Many people take pride in being christian, and most of them would not change their religion for anything in the whole wide universe. In fact they believe that anything un-christian is purely and simply devilish, witchcraft or hellish monstrosity. Still, very few christians actually realize what should really characterize a christian, or just what makes a genuine christian.

To begin with, to be an authentic christian means to be a disciple of Christ, a person who lives according to His teachings, principles and injunctions, learning directly from Christ ship what it means to attain Christhood.

Neither is the condition of being christian determined by, or dependent on: 1. Having being baptized, 2. Adhering to a church,  3. Affirming faith and love, 4. Admitting redemption (Salvation), and 5. Strict belief in the Holy Gospels. Absolutely NOT , as our Lord Christ said above all that: Love and righteousness are above faith, good deeds better than prayers, and that we SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD (within ourselves).  He also stated that WE ARE THE TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD, not that we should attend outside places of worship or build churches of stone. The real Church of Christ is Spiritual, not a legion of faithful souls clustering around priests. Furthermore, He alone was a High Priest after MelchiTsedeq, and thereby He vested powers, or communicated Divine authority and virtues upon His true Disciples, but His real Disciples were not the Apostles, who denied and abandoned Him.

The Baptism of our Lord Christ was "of the Holy Spirit”, not of water like the Holy Gospels claim. Among the ancient Essenes, the water is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. To be really christian, therefore, is to be “in the truth”, that is "in the Holy Spirit" and to live only "by" and "for" the Holy Spirit.

Christhood or Christ-like is not in the “faith”, or “in the Gospels”, but rather, in our Lord Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, born in the Essene strong hold of Bethlehem.

If we must believe the Holy Scriptures, why not refer to the affirmations of the Essene Gnostics, which reduce them to simple products of fancy and sectarian endeavors. Bada Sinhal the greet Essene of the first century of christendom (35 b.c.-58 c.e.) says: "We know the real truth. Those who claim that it is all written in Holy Books seem to forget that God writes not in some special human ways, but rather, in terms of universal truth, and His handwriting is everywhere, to be seen and understood by the sages of all the ages”. Elsewhere he says again: "Christ is the Divine principle of Man, which only needs to be recognized and expressed. Christ is born unto us. Christ dies when we sin and deny or forget Him/It". In the Scriptures is it not said also that Christ proclaimed "you search the scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life. They bear witness to me, yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life". Why, then, rely so much on scriptures and faith, or orthodoxies ?

Now if hundreds of different independent christian churches can baptize people as “christians” into their folds, how can they "Baptize in Christ"? How, indeed, can they Baptize instead of Christ? Christ alone can christify, like only water can wet people or only fire can burn people. The genuine christians are, exclusively, those who "are and live in Christ", even if they do not believe in Him. But simple belief in Christ means nothing at all, if we remain rogues and criminals and brutes at heart.

Nobody can be superior to Christ, and certainly no “church”, doctrine, serfdom, regimentation, ritual, law, devices, or priest could be in any way His equal or His substitute. NO authority or dogma whatever can in any way be superior to Christ. As for the clergy, it can be only be representative of the better among the Disciples, but not a privileged class, or representative of Christ.

The Christ principle is evident only through the Christ functions. Truth    is not in doctrine, cults and claims, but, rather, in the operativeness of Divine Laws and principles.

Absolutely no group of people claiming to be christians, set up against other groups of identical claims, can really be the Church of Christ, or even the true christian church, because Christ is ONE and indivisible, universal, and ever effective, the only possible "rock of truth" for genuine christians.

Christ-like morality is the only yardstick by which we can judge a christian. Sinners, however, forfeit their rights as christians.

True christians live in Christ. They are, therefore, real citizens of the world and sons of God, and their responsibility lies in the Service for Christ.

The price of Christ is Christ-like life.

GUIDING THOUGHTS --- "Of what good is a religion, a faith, a church, a fra­ternity, or a philosophy if it does not improve on human character, make people better citizens of the world, eradicate vices, and prevent not their followers from being vice-ridden, ruthless and self-righteous ?---Some mega­lomaniacs will readily condemn idolatry, but only to expect other people to worship them. ..... "A sectarian “god” is always at the service of his sectar­ian creators and worshipers, because sects need a mysterious fancy in order to survive and to keep them tight and strong.  K.H.