For the Year 2484 (1940-1)

By the Hutulktu Kwang Hsih

 special wesak message

(Facsimil del original)

The Key Note of this Wesak Message is Lofty-Mindedness and life above delusions and prejudices.

The last thirty years has been a period of the most intense activity for those who have undertaken the responsibility of the advancement of the race upon their shoulders at this period of the world´s history. Vice and evil have been so rampant, have so absorbed humanity, as to make the task a gigantic one. Everywhere the hearts of men have failed them for fear. We witness on every crime, war, pestilence and privation, brother´s hand against brother. The nations vying for totalitarian dominance, cruelty and bloodshed! It cannot but be evident that the task has been a difficult one. In fact, it has taken nerves of steel and of the purest gold to enable them to withstand the terrific onslaught of these destructive forces against the more determined forces of the Great Universal (White) Brotherhood, whose mission it is to combat this destructive trend of the ignorant masses of mankind.

Wesak is extremely important at this period of the world´s history, especially so as it marks the ending period of the spiritual absence of the Ven. Lord Hutulktu Kwang Hsih, who withdrew into the silence and deeper meditative life of the Sanctuaries, four years ago. At this auspicious moment he again returns from transcendental realms to reenter an active phase of life-function and being here amongst all humankind. Therefore, let there be a time of rejoicing amongst all those devoted to the great Cause of BODHA (Spiritual Consciousness) RENAISSANCE throughout the entire world.

It may be called to mind that the Venerable Leader and active inspirer of this great Bodha RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT was first known and heard of as “the Tibetan”, then later as the Ven. Anagarika Lhasshekankrakrya, and then, since the passing on of the late Dalai Lama, as the Venerable Kwang Hsih.

For several years, the attention of the spiritual world has been drawn by the propaganda-work, both discrete and precise, conducted in favor of Buddhism, by a Tibetan Master known as Kwang Hsih. Numerous legends have circulated representing this august figure from the most fantastic viewpoints. In our time this Master was firsts heard of through the Theosophical Movement, wherein the Master Koothoomi (Sinhalese translation of Kwang Hsih) was the instructor of Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, and the inspirer and preceptor of the Theosophical Society (and with the Master M., of its main textbook “THE SECRET DOCTRINE”) from 1875 – 1906. Since 1906 the members of the Theosophical Society, who remained faithful to the Spiritual Principles of the Movement, became known as the Transhimalayan Group or School. The Master Koothoomi was the Director of this school of philosophy, which was exclusively composed of Guru-sages. Naljorpas and Disciples.

The title of Tashi Hutulktu, prefacing the name Kwang Hsih is explained as follows: We are quoting from the writings of Madame Alexandria David Neel and Dr. W. Y. Evans-Wenz, both recognized authorities on Buddhist matters. “A tulktu is a voluntary “magical” reincarnation (or avatar) of an adept (anagamin or non-returner) in living bodies, whether as an adult or otherwise. His return is for the purpose of dissipating ignorance. The Ven. Tashi Hutulktu Kwang Hsih is the Tulktu of the Great Divine Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, the embodiment of Mercy and Compassion.” There are said to be 32 Hutulktus (sometimes called “living Buddhas”) which combined form the number 33, which implies, the spirit of the Universal presence, (and designated in ancient orthodox Buddhism as the dwellers of the Tavatimsa-heaven). The word “tashi” means great. Whatever dilemma mankind has found themselves embroiled in, it is to such Saviors as this that humankind owes its safety and deliverance.

Everyone is aware that history repeats itself. Untold numbers of people throughout the world have expected the worst. In fact, Satanic forces released have had their sway spreading woe and destruction widely abroad. Mankind at the crossroads has not known whether to turn. Confusion has been paramount in the minds and hearts of men. Delusions hold the minds of the people as in a vice. Faintly upon the dawn of the New Era came the BODHA RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT and the dawn of a New Day for Civilization. Weakly did an ill and suffering humanity strive to gain its footing before all was lost. Falteringly does it now stand dazed, struggling to see through the befogged mirror of its own dishevels thinking, behaviorism and wanton destructiveness. Humanity´s piteous wail can be heard throughout endless ages. But at long last comes a surcease.

