A Timely Reminder





215 East 57TH STREET

, N.Y.

New York City, June 18th, 1962

His Excellency the
Secretary General,
Dr. U. Thant.
United Nations Secretariat
New York

Dear Sir,

The Supreme Spiritual Council of the Aghartha is again petitioning your Excellency, in regard to the Four Spiritual Missionaries and Religious Ministers: the Illustrious Buddhist sage H.H. Pr. OM Lind, Blanche LEDRAN, Micheline HERAUD, Marie PEUROZET, temporary residing in Amsterdam, at the Museum Hotel, Holland.

We have been witnessing, with the deepest sadness, the prolonged inhuman and cruel treatment and complete indifference that they received from the great family of the United Nations and the High Commissioner for Refugees. We are therefore compelled to intervene in their behalf and demand a treatment conformable to their high position and outstanding moral and Spiritual integrity. In fact they deserve a special treatment, because they sacrificed their safety and lives in the name of Spiritual and Religious Values, having suffered the maelstrom of the totalitarian tyranny and serfdom of the communist regime in Cuba, in order to protect the priceless Archives of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE and also the World Living Museum of Man, which is constituting the wonderful patrimony of all Mankind. This was the only wealth they cared for and that really mattered in the last analysis, as it represented humanity’s moral and spiritual heritage.

These Four Religious Ministers are, under no conditions, simple Refugees, they are rather FUGITIVES FROM COMMUNIST IGNOMINY, WHO DARED TO SAVE HUMAN VALUES AS WELL AS SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES, EVEN AT THE COST OF THEIR HEALTH AND THEIR LIVES. Not many are capable doing it and accomplish such feats. And this alone should be the most vital motive for the United Nations to act in their behalf immediately, solving without any more delay their tragic problems. What they need is not empty words and meaningless advices, but a DECENT HOME and the RIGHT TO WORK, according to their conscience and Religious duties.

We beg you, as the Honorable Secretary General of the United Nations, to be kind and use all your authority, requesting from the Government of USA or any other friendly country a RESIDENT VISA, which will enable the Spiritual Missionaries to continue their Spiritual guidance for Religious Culture and Peaceful Inter-Faith Brotherly collaboration.

We need them here in this country and as soon as possible and you could not make a greater serve to mankind and Spiritualdom, than by assisting these Great exalted souls who are genuine Servers of God, Truth and Humanity. Thousands of other Refugees will be helped also, as new ways may open for their legal protection and a shelter given to all the persecuted victims of totalitarian intolerance, in some of the Mandated Territories or in other countries, under the protection of the United Nations.

Hoping to have finally good news and with our sincere Greetings,

Very truly yours,


Zina Stanislavasky

General Secretary
(Seal of the “World Congress of Man”)

Kindly answer to:

64 Amackassin Terrace Yonkers