From the Aghartha to the UNO

(second part)





10 of September, 1947

*   *   *



Universal Grand Court of Sages and Spiritual Instructors and Guides

Directing Council of the Great Universal Brotherhood (Sangha)
And the Permanent Worldwide Congress and Peaceful Commonwealth of Free People
(Universal Spiritual Union)

A Message from the Supreme Head of the Aghartha

Spiritual Action for Peace and Loving Kindness
Toward the solution of all problems and suffering

To the UNITED NATIONS Organization
New York City

To the special attention of the Official Delegates to the General Assembly

In the name of THE PEOPLE, war-weary, soul hungry and peace loving Citizens of the whole World, this PERMANENT WORLDWIDE CONGRESS AND PEACEFUL COMMONWEALTH OF FREE PEOPLE requests the right to make its voice heard above the turmoil of clashing passions and opposed interests, with the hope that the Official Delegates to the United Nations assembled may know of the true yearnings of the heart and needs of the Soul of Humankind at large.

Our´s is a Corporation with no Official pretenses, and neither do we vie for any sort of world supremacy, or power hegemony. Our only Rights derive from the Universal Principles which we abide by, from the Spiritual Values which we honor, and from Moral conditions which we proclaim for all people alike, regardless of sex, race, nationality, platform or creed. It is on the strength of such a unique predicament that we dare face present-day world conditions, and speak out to you all our conclusions, expectations and designs.

Despite the fact that the shooting has stopped over two years ago the world is still without PEACE, and the nations, big and small, which fought for a number of years against the vile forces of aggression, treacherous imperialism and abject totalitarianism, subscribing to a program edicted as the ATLANTIC CHARTER, and won a horrible war in the name of Democracy, have not yen been able to reach an understanding, or to agree on the terms of Peace to be imposed upon the defeated nations.

Needless to say, the world is desperately in need of PEACE, ECONOMIC SECURITY, SOCIAL JUSTICE and SPIRITUAL FREEDOM, the which exist nowhere except in the venturous regions where good-fortune made it their lot not to develop love for materialistic civilization. The UNO was created for the purpose of establishing and guaranteeing Peace on Earth, yet so far it has not made a single step toward a practical realization of the beautiful wording of the Preamble of its Charter.

Fifty five nations, constituting the UNITED NATIONS are to convene now in General Assembly, to debate the fate of humanity. If we were to judge the future by the past, we should feel greatly concerned over world events in years to come, because the UNO has dealt with practically all the problems confronting the world at present, yet has not solved a single one of them. Nay, it has only brushed the periphery of world problems, and postponed solutions on all cases.

The UNO has its failing points, too. The fact that the vanquished nations were not invited to partake in the mapping, chartering and functions of the UNO makes it lame and maladjusted from the very start. The very first provision to be taken should be, NOW, to invite the vanquished nations, and treat them like human aggregates, thus demonstrating that the UNO is not a vindictive organization, or that it is not a new edition of age-old totalitarian scheming, which gives righteousness, supremacy and absolute authority exclusively to the victor tribes, nations or power blocks.

Another wrong step of the UNO from the start, was to map a course and Charter hopes and ideals, without proceeding forthwith to create a mechanism guaranteeing the purity and strength and vality of these hopes and ideals. Even to this day, the UNO has been unable to sketch a working model of MORAL CODE, or to justify its higher Authority by means of a Spiritualforce. Without MORAL or SPIRITUAL force, there can be no commendable authority. For the past two years, the UNO deliberations have followed a plan of conflicting opinions, suggestions, protestations, and even refusals of acceptation of adopted decisions. Now, if the United Nations cannot work in harmony for peaceful purposes as they did for war motives and ends, what is THE PEOPLE, Humankind at large, to expect, knowing as it does that its fate hangs on the complicated flicking definitions and powerless decisions of this UNO?

