What is this World Museum of the Living History of Mankind?

Let us sum it all up as all the patrimony of mankind in humanism, culture and spirituality, all the vital treatises on Anthropology, Divine Law, Psychology and Parapsychology, the achievements of ancient civilizations and scientific progress, basic Religion and humanistic designs and well over ten thousand evidences of progressive and inspirational art, in fantastic collections displayed in forms of pictures and photography, openly exhibited, under the wise guidance of prominent scholars and educators selected by the Spiritual Hierarchy among the most influential exponents of all religions, fraternities and spiritual philosophies of the entire world; all this is now at last within our reach: All of life's wondrous secrets and the synthesis of human experiences throughout the ages.

It required almost a century, that is since 1864, to gather and combine intelligently this mass of information, which is now offered absolutely FREE to all seekers of truth and students of the basic elements and manifestation of life.  But more than the time involved, we must consider the immense work accomplished in biographical research, scientific synthesis, and the untold number of historical works consulted as well as the different geographical expeditionary travails by a succession of relentless savants and scholars who sagaciously combined and complemented their findings, thus implementing the discoveries of sages and scholars from previous ages.

The WORLD MUSEUM OF THE LIVING HISTORY OF MANKIND contains the unique archives of Spiritual Sanctuaries, the World Council of Sages and Spiritual Instructors (Aghartha), the Great White Universal Brotherhood, the Maha Bodha (Spiritual Consciousness) Mandira, the Grand Yoga University (Mahatantrikaya Esoteric School and Sabha (Foundation) of Yoguins, Sadhus, Suryavamsas and Maharishis), the Holy Realm of MelchiTsedeq, the Essene Community, the Sovereign Order of the Temple, the Sacred Order of the Holy Grail, the Sacred Shrine and Order of the Pythagoreans, the Maha Sangha of the Lord Budha, the Universal Union of Christ's Churches (New Jerusalem and Universal Religion Missions), the Order of Islam, the Universal Spiritual Missions and the World-wide Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man, offered to public scrutiny and scholarly research for the first time.

The world's foremost thinkers, educators, artists, idealists, scientists, religious leaders and spiritual guides have contributed to its development during the past century.  More working hours have been necessary to gather the wealth of data and develop the classification system than to build a Pyramid three times as big as that of Gizeh with the Sphinx and all the Heavenly Ships.  The cost of all the ultramodern armadas could not suffice to make now, the WORLD MUSEM OF THE LIVING HISTORY OF MANKIND, or could ever replace this unique patrimony of all humanity if it was ever destroyed.

In reality, the WORLD MUSEM OF THE LIVING HISTORY OF MANKIND is a compilation and classification of the most impressive aspects of science, art, mysticism and philosophy throughout the ages.  Our collections of photographs and reprints, dealing with Ancient civilizations are unquestionably unique in its kind.  As art goes, we have no less than ten to twelve thousands different reproductions of masterpieces from all parts of the world.  We also have unique collections of ancient buildings, castles and cathedrals models, ranging from the Pyramids and the Sphinx of Egypt to the latest scientific advancement in parapsychology and space travels.

The fundamental purpose of this huge task is, primarily, to assist the WORLD CONGRESS OF MAN, and to afford a trustworthy source of adequate information to the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE.  Needless to say, this unique institution is essentially of human interest, although it reflects and manifests in its entire splendor the vital principles and values of universal life.  In this respect, it is obvious that it constitutes mankind's most precious heritage, because it proves that man has evolved progressively and made long strides of advancement through spiritual inspiration of Divine guidance.  Like all genuine evidence, these cannot be disproved, or slighted with sweeping supercilious comments.

In reality we have here the cosmorama of encyclopedias, where the full knowledge of comparative religion complements that of the arts, musicology, sexology, yoga, sacred symbology, Royal Templar Knighthood, Egyptology, Vegetarianism, Psychoanalysis, Ancient Mythology, Spiritual Healing, Cosmobiosophy, Parapsychology, Philosophy, Spiritual Science, Rhythmology, Divine Law and Universal Harmonies.  Definitely, this institution introduces us to the wider and more significant field of the essentials of life, bringing to an end all limited concepts and provincialism, not only in perception, but also as an institution.

The LIVING HISTORY-MUSEUM OF MAN may be contributed to by those who can or will thus put in evidence their own achievements and excellent endeavors.



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