Not a merger, but a Grand World-wide Confederation, Confraternity, Cooperative of Sovereign and independent Religious, Faiths, Mystical Schools, Noble Brotherhoods, Learned Associations, Philosophical Academies and Spiritual Sanctuaries

Non-mercantile, non-sectarian, non-proselytical, non-political

Established in Paris and Jerusalem 1908, Berlin 1912, London 1918, Shanghai 1922, Japan 1923, Cuba and San Francisco 1925, Switzerland 1929 …

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The Vital Design of Life

Universal Spiritual Covenant of Peaceful and Free People

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  • God, Truth and Life are One and Universal, not limited or owned exclusively by any person or Group in particular.
  • Truth above all, as Universal essence of Life. Light and Righteousness for all.
  • Fatherhood of God, regardless of differences of faith, clan, party, race or nationality or social class.
  • Understanding and Peace, as the basis of better human relations.
  • Kindness and Service, as the basis of true friendship and effective neighborliness.
  • Unity in Multiplicity, or moral universality and coincidence of spiritual designs in diversity of aims and yearnings.
  • Reject, condemn, prevent all forms of cohersion or violence.
  • Philosophy of harmonious relations throughout the Universe (Cosmocracy)
  • Reinforce, sustain, improve and expand the Great Cooperative of Nations, Churches, learned Societies, Benevolent organizations, Masonic Bodies, Ethical and Humanistic Associations, Peace Movements, Mystic Schools and Spiritual Sanctuaries, known as Universal Holy Realm, for the purpose of ensuring Moral Force and Spiritual Guidance to mankind at large under all circumstances.
  • Underwrite and propound: Human dignity, Peace, Wisdom, Love, Well-Being, Help, Justice, Freedom, Happiness and Righteousness as the fundamentals of life.
  • Increase, improve and render effective the moral integrity and spiritual sovereignty of Universal Righteousness in Human Brotherhood and Spiritual Communion propounded by the great Sages of all the ages.
  • Seek and Strive for the eradication of exploitation of man by man, poverty, misery, slavery, vice and ignorance everywhere and at all time, no matter under what aspects they may be found in any latitude of the world.
  • Condemn and prevent all forms of religious intolerance, racial discrimination, and party or social class arrogance and violence. Hatred and aggression are always wrong.
  • Reject, expose and abhor all forms of aggression, dictatorship and totalitarianism whether these be under the aspect of politics, religion or personalism.
  • Protect, respect and guide all people in need of assistance in their evolutionary endeavors.
  • Cooperation, as the source of mutual credit, respect and protection.
  • Affirm and command the morality of equitative treatment, dignification and rehabilitation for all people alike.
  • Complete condemnation, outlawry and prevention of war, political tyranny, church absolutism, gangsterism, vices and crime.
  • Outright condemnation, denunciation and rejection of ill will, malicious slander, vicious exclusivism, ruthless sectarism, crude dictatorship, supercilious dogmatism, selfish autodidactism, irresponsible autocracy, mean fanaticism and forceful totalitarianism whether they be in individuals or organizations.
  • Open all doors and facilitate the activities and endeavors of all Member-Organizations above whatever Faith distinctions, political platforms, nationalistic schemes or philosophical characteristics.
  • Further the WORLD CONGRESS OF MAN.
  • Assist, rescue, shelter, defend and protect all adherent individuals and organizations.
  • Guaranty health, education, justice, peace, freedom and self-respect to all people.
  • Partake in common with all the Members of the Universal Holy Realm in Public Prayers, Meditation, Social Service, Educational activities and cultural or spiritual endeavors at large, thus establishing a genuine Commonwealth of World Citizens of United Mankind.
  • Cooperate financially to the best of our abilities toward the realization of the wonderful prospects of this Great Mutual Credit, Charitable, Benevolent and Cultural Brotherhood and Commonwealth of Mankind.
  • Foster the free and better artistic and literacy expressions of all individuals.
  • Never comment harshly, criticize unkindly, or oppose by foul means the private interest of other persons or organizations in their absence or without their own self-defense.
  • Refuse to increase evil or ill will in the world by means of selfish thoughts or unfriendly attitudes, and object conscientiously to all forms of strife and war.
  • Strive to establish a system of economy founded on Universal cooperation, of one for all and all for one, which would do away with the antidemocratic system of compulsory taxation, rent, and wages as a profiteering and grimly selfish goal.

World Conference of Faiths

Chicago, 4th of May 1933