Perhaps the greatest drawback of the UNITED NATIONS Organization is that it is an organism of States or governments, and not a Congress of Free Peoples. This is well proven by the consistent fact that a VETO power exists for a small minority of nations, and most of these nations still lobby against each other, exercise censorship of news, practice ill-will because of their Power Policies, and even close their frontiers to each other´s nationals as though these were veritable enemies! Would it not have been a better precedent to enforce the spirit as well as the letter of Democracy, and then set out to create a UNITED NATIONS Organization on a purely civilian and unofficial basis, with a thoroughly humanistic character devoid of all war psychosis and “Big Brother” complexes and policies?

Yet, now that the UNO is created, we should give it its decisive test and make it a working model of democracy. OF MODEL DEMOCRACY, of course. This General Assembly must at once be converted into a world-peace machinery. Naturally, this cannot be done with a VETO in-between, and so long as there exists ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY, SOCIAL INJUSTICE, POLITICAL ABSOLUTISM, RELIGIOUS TOTALITARIANISM, and the possibility of being destroyed by atomic bombs. With human happiness constantly undermined by the menace of ruthless political scheming, whether it be Communism or Fascism the name matter little, there can be no Peace, Order or Commonweal on this earth. We cannot expect humanity at large to lay much trust in the UNO in the spirit of its present trends, and neither can official Nations proceed to relax from war tension and facilitate the democratization of the whole world if there is no Moral understanding and no Spiritual force whatever to guarantee the mechanism of their decisions for mutual wellbeing.

Never has been in the world a greater need for true FRIENDSHIP and MUTUAL RESPECT. Great dangers lurk, and the time to avoid further complications and tragedies is NOW.

The great significance of this Second General Assembly of the UNITED NATIONS Organizations lies in the fact that it must produce some definite answers, nay, solutions to the vital problems that now affect the world, which the UNO has so far but taken mere notice of. Furthermore, the real import of this historical meeting is to be found in the problems that it will take to task, and those that it will solve, or leave unsolved.

The perspective is not bright. The UNO though sprinkled with high idealism from the very start, did not upsurge from stern realities, but from a triumphant war psychology deeply tinged with primitive psychosis. Its realism never transcended the spirit of partisanship, which is in ultimate analysis pure selfishness and self-righteousness. That is why it has stood much more for the concept of POLITICAL SAFETY than for those of INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, ECONOMIC CERTAINTY, SOCIAL JUSTICE, MORAL GUARANTEE, and spiritual enlightenment. The spirit of democracy was never taken into account during the war of after, even though so much was said about this ennobling “way of living”. There may be profound reasons for this, since man has changed very fast during the past three or four decades, yet there is no sound motive for us to believe that the UNO, at this moment of history and in the face of present circumstances, should not represent the triumph of man over his lower instincts and over all the problems that now challenge human intelligence.

We must not lose sight, however, of the fact that the men who today sit as Official Delegates at the UNO are more or less the same ones, or they represent at least the same systems that made possible the gruesome situations of the past two or three decades, and that includes two World Wars and scores of smaller ones, civil wars and countless international problems which remain unsolved and grow day by day more complicated.

It is quite true that science has brought about conditions which contribute to the enrichment of man´s life, and nations can no longer pretend to remain aloof, or to function in a ruggedly sovereign independence. Progress in Communications and transportation has also brought people closer together. The radio has rendered geopolitical frontiers obsolete. What is more, intellectual, social and economic problems, as well as spiritual conflicts are no longer of a local character, or purely national, or even individual. They are international, implying that the whole world is reduced in proportions into a single moral and spiritual Unity, and that humanity constitutes a single parish or family, even if we do not care to think so. We rub elbows and ears constantly, and all the problems of the world affect everybody. We are living the true International of Common Interests, whether we know and like it or not. Scientific discoveries affect humanity as a whole in the same manner. The movies make us vibrate alike in emotions at the news from all parts of the planet, and we learn to love and cherish, and dream in the same way about the same screen Stars.

