October 19th, 1975

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The real meaning of the word RELIGION, Re-Ligare, or to Unite again, receives also a rather specific treatment with us, as we are really UNITING all Religions through what is Holy and perennial in them, and also UNITING Mankind as a great peaceful and righteous BROTHERHOOD-COMMONWEALTH, as well as UNITING in the wider sense Man to GOD above all worldly interest and passions. Needless to say, some people take exception to this momentous World-wide Spiritual Movement, but their attitude to combat, hate and excommunicate Truth is definitely a proof of superiority except in ignorance and wickedness.

Historically speaking, we are perhaps the only reminders of Sacred Wisdom and Spiritual Truth, or Divine Law. In parallel manner, however, we should be construed as reinstates of the puristic concepts, values and practices of Spirituality. The Heavenly Spiritual Realm or Kingdom Divine is the privilege and exclusive characteristic of those who abide by the Golden Rule of Divine Teachings and Human Conscience. It is the true Spiritual Communion which knows no substitute and no short-cut. This is not a matter of belief, or sectarianism, or of orthodoxy, but, rather, of inner qualities and positive Spiritual attainments and of constant purity of heart.

The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE - hanks to its unique moral character, transcendental philosophy, Spiritual democracy and extraordinary humanism -has successfully fostered the ushering in of the New Age through its unquestionable humanitarian and educational endeavors, and by provoking a complete awakening of human conscience.

“Which shall we prefer, the expression of crude materialism and superstition, or true Spiritual Expression?” K.H.




It stand to reason, that in the meantime, mankind has been catering to suicidal solutions, sliding into all sorts of vices, juvenile delinquency, prostitution, gambling, sedition, gangsterism, reprehensible religious fanaticism, political graft and giving itself to terribly destructive warfare. All this would not exist, indeed, if all Religions, Fraternities and Philosophies, prestigious as they are, were as successful as they should be, for mankind would have since long been integrally rehabilitated.

Needless to say, the UNITED NATIONS organization is powerless in such predicaments, and no Religion, Fraternity or learned Association can, on its own and exclusively by its own means bring the world to live honorably, peacefully and in accord with Spiritual principles. Historic development are there to prove our statements to that effect. The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE, however, can accomplish wonders in this respect, since it comprises people of all Faiths, bent on noble ethical designs and aiming at genuine Spiritual heights, above all forms of racial, confessional and social prejudice, or self-righteousness and selfish aims.

No single man or nation, in fact, no matter who it may be, should ever be permitted to pile up and wield and immense power that might endanger human freedom of conscience and peaceful relations, whether it be in the name of one Religion or another, one race or another, or one “block” or another. No man is perfect enough, and no nation or race worthy enough, to be able to rule the destiny of mankind by force or by means of fancy dogmas and slogans. There is no ground of moral right or the slightest spiritual clarity, susceptible of justifying the subjection, serfdom and exploitation of any number of people by others, even in the name of God or democracy. We may as well confess, indeed, that if we really love democratic ideals, we should prove it by furthering the World-wide Brotherhood- Commonwealth of peaceful and free people.