Deliverance beckons and is at hand. The seeds planted amidst thorns and briars bear their fruit. A faint ray of Light and the beams of a glorious and radiant Sun illumines the heavens. Awakened beings cry aloud for joy, the joy of a new impulse of SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE resounds throughout the court and a new song of joy is born.

Precisely with these radiant “heralding” of the NEW MODERN SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT throughout the world comes also the blessed news of the Venerable ORDER OF ANAGARIKAS, proclaiming its preparedness to fulfill its high mission and sacred functions. This Order (originally created by Gautama Buddha) was reorganized by the special efforts of the Ven. Anagarika Lhasshekankrakrya in 1932 for duly qualified ones to fulfill its high destiny. The Ven. Master K.H. now bears the title of its Supreme Chief, in this New Era of Spiritual Renaissance. This order represents the active “VERBUM” (or WORD), the dynamism of Spiritual Consciousness in the renewed Christian and Buddhist Teachings. The Ven. Anagarikas are Universal Ones, promulgators of virtue and defenders of the DHAMMA (Higher Wisdom, Law, Truth, Life). They are courageous active Leaders, of great self-discipline, devotion to world-service unswerving will to superate previous attainments. They possess a fluidic state of consciousness (open-mindedness) and loyalty to Fundamentals (or Principles), as well as exemplifying the greatest devotion to their Master of Wisdom and the Esoteric Sanctuaries.

All true and sterling ones, who are active leaders of organizations embodying the self-expressed mission of enlightening mankind should avow themselves to adhere staunchly to the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION. To thus aligned oneself is to become an active element in a tremendous organism, whose growth, fruitfulness and potency cannot be determined otherwise. This institution also has demonstrated its merits and high spiritual aspirations, as well as coordinated its powers so aptly expressed in the axiom: “In unity there is strength”.

History is replete with legends of ancient times, bespeaking the tremendous effect of the Sanctuaries and their Emissaries, Masters of Wisdom and Sages who enter upon the scene at every crucial period of world-history. To all these and their humble collaborators does the page of history resound as an echo of great epoch-making events such as to have uprooted all prior conceits and ignorant destructiveness. A new trend was discovered; a new and higher state of consciousness was achieved. Out of the sorrow and travail of an over-weary world a new inspiration appeared suddenly on the Grander Horizon.

Again, comes just an epoch. Out of the delusions and prejudices of a weary and heartsick world has come the Spiritual Impulse which transcends all the muck and mire of delusive disruptions and chaotic distractions. Enlightened beings everywhere hear the “Call to Action”. No longer can those who perceive the horizon´s grander view dally by the wayside in sloth and idleness. The echoes of war with its dead and dying resounds to drastically in their hearts and souls. The avert its horror all must stand alert and consciously allied to the Great Universal Spiritual Renaissance Movement. Let all spiritually minded Ones unite in one earnest bond of Brotherhood that never again may the race suffer such degradation. Let them all establish the might of Right within their Mean. Let the rare purity of the Golden Path beckon all earnest ones to tread its noble way. Let Principle and Truth have their sway in the hearts of men that a more noble race may ensue.

Thus, a glorious estate may be established here on earth, liberating mankind from the chains of ignorance, prejudice and delusion. These delusive fetters bind humanity to the eternal round of life and death and its recurring cycles of malevolence, age upon age. Freedom is the birthright of those who WILL transcend the lower nature and the demands of human passions and jealousies.

Let all awakened human beings cease to await the day of liberation in a yearning aspiration only, but realize that by uniting with the WILL TO DO …….to unite whole-heartedly in the raising of his fellow-men to a higher level of consciousness and well being, he hastens the day of Liberation. The time is at hand! We must strive and act unitedly as one body, recognizing well that each individual is merely an active element serving a great Universal cause, thus putting his might to the gigantic task in hand, namely the task of turning the Wheal of the Law.

Consider the panorama of mankind, - what an inspiring and yet sorrow-full picture. Those who represented the Sanctuaries plead well the Cause of the Great Spiritual Renaissance. If every enlightened being answers the plea, mighty performances and changes shall be forthcoming. A new day is dawning. A new and elevated humanity will be the fruits. Joy and Peace shall reign supreme in the hearts of man. Such a Utopia is precisely possible in the not too far distant future, provided man stresses the superior importance and recognition of the transcendences of spiritually as well as inner realization.