All this is true, and politicians do not seem to realize that they are now living in a world that is becoming every day less circumscribed within national frontiers, which are tantamount to private systems of their own. In fact, nationalism is completely outmoded and obsolete, whether we believe it or not, because human beings are awakening in conscience, and we are all learning to think in terms of HUMANITY and WORLDWIDNESS. Humanity has suffered terribly during the past four decades, and the past two centuries were crowded with experiments which did not correspond exactly to the ideals of Humanism or to Spiritual Values. Furthermore, during the past war science has made tremendous advancements – for destruction, and we know that nothing unites peoples more than suffering and common hardships. This should account to a great extent for the progress made in certain sectors toward Universalism, transcending all norms of thinking which were sacred even three decades ago. This goes a long way to proclaim that the systems of secret diplomacy of yore, and the schemes of Power Policies, though attractive they may be to new imperialistic dreamers, can no longer become functional at this moment.

Much talk is going on about the inevitability of a new World War in the near future. There is no lack of foundation in such a menace, and the fear of such a possibility should be dispelled by this General Assembly of the UNO. It is the obligation of this General Assembly, too, to bring about a definite rhythm to international relations, restore without delay world peace, guarantee free trade throughout the world, and abolish the wrongs which have prevailed only too long in matters of economics and social developments. Humanity must have forthwith a guarantee for the unhampered pursuit of progress, betterment and happiness to FREE individuals as well as in FREE collectivities. There has been going on too much talking and investigation and planning already. In a singly month of sincere actuation, the Nations United could do all what they proposed to and should have done during the past two years which have been lost in futile talks, bickering and dissentions. If this cannot be done, then we must expect the worse to come, or an intervention of Cosmic Forces.

Nations can not any longer live isolated, no more than individuals can segregate themselves into utter loneliness and be progressive, sane, noble-minded and happy. That is to say we cannot revert to the old schools of thought, or fossilize ourselves by following methods of past ages. This new age is pregnant with possibilities, precisely because it marks the end of a civilization, and the birth of a vigorous new one. Let us beware, then, of the pitfalls which were common in the past. Let us learn from the past, and strive to make this UNO a practical expression of inter-dependence among nations without infringing the rights of individuals. This may lead to World Government, or perhaps a form o International behaviorism without precedents in the political catalogue. So mote it be! Why should we worry about nationalism or local sovereignties when it is the health and happiness of humankind that are at stake? Is it not worthwhile surrendering some national rights in the face of events, at present, like the tribes of yore surrendered their rights to the Duchies, and like the City-States not so long ago surrendered their rights to greater nuclei of peoples?

People still think in terms of primitive tribal taboos and prestigious totems, presented on modernized scales and versions. But, we wonder, is it not time to make intelligence prevail over sentimentalism, and true Universal Principles over quaint parochial fetiches or fancies? The UNO must now become a mechanism for true democracy. The ideal of democracy is still vague in most people, but the crude realities left over by the war should be motive enough for humanity at this critical moment to make a final effort toward true moral affirmations as well as social and economic rehabilitation. If we work in this common direction, we will discover how identical are our problems, and how unique is our goal!

The first thing to be done at the UNO is to overhaul it, and all the nations of the world should be forthwith invited to sit in General Assembly. The nations who care to remain outside this UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION should be given the opportunity to clear out. Then, proceed to amend the Charter as required by circumstances, living no possibility to the impression that it is exclusively a system of victor nations pretending to rule the world in their own way, but a real Commonwealth of Nations. Then, let us proceed to create a MORAL blueprint and SPIRITUAL Charter, so that the outfit should have something to rely on, a force of due authority and unequivocal justification.

So far, the UNO has proven a gross failure, not only because of the inadequacy of the human factor, but also because of a lack of Moral foundation and Spiritual capacity or authority, as well as because of mechanical shortcomings of this outfit. The UNO must needs be overhauled, and the diplomats who travail there should also be the most chosen elements of each social aggregate. Political representatives are not the most chosen elements of Nations, as we all know. Perhaps the Delegates to the UNO should all be elected by THE PEOPLE of each nation, so as to ensure a minimum of political interference in the choice of these Delegates. Appointed Delegates only represent a Party in power, or a Government policy, no the consensus of THE PEOPLE or bulk of the nation, which is never consulted about international affairs and humanistic designs.

