A comprehensive Outlook on the Problem of Life
(1934 . . . 2013)

Lecture by the eminent:

Hutulktu Kwang Hsih

Señor Abbot del

Centro Búdico Mundial deCh'An Cheng-LOB’
Sin Kiang, Norte del Tíbet




“In Sincerity, we all have the same rights, particularly when we aim at doing justice to our noblest endeavor, - the search after Truth.” - - K.H.



Discussion of: Present day need for revision of concepts and new values of thinking; Faculties of the mind and development of new faculties; New mental attitude; A new Epistemology or “Science of Knowledge”; Prolegomena; Sylopsistic Reasoning; Explanation of the Tattwas or Principles (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), how they combine to form matter; structure of atoms and molecules; the 92 chemical elements. Planck's Constant; Einstein Relativity; Akasha and Prana; Prithivi and Vibration; Fallacies regarding the Cosmic Universal Unity. Fundamentals of Nature, etc.

Diagrams illustrating the relation between mind and matter, the structure of the atom, the flows of force in the atom; the Real Tree of Life, etc.

Questions and Answers on: Cause of manifestation; Personality and Spirituality; Influencing Tattwas mechanically; Influence of life from other worlds; Millikan and Compton theories of Cosmic Rays; Prakriti; Divine Trinity; Black Magic; Mantrams; Mental “Catalyzer”; Vibration; Intuition; Radiations from human body; Soul; Mind, God and Substance; Matter and Energy; Relativity and Quantum Theories; Emotion; Sex, Money, Politics and Intoxicants; Materialization or money, food, positions, etc. ; The Master K.H. ; Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Cabalah and Vedanta; Metaphysics, etc.

*   *   *

Series of Epistemological Values, under the auspices of “The Humanistic Philo-Polytechnical Club” – No. 2.   (Copyright Pending)

NOTE: The concepts and data afforded in this publication are the exponent of the modern BUDHIC (Principle of Life, Realm Higher of Life) trend characterizing the forthcoming BODHA (Spiritual) RENAISSANCE, as propounded by the illustrious Head of the Dhyani ( Ch'An) Budhist World Movement, better known as H.S.H., the Ven. Hutulktu Kwang Hsih (the ex-Anagarika Lhasshekankrakrya), who for the sake of convenience generally signs his writings with the initials “K. H.”

They express the terms of the great new    BUDHIST REVIVAL (spiritual Renaissance) of the BUDHA-DHAMA ( All-Enlightening Instruction).


What is the use of all the philosophies, all the sciences, all the arts, all the religions, all the dreams, and all the schemes of life, if all my yearnings have to be defeated, if all my desires have to be suppressed, and all my ideals denied?

What of it all, if life is to remain closed sentence to me, and the Universe a great mystery, and my own self a great, everlasting, uneasy question mark? What of life, if we are to continue wondering what it is?   Swami Jñanakanda.


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