This organism, in existence since the year 1919, is the only authoritative Centre of Ecumenic and International Information on Religious, Fraternal, Humanitarian, Mystical and Spiritual affairs, as well as of trustworthy information.

Organizations or person who privately wish to register as COLLABORATORS of this spontaneous and free SERVICE CENTER TO GOD, TRUTH AND HUMANITY arc requested to realize that this contribution entails only a moral responsibility of their own, and in no ways means Membership in the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE or “Universal Humanist, Cultural and Spiritual Alliance of Humanity for the New Age” which implies other sort of cooperative and duly endorsed Spiritual Service.

This Section is above all Cultural, Educational and of Scientific Cooperation. We wish to bring to the attention of your Organization that we are continually requested to give our criterion and consensus on the nature of your organization, and even about your educational activities and teachings.

In this respect, we would like to be of complete SERVICE to all inquirers as well as to all the organizations concerned. We believe in fact, that a perfect liaison must be established between all parties, communities and organizations as well as the public at large in order to bring up a perfect structure of the genuine UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAN.

Therefore we request all such organizations as referred to send us their basic literature, all data available for the public, and also a set of their main publications, Courses of Studies, Lectures, etc., which we may refer to, and mention whenever possible. All this data will be placed for public perusal at our Public Library, and earmarked as parts of the WORLD MUSEUM OF THE LIVING HISTORY OF MAN.


SPIRITUALIST, PARAPSYCHOLOGICAL and SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH organizations are kindly requested to send us all important data about their researches... We are eager to expand our PARAPSYCHOLOGY AND ULTRAPSYCHOLOGY Section.


Either the originals or copies of precious historical documents about Religious, Cultural, Humanistic and Spiritual activities of mankind in all continents and at different times will be much appreciated for the different Sections of the WORLD MUSEUM OF THE LIVING HISTORY OF MAN.


THE WORLD MUSEUM OF THE LIVING HISTORY OF MAN is already in possession of numerous Archives of mystical, religious and fraternal as well as humanistic organizations, such as the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Jerusalem, the Theosophical Society, and the ancient Royal Egyptian Priestly Colleges, the Masonic organizations of Europe, the United States of America and Latin America. We have, in fact, the largest possible concentration of Archives of such Movements and Organizations of ancient and modern times, and we would like to improve our storage conditions as well as our accumulation of trustworthy information for all future generations. All albums on Ancient Civilizations, Arts Collections, Photographic Reproductions of important documents, Deities or happenings of definite significance are most welcome. – All materials sent shall be acknowledged. –A receipt will be given. PLEASE REGISTER ALL PACKAGES