This VETO business is really a shame. Whoever contrived such a wicked, obnoxious, antidemocratic weapon against the will of majorities? Who is the monster who first thought of wielding such an atrocious device against the better forces of Nature? Is it not the most ruthless, undignified and insulting right ever contrived against world peace and international commonweal? This VETO is a the worst means of coaction to free discussion and free interpretation ever discovered. Furthermore, this privilege of Greater Powers (GREATER IN WHAT, if not in armaments, political arrogance and economic pressure only?), which abolishes or makes impossible the triumph of unanimous consent and approbation is it not somewhat lopsided and totalitarian? It is obvious that the UNO proceedings so far have contributed to prove how distorted have become the wonderful purposes enunciated in the Preamble of the Charter.

The AGHARTHA has offered a Moral plan and Essentials for this New Age in a Message which was widely publicized in the year 1942, in the heat of the war, and in the year 1923 we published our NEW AGE SPIRITUAL CHARTER for the Parliament of Man and Spiritual Brotherhood. The UNO was no doubt inspired by these transcendental documents at the moment of its formation. But these deserve to be better consulted, since now, although Peace is not yet signed, humanity at large thinks freely in terms of Peace, and we may feel safe to recommend these documents openly without risking to be persecuted. We now wish to remind this General Assembly that, functioning on an official plane,it can go a long way toward the enthronement of the ideals which we purport. What the world needs is PEACE, harmonious international relations, and a complacent mutual understanding among the different peoples of the world.

The UNO is a valuable essay. But we must not expect it to bear fruits immediately. However, as contended, it must be conditioned for success, on a basis of patience, vigilance, and mutual trust, as well of cooperation. Yet, we must beware not so make this UNO evolve into a form of international regimentation. The amended Charter as requested should include in word as well as in spirit the full meaning and implication of the Atlantic Charter and, above all, we must avoid any break between existing Power groups, which, as we all know, do not believe much in the UNO since they are actively engaged in war preparations. We must work for understanding, and real Unity. Perhaps the best procedure in this respect would be to outlaw altogether Power Policies or Power Groups, which only affirm national sovereignty in imperialistic terms, and can in no way reflect favorably or peacefully on the world at large.

We must work for true International UNITY, and no nation would reject such an injunction, knowing that the future of the whole world is at stake. And it is not the menace of destructive warfare alone which we should avoid NOW, but, rather, any Cosmic intervention with forces beyond ordinary human control.

Much emphasis has been laid on certain political policies. That is one of the major wrongs of the present UNO mechanism. If we paid less attention to politics and more to human problems the world would certainly be better off. There are terribly sore spots in the world today. Greece, Palestine, Iran, Manchuria, Indonesia, Egypt, offer us problems which require careful dealing, and each people should be ensured the greatest amount of freedom of choice, as well as of enterprise, without which democracy is a mockery. The use of force only brings about further problems and hate and vengeance. Freedom should be guaranteed to all social groups which claim such rights and privileges in a peaceful and dignified manner, and a single Moral yardstick should be used for all nations alike, regardless of their size, political complexion, racial category, religious character, or economic power.

The other problems which need immediate attention and unpostponed solution are, namely, the creation of a single Money Standard, as well as a World Commonwealth Bank, bringing to an end economic disparity, exploitation and uncertainty, which breed so many social problems. Then,

A single or super-national World Citizenship,

A Customs Union, or Tariff-free World Commerce.

