The Universal Religious Alliance and

Universal Holy Realm, Inc.

World-wide Confederation, Cooperative Brotherhood and Commonwealth of
Autonomous Religions, Faiths, Benevolent Fraternities, Mystic Orders, Philosophical Academies and
Spiritual Sanctuaries,
Divine Kingdom of the Golden Rule and Spiritual Communion
Absolutely a non political, non sectarian, non profit and impersonal organization. Membership on the basis of excellence and achieved in Spiritual UNIVERSALITY and in Moral INTEGRITY. All problems can be solved. Word Peace and Brotherhood begins with each responsible partner-collaborator. Mutual benefit rehabilitation, protection and respect of the rights and dignity of the individual

Grand World-wide Brotherhood-Commonwealth under de Fatherhood of God




The main officers of our noble institution may not be able to be present in person at their posts at this occasion.

Our Illustrious President General Pr.  OM LIND, the Grand Chancellor BLANCHE LEDRAN, the Secretary General MICHELINE HERAUD and the International Public Relations Officer MARIE PEUROZET, well-known Officers and efficient UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL MISSIONARIES and religious prelates are being held up for about half a year by the communist regime of Cuba, suffering untold difficulties, humiliation and cruel treatment because of their faith and personal cultural aims.  It will be recalled that they organized in October 1959 the SPIRITUAL SUMMIT MEETING, held at the National Capitol, Havana, Cuba. On that occasion the whole world was shocked when Dr. Lind was arrested in the middle of a General Assembly, and hundreds of Grand Official Delegations aired their protest for such a brutal action.  Ever since the aged Dr. Lind and his collaborators have kept the GRAND SPIRITUAL SANCTUARY of all the religions in complete seclusion.

The senseless persecution against these scholars and SPIRITUAL MISSIONARIES is, of course, something to be considered in the light of Karmic law and the consequences for this destart sacrilegious action may well be exposed.  Hundreds of different religious, fraternal, humanist, spiritualist and philosophical organizations from all parts of the world have sent protests to the UN, the UNESCO, the Hague Court for Human Rights and to the Cuban Government, demanding the release of those peaceful and harmless educators and spiritual guides of all mankind.  If such treatment to noble benefactors of humanity and Servers of God is permitted, tolerated, or encouraged, what could the Lord Christ, Lao Tseu, King Melchi Tsedeq, Shri Krishna, Pythagoras, Moses or the Buddha expect if they happened to visit this civilized planet?

Dr. Lind has sent us this Message for the World Congress in February, explaining the predicament of the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL MISSIONARIES in Cuba in which he dwells with compelling dignity on the plight of men, the failures of religion nowadays, and the value of human life in certain circumstances of political coercion.  Some of his revelations are really momentous and, as he explains, ominous, utterly antihuman and fiendish sadistic forms of torture, yet he hails the evolution of humanism and says that he "actually speaks with God continually", and proves, indeed, that daily life affords people living expressions of the spiritual world.

This impressive document stands as a massive answer to all the forces which tend to destroy the dignity of man and to trample on Human Rights.  It is a challenge, in fact, that disproves all the claims of messianic systems which plan world domination and aim to conquer the human mind by the use of force.  In fact if they are so "popular" or Divine as they claim, why do they resort to monstrous coercion and vicious hatred or strife?  Would they not justify themselves by way and by means of love, compassion, the Golden Rule, the Brotherhood of Man and Spiritual Communion?  Or must they behave like uncouth unnatural beings whose golden rule consists in jungle fashion of the following: Do unto others as ye would not have done unto you.

It is unquestionably a document which deserves to be amply diffused because it is historical and it constitutes a timely revelation and warning because it reveals with poignant precision and genial perception the extreme and inhuman cruelty of the unutterable ordeal of captivity suffered during many long months in the communist paradise of Cuba.  These internationally prestigious scholars and Spiritual Missionaries are still in Cuba, prevented from traveling and their sustenance funds are semi-confiscated so they must starve or perish somehow, and they are, furthermore, subject to persistent antagonism in their capacity of religious prelates and desperately in need of special medical care.  The International Red Cross cannot intervene, several Religious Welfare Organizations have refused to help on grounds of "patriotism", and the Division on Human Rights of the United Nations asserts that it lacks authority to act.

But great souls are known when great trials beset them.  The final chapter of this great adventure is yet to be written and we wager that Spiritual forces will not be vanquished.

The final program, dates and places where the different Sections shall meet, as well as the General Meetings open to the public will be announced as soon as we know more or less the exact number of participants.  Kindly inform us of your plans as soon as possible.

Sophie Berg, Legal President,

Columbia Hotel
70 West 46th St
New York
36, N. Y.