Lofty-mindedness and Life above delusions and prejudice is the keynote of this Wesak´s Message. It has a significant ring and a glorious meaning when considered in its full potency and highest import. Thus, to transport oneself above all delusions and prejudices, keeping oneself always serene is to dwell in that plane of consciousness where dwell the gods, thus permitting the powers of Light to guide humanity towards its Higher destiny. Then indeed would there be a “Heaven on earth”, as taught by Jesus, and yearned for by all Nations, tongues and peoples. To that end spiritually minded people or Spiritual Scientists are speedily learning to control their baser emotions, desires and passions. Rightly directing those dynamic energies toward that reign of peace, so earnestly sough and prayed for by the most advanced of humanity.

Spiritual Scientist are those spiritually minded people who never abandon their principles. Unsolved problems or such problems which they themselves cannot solve may be left to Sage-scientists of Greater Wisdom. However, there is still that essence, that indefinable quality which human beings designate as “God”, the “inner man”, the “guiding spirit” or whatever you will; so that if he is unutterably sincere, he will not go astray.

Truth is ever his watchword, his torch lighting the way to freedom. Sages of yore travelled this path and attained the Supreme Abode of Truth, free from all deterring desires and hindrances. They attained that Victory which truth enshrines. The Wise thus finds himself at peace, “that peace which passeth all understanding”, and in full joy that his loftiest aspirations have been attained. Therefore, those fortunate enough to discover the way of the Noble Treaded of the Golden Path of Liberation and Enlightenment and who thus staunchly abide by its true Principles and Inspirations, await the glory and power to be beholding of the Higher Self. He is then free from sorrow, prejudice and delusion. Thus, man dwells in Divinity at peace and in purity recognizing his Unity with the Supreme. What a lofty attainment! Then peace at best may reign over the entire world.

These teachings do not conflict in any way with the best of those of loss enlightened epochs of history. They simply resume all of them in a better, more comprehensive, and more assimilable form of expression.

Those transcendental teachings may be expressed in definite postulates in the following manner:

WILL TO TRIUMPH, or to attain Ultimate Realization of Life.

KNOW THE PATH, or be certain of one´s own aims, and the means and elements of the Path of Supreme Attainment.

DISCRETION, in expressing one´s urges and inner powers (iddhi), which is a way of controlling and educating emotions and desires, the divers psychozation of “Selflessness” (Anatta) as a basic Truth and the foundation of all true, undeluded, unquestionable Spirituality (Alayana Tathatagathatha).

SELF ASSURANCE, in all avowed purposes so as to adjust perfectly oneself to arising circumstances.

SELF CONTROL, in determining one´s urges and endeavors, and in expressing one´s faculties and powers (iddhis).

SEL CONFIDENCE, to fulfill one´s realizations, yearnings, and objectives in life steadily, for mind-stuff is the origin and composing element of all that exists.

It is the Mind that determines events, contrive happenings, create circumstances and make-up situations. In the selfsame way that it dwells, it reflects its own patterned conditions, thus imaginating and fabricating all its elements and projections.

Once the PATH OF RIGHTEOUSNESS is discovered and followed, there is no more danger of possible errors or miseries, woes or suffering, for it attunes (AT-ONE) the Mind with the Infinite, Universal Essence (Budhi).

REALIZATION, or rather Integration, which is the result of Righteous livelihood. Impersonal and Selfless endeavors, “Universal Service”. It is transcending of discrimination by the inner understanding of intrinsic values – selfness and Integration with the Supreme, Essential ONENESS – Tathatagatha. Then is BODHA (Spiritual Consciousness) truly attained, being the foundation of BUDHAHOOD (All-Enlightenment, Supreme Realization), which is BUDHI (Mind-Conscience, Principle of Life) expressed in terms of BODHI (transcendental Reality, Truth).

