred, cheating and ruthless aggression.

In the face of such facts, must we conclude that Religion has utterly failed , and that all the Prophets, Saviors and wise kings of yore have come for nothing? Or is Religion and the Holy Scriptures nothing but a shroud of fancy which people may cast aside as a useless and bothersome obstacle whenever they need to behave like scheming freaks, abominable politicians and mad demons? Such questions must need be answered forthwith, in all earnestness. The whole world is in turmoil, while old nations are crumbling on their own foundations. Why? The answer must be found not outside, but within ourselves, as it is there that man is really himself, and the deeper we search in ourselves, the more Truth we discover and the greater is our identification with God.

All these problems constitute a terrible challenge to human intelligence. They ostensibly prove that man has not lived up to Divine Commandments and Spiritual Teachings, and much less in accordance with the basic tenets of all Religions. If the modern man must survive to his own later inventions in destructive warfare, a new humanistic consciousness must be created, that is a real humanitarian destiny, which may bring into existence an ideal democracy of righteousness and self respect for all human people. The power that destroys and kills cannot expect to live forever on bayonet tips, or on stocks of atomic bombs. In fact, there is a common destiny or basic interest which should be brought to light, so that all people might unanimously proclaim their love for Peace and Freedom, as well as their adhesion to world Law and Universal Spiritual values. Need we insist on the fact that man is man´s own brother and that without Solidarity of interests, feelings and aspiration mankind is destined to perish under nuclear bombs and electronic missiles?

If this is what is meant by PROGRESS, DIVINE TEACHINGS, DEMOCRACY, HUMAN FUTURE and Supreme Rights of CIVILIZATION, we wonder why man should bother at all about such conquests wherein he is called upon to perish or to banish all the species. Or are modern human beings so smart that they want to create a future world for termites, infrasouls and protozoa?

The concern of all people at this crucial moment should not be whether we are or not on God´s side, but if God is on our side. We claim at times to be the “Temple of the Living God”, but the God that dwells within ourselves is exclusively our own selfis designs and ruthless passions.

Our Appeal to Human Consciousness cannot be ignored this time. We trust, indeed, that our endeavors will be successful.


It is very difficult to size up the enormity of man´s tragedy nowadays, as the tragedy of the Middle East is but an episode in the great modern drama of mankind, and we deem it our obligation to rush to the rescue of the parts of humanity which needs help in the name of God. We must emphasize more and more that our DIVINE MISSION is the supreme answer to all modern ills and evils. Mighty powers now court the Middle East nations and offer them armaments and promises of heavenly future through “protective doctrines”. The United Nations has thus far not been able to prevent this vicious condition which it has nurtured in a way.

The only positive and everlasting solution would be the status of Universalization of a strip of land which now forms the borderline between Israel and the Arab nations, which will be considered as HOLY LAND of all RELIGIONS as well as a HOLY REALM of all HUMANITY. Its legal status and its parliamentary decisions or Laws as well as its Internacional administration shall therefore be absolutely respected as if it were a UNIVERSAL TEMPLE with infinite geographical and eternal ethic-spiritual authority. This will foment Inter-Faith and Inter-Religious Cooperation throughout the world, in the understanding that there is ONE GOD, to worship, ONE TRUTH to love and only ONE HUMANITY to respect and serve.

“There is no possible dignity without freedom, or liberty without peace and justice” K.H.