Banishment of geopolitical frontiers,

Abolishment of secret political police systems, which still exist everywhere,

Tax-free, or Single Tax Society,

Free and compulsory education for al Citizens, without strings or further conditions,

Socialization of public services or utilities,

Freedom of trade, and/or internationalization of all water-ways,

Creation of an International PoliceForce for the guarantee of Peace and Order,

Outlaw all forms of religious, racial and nationalist discrimination or persecutions,

Outlaw war,

Outlaw the manufacture of all war weapons,

Outlaw the manufacture of narcotics, alcohol, explosives and drugs except for hospital and research uses,

Outlaw all national military forces, whether of land, sea, air or stratosphere.

Substitute all prisons and penal establishments with Social Rehabilitation Institutes,

Creation of Preventive Medicine Centers, in preference to Hospitals, and

Creation of a system of justice which justifies democracy, in stead of nullifying or defeating it.

All these problems must be faced on an International plane, in Worldwide Congress, because they can become effective only if all the nations of the world decide upon them and adopt them in unison.

The UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION, which functions as a PERMANENT WORLDWIDE CONGRESS AND PEACEFUL COMMONWEALTH OF FREE PEOPLE, was created in the year 1912 for the purpose of serving to utmost all these recommendations, and it has in some degree advanced far ahead of world developments. It follows a parallel course with the UNO, and there are chances that if our proposals are brought to full effect in the UNO, we will soon unite in a great Parliament of Man and Spiritual Brotherhood. Meantime, let us realize intently that it is no possible to separate world affairs from SPIRITUAL VALUES, and vice versa.

On general consideration of this purview of world conditions, we must agree upon this one important point, namely, that it would be shere folly, and divorce from human conscience to continue to think in terms of the past. We must, in fact, evolve above primitive tribal psychology and respond to the needs of humankind by serving world interests unswervingly in the wider meaning of altruism and cooperation as the only basis for human wellbeing and happiness.

Humanity is a great family. Nations form panels of organic capacity. Individuals are interdependent cells working for personal advancement as well as social betterment and wellbeing. Now, if membership in the UNO must be conditional on “Peace Loving” capacity, this should be universally applied, and member nations or States should be forced to abide by such a prerequisite. So long as a single nation can offer a single case of one-sidedness, the UNO will not respond to the purpose for which it was created, and the threat of war will persist in the world.

Last but not least, we may refer here to the fact that excessive organization is complicating human existence. Increasing official interference in all fields of endeavors, and tighter controls exerted by the State, tend to make people wards and regimented units. While it is alright to guide and govern society any bungling of individual free enterprise is open dictatorship, and this is a skimpy parody of democracy.

With the wish that your task be easy, and your success bountiful, we offer you all the Maitreyana Blessing for Peace and Happiness, pending a MAITREYANA SHAMALAH[1]

Agharti 10th of September 1947

Kut Humi Lal Singh
Maha Chohan



[1] Such a MAITREYANA SHAMBALAH or New Age Spiritual Communion takes place only on very special occasions, in emergency cases, when great catastrophes are about to happen in the world, or when great Spiritual changes are to take place affecting the destinies of Humanity. Obviously such a momentous event is already being contemplated by the Aghartha, which has for sometime been working toward the celebration of a Congress of World Spiritual Brotherhood under the auspices of the World Religious Council. This PARLIAMENT OF MAN of the Great Universal Brotherhood is to open Sunday the 19th of September, at 10 am, Maison de la Chimie, Rue St-Dominique 28, Paris VII, France, and all Learned, Fraternal, Religious, Artistic, Educational and Benevolent organizations are cordially invited, either sending their Delegates or Papers. The 7th of November will be held in Rome the CONFERENCE OF SPIRITUAL LEADERS, and the 24th of the same month, in Geneva, Switzerland, will be held the General Assembly of the WORLD RELIGIOUS COUNCIL. Correspondence may be sent to CENTRE BODHA. A Liveditas, 3 Via Aniene, Roma, Italy, and Union Spirituelle Universelle, L. Aellen, Chemin du Levant, 85, Lausanne, Switzerland. Earnest collaboration is invited.