SELF IMPERATIVENESS, or categorical implicitness of Truth everywhere, with ourselves as unselfish vehicle. This is utter mindfulness, Integral and Integrating Consciousness of Realization which shuns all supercilious “faith”, passive resistance, and selfishness as depredatory evils of pride and ignorance (Only one kind of faith is admissible, that of “the wisdom of the Supremely Enlightened One – the NAMELESS)”, as expressed in the S. Nikaya, Vol. 1 of the Kindred Sayings. It is evident, therefore, that “Faith” is no means element, and in inasmuch as only kinship enables an understanding of the others, only very advanced people could realize the values and transcendences of the Master of Wisdom. Therefore, Faith in the Buddhist sense is possible only in the more advanced stages of Realization, or by Bodhisattvas alone. Otherwise, duly reasoned CONVICTION, not more faith, must be sought and entertained).

All those of lofty mind who put the REALM OF SPIRITULITY above everything else, avoid destructive, critical and discriminative attitudes, prejudices and consequent delusions. They spend no time in futile considerations or non-transcendental aims. And are duty-bound to serve in all earnestness the PRINCIPLES OF THE DHAMMA (Realization of full Buddhahood) and to diffuse in a practical manner the Fundamentals of Budhic Philosophy throughout the world and in all the instances of life. “TRUTHFULNESS IN FULL CONSCIOUSNESS EVER AND EVER” is their unique allegiance.

To this end a WORLD ACADEMY OF UNIVERSALITY was formed for the purpose of preparing Ven. Anagarikas (Universal Ones) in its high endeavors and deep training. It is conducted by the body of Ven. Anagarikas, who are appointed professors of such an illuminated faculty.

The Ven. ORDER OF ANAGARIKAS works for a thorough unfoldment of human nature, seeking glorification of human values and their reformulation in order to give them the best expression in terms of modern life opportunities, surroundings and necessities. Thus, an Integration of life-factors and elements is sought by focusing human interest on higher ideals, on nobler aims and on a thorough development of human nature. This means integration of human yearnings in a general sense of livelihood of the most praiseworthy character, in other words, BUDHAHOOD, or BUDHI (Principle of Life) installed as a conscious designer and propulsor of life on earth.

Thus, only will the wholeness of man express thoroughly his intelligence and enable him to live in wholesome Consciousness, fulfilling all the legitimate aspirations of our being.

The NOBLE WAY OF LIFE of the Arryans (Spiritually devoted) is also the Word of Supreme Realization through Liberation of Self and Samsara: (woe, pride, lust, greed, worry, and fear = IGNORANCE), and Budha Enlightenment, it is the efficient, practical and really scientific way of experiencing Integral Inner-expression, ultimate-becoming, and transcendental Essentialness. This is what has been called “The Law of Life leading to Happiness abundant and Peace profound”, and it summarize the Teachings given out of late by the Illustrious Master of Wisdom known as K.H., or the Ven. Brahytma – being the expression of the realizations and actual needs of human nature and constituting the Instruction of Mankind for the New Era.

Its members are dependent on their own resources and see likewise to the requirements of their activities by attending to their own managements and endeavors, without other help than the full collaboration of their disciples and such help as those benefitting from their erstwhile efforts may feel the urge to give, as the least consideration for the sacrifices and selfless services of these Universal Ones in their behalf. This does not imply an expectation on the part of the Ven. Brethren, but rather a fulfillment of the Universal Law: “As ye sow, so shall ye also reap”.

Being universal in consciousness, these universal one’s mode of livelihood also assumes universal proportions. One may find many of these Brethren who are spreading the Message throughout the world, making their home where nightfall finds them.

These Ven. Anagarikas have all been confirmed and accepted disciples of the Ven. Master K.H. and as such are recognized and accepted in brotherly love by their Brethren in Heart.

Prior to their acceptance as members of the Ven. Order of Anagarikas these universal ones have duly tested tried and found worthy of their service and Master, as simple disciples or upasakhas who strove earnestly and proved their worth in full consciousness and faith in the higher ideals which became demonstrated to them through their self-discipline, sacrifice and selfless endeavor, as noble treaders of the Golden Path of Enlightenment.

