Of permanent topicality


World Budhic Council

Great gathering of Spiritual forces. Under the August Auspices of

the Esoteric School of higher Wisdom and the Homes of Spiritual Consciousness (Bodha)

In Paris, France, on the 24 th of June 1950-Salle de l'Horticulture, 84, rue de Grenelle.

(Opening at 8 P.M. sharp)


Foyer de Conscience Spirituelle


18, rue Maurice Arnoux

MONTROUGE (Seine-France)






"We measure people not by their ideals and vaunted the purposes but, rather,
by their accomplishments and their present endeavors." K.H.

“Those who pause as saints, sages, or seers while being irresponsible and vanitous
bigots are only respectful sinners and honoured outlaws or impressive criminals.
Worse among these are the people who wickedly slander and mischievously libel
those whom they do not approve of” Swami Jñanakanda

From time to time the Initiates and great Sages have gathered in private
Assemblies in order to get better acquainted among themselves,
and also with the problems of life. At times of great social upheaval or
world tragedy, they have met in Council, so that in complete wisdom they
might map policies of vital import and Spiritual transcendency on
behalf of mankind.


It is our duty to inform all those concerned that the moment has come for the holding of such a World Budhic Council and a GENERAL BUDHIST CONFERENCE, and a Call is being sent the through the world to that effect.

All the Members of the Great Universal Brotherhood or Maha Sangha are here invited to the special WORLD BUDHIC COUNCIL and to A SPIRITUAL COMMUNION which will be held in Paris on the forthcoming 24th of June, 1950.

The WORLD BUDHIC COUNCIL and the GENERAL BUDHIST COFERENCE which were announced to convene from March the 27th, till the 10th of September 1950 at Thaton, Burma, could not be attended by the Delegates from the West, and this has been the motive for the organization of a Section in Paris, as foreseen.

Therefore, the activities of the Burma section will be revised and reconsidered in Paris, and vice versa.

Consequently, confirmed Disciples and Brethren of Wisdom and the qualified adherents of Spiritual Churches are requested to take part in this magnificent Rally of Spiritual forces.

In as much as only the principles of Life and the true dignity of man are taken into consideration, all Church and doctrinal prejudice and personal or circumstantial passions must need remain aside in the course of our transactions. All attendants are requested to abide by the fundamental themes which have been expressly chosen.

All Religious organizations and Spiritual Fraternities are likewise invited to send their official Delegates, or their Messages, essays and propositions. We would appreciate all notifications in advance.

Paris, the 2rd of February 1950.

Fort the Organizing Committee

                                                                                               Chairman: A. LATHAM

                                                                                               Secretary General: M. PEUROZET



  • Fundamental and universal principles of higher wisdom
  • Reinstatement of Buddhistic Teachings
  • New Age, new spiritual projections.
  • Initiation and the betterment of self.
  • Spiritual projection in the course of history
  • The problems of man in the high of the realities of life
  • The differences between the soul and the Spirit
  • The Spirit and the imperatives of daily life
  • The different kinds of consciousness
  • Tradition or actuality?
  • Dogmas, absolutes, and dictatorial authority.
  • The essence of life and spiritual teachings.
  • Spiritual Consciousness (Bodha) and fanatical superstition.
  • Ecumenical union of Churches as a fundamental factor of Religion.
  • Qualities and attributes of Masters and Disciples of Wisdom.
  • Significance of the Messages of Great Initiates or Spiritual instructors.
  • Differences between Esotericism (Mahayana) and exoterism (Hinayana).
  • The import of Budhistic morality.
  • How does the Spirit (Atma) works with and upon matter?
  • The social and economic organization of the world according to Spirituality.
  • Spiritual Values as factors of civilization.
  • The Rehabilitation of man, aside of all mystic traditions and sectarian propaganda.
  • World Religious Unity
  • The social and historical importance of Great Avatars.
  • The natural and Spiritual rights of man
  • The Essence and the sense of Messages of Wisdom
  • Where in lies Moral force and Spiritual dignity?
  • What are Holy Sanctuaries or Spiritual Universities?
  • Qualities and virtues of true Mahatmas, Initiates or Masters of Wisdom
  • The Essence of Life
  • Christ and vital conditions

“Problems cannot be solved except by uprooting them from the depths of our own self”

Koot Hoomi Lal Singh

Please, notify your friends and invite them.

Send self-addressed and stamped envelope for answer.

All important pieces should be sent AIR MAIL and registered, to: Foyers de Conscience Spirituelle (BODHA), 18, rue M.-Arnoux, Montrouge, Seine, France.

Considering the difficulties of travel and the irregularities of the mail service, certainly natural in such times as those which we are enduring, it is conceivable that a great number of Delegates will be unable to attend this eventual Council. A quantity of documents, messages and propositions will also reach us with considerable delay. We intend to do our best, however, under all circumstances.

Messages, papers and documents received with delay will just the same deserve our full consideration and published together with the comments which deserved on our part.