During the years in which the Ven. Tashi Hutulktu Kwang Hsih has functioned in our midst, inspiring the most intelligent of mankind to come to the fore in “the great battle of Armageddon”, between the dark and white forces, a tremendous awakening has occurred, in spite of the fact that the 3-YEAR SPIRITUAL PLAN for mankind, plead for in prior Wesak Messages, during the years 1934- 1936 was a failure. Those earnest ones who sought to serve so selflessly to make this plan for mankind a success, will remember that Impersonality was the keynote of life to be striven for in our PERMANENT PLAN of BODHICITTA (Intelligence-Heart) activity. And this Impersonality still is the fundamental basis for the genuine “yoga” or rather the Path of Liberation for the active Spiritual Consciousness (Bodha). “Bodhicitta is the psychological aspect of the “embodiment of truth” (the latter considerer as the highest vesture or vehicle of the Enlightened One) or Bodhicitta is the embodiment of truth (Dharmakaya) manifested in the human consciousness. Bodhi is the divine wisdom, incarnate in our limited intelligence or the divine love as reflected in our human sympathy and compassion. Citta (or Hyidaya) is the inner life of existence which prompts and quickens us to do the will of the Dharmakaya and which is awakened to its full dignity when intelligence passes over the limits of relativity. The reason why we are able to have an insight into the nature of the ultimate being and to recognize the truth that sameness (the divinity of things) and difference (the relativity of things) are co-existent and really identical because our Bodhi or Hridaya (Citta) is essentially one with the Dharmakaya. When the Bodhi comes to know itself, it also knows the inner being of Dharmakaya however fragmentary the knowledge be and we lie blissfully at rest in the bosom of eternal motherliness” (Soyon Shakhu, Sermons of a Buddhist Abbot).

To give the reader still a better idea of what the “BODHI-CITTA” is, the following quotation is taken from Dr. Winternitz´s translation of a passage occurring in the Tathagata Guhya Sutra:

“In whom does the will to Enlighten (Bodhicitta) arise, O Lord?”

And the Lord answered: In the one, O great King, who has formed the unshaken resolve”.

Then the King said: “O Lord and who has taken this unshaken resolve?”

“He, O great King, in whom the Great Piety has arisen”, replied the Lord.

“But in whom, O Lord”, observed the King, “Has the Great Pity arisen?”

“In him, O Great King, who does not desert any living being”, was the Lords response.

And the King enquired: “In what way, Lord, is no living being deserted?”

“O great King, “It is by renouncing one´s own welfare”, came the answer of the Enlightened One.

The Great Compassion (Pity) of these Venerable Masters of Wisdom indeed surpasses ordinary mankind´s ken. One may recall in this connection how the Lord Buddha in one of his previous incarnations voluntarily offered his body to a hungry lion-mother for food.

The famous chapter of the Apostle Paul on the Apotheosis of Love (1 Cor. XIII) (the first illimitable sublime meditation and state of mind) which is the only source of Felicity, is a manifestation or expression of the Wisdom-Heart (Bodhicitta). We also refer you to THE BODHISATTVA DOCTRINE by Dr. Har Dayal p. 227 in particular on the subject of “maître” from which we quote the Following: “Some scholars have translates this word as “love” but others prefer “friendliness”, benevolence, la bonte, goodwill” as the proper rendering, as they believe that “love” has certain Christian associations. Maitri is a feeling that is directed towards those who are happy in life. Its opposite is vyapada (malice). It is thus distinguished from karuna, which is shown to unhappy and afflicted living beings. “Love”, as defined and described by Jesus Christ and St. Paul, approximates more to karuna than to maitri: (cf. St. Matthew v, 43; St Luke vi, 27ff.; St John xv, 13; 1 Cor. XIII). “Friendliness” seems to indicate the content of the term maitri with a sufficient degree of accuracy. It is characterized by the desire to do good to others and to provide them with what is useful.

It is, as previously stated, due, then to this Bodhicitta-principle which integrates the Great universal (White) Brotherhood that we may inform mankind that in spite of the fact that the three-year plan was a failure, this need not now be any further cause of sorrow amongst the brethren of goodwill everywhere; the truth being that the Brotherhood has so conducted its affairs meanwhile as to make the most of this circumstance. Those keenly concerned are assured that this all will result in the greatest of all successes for the Modern Spiritual Renaissance.

The question has often been asked whether the expected Lord Maitreya (the Lord of Compassion and Coming World-Teacher) will soon make His Advent. Kindly refer to the Vedic Fire Festival Lecture of Sept. 23, 1934, page 18, under “Questions & Answers”. We will quote from the third paragraph as follows: “The Lord Maitreya is not yet fully manifested, and, let it be well understood, will never be a person, although the sense-deluded mystics and the anthropomorphists of religion will give It a human form, with whiskers and all! The Lord Maitreya will be only a Cosmic or Universal aim and urge, endeavor and value, Principle and Realization – not a man a Messiah, or a Divinity.”

We will now quote from the “Digha Nikaya”, Dialogue 26, which clearly states what an incomparable event the Coming of the Maitreya will be. “The Path of Maitreya, the future Buddha is said to be non-arisen; its fruition is potentially arising states”.

“Monks, in the days when men will live 80000 years, there will arise in the world a Buddha named Maitreya, the Compassionate One, a supremely Enlightened One, endowed with wisdom in conduct; auspicious, knowing the Universe; an incomparable Charioteer of men who are tamed; a Master of angels and mortals, a Blessed Buddha; even as I have now arisen in the world, a Buddha, with these same qualities endowed. What he has realized by his own supernal knowledge he will publish to this universe, with its angels, its fiends and its archangels and to the race of philosophers and Brahmins, princes and peoples; even as I now, having all this knowledge, do publish the same unto the same. He will proclaim a religious life, wholly perfect and thoroughly pure; even as I now preach my religion and a like life do proclaim. He will keep up a society of monks numbering many thousand, even as I now keep up a society of monks numbering many hundred”.                   

It is then our sacred privilege and duty resound those blessed and joyous tidings throughout our midst, that this great objective of ours, to guarantee the purity of the Principles and Tenets of the Masters of Wisdom and those of the Sanctuaries, may foster and further mankinds realization of these higher truths.

We wish to make it clear to those of an enquiring mind that I do not teach anything, I am simply endeavoring to lead people, through realization and understanding, to utmost enlightenment. Nobody can teach truth to anyone. To teach is to condition, fashion, influence people, and this is hardly possible for the good, since any sort of imposition or coercion is detrimental to consciousness, a breach against karma, and an interference with the intelligent unfoldment of nature and the mental functions of the being. In that sense, teachers only make slaves and this never could be truer than in spiritual implications.

It is notorious, already, that I make no claims, no offers, no promises, no advances, and such characteristics have come to be those of the New Modern Spiritual Renaissance, which I am inspiring and fostering. But this is done in a spirit of absolute unselfishness and in extreme Impersonal realization. Therefore, it matters little who I may be. When one reaches a certain plane of higher realization, separateness is no longer possible. Therefore, all differentiation is merely an exclusive sense, or trick of the senses and discriminative intellect. of the lower planes. Let us realize that the Truth itself is superior to the Masters, that no advancement can ever be achieved without actual realization of the foundations of life.

My return to activity, after four years of retirement, is indeed of auspicious moment. This is not so because of any “personal” fact or reason, but rather as has been made evident because, of the Impersonality of my functions and mode of livelihood; as well as by the fact that I am what I am the living embodiment of the Principles that I incarnate which the Modern Spiritual Renaissance Movement proclaims throughout entire world.

Truly Enlightened Ones are Servers, in spite of themselves, although they work more often by themselves. They are not, however, under the influence of any supposed “Master”. True Masters of Wisdom, who dwell and function on so called higher planes can hardly be comprehended by those who depend on the five senses.

True Masters of Wisdom point out their teachings and tenets in many ways, but inspiration is the most likely to suit their purpose. Inspiration must not be understood as psychic emotionality. It must be well born in mind that those Masters of Wisdom are well qualified to attend to their own affairs; and that, if they do have collaborators, whom they inspire, only wise ones are selected. These aids are always in harmony with natural processes and are well up in the Higher Wisdom. The Masters, however, need no substituting. That is why the utterings and schemes, put forth through “mediums” should be subject to the utmost caution.

It was with the purpose of making these facts clear to the public mind that several Congresses were prepared under the auspices of the Universal Union of Buddhist Leaders for the Diffusion of Budhic (fundamental, essential) Philosophy, in China, Switzerland, Burma and Siam, and it was also one of the chief motives of my travels round the world.

It was and still is determined that the mystery, clinging around the Sanctuaries and the Masters, must be exploded; that no more fantasy will ever again be knitted in regard to them, nor falsehoods be asserted, because of their failure to protect any lack of apparent “organism” to represent them. In this way we have checked to a certain extent the further growth of a great source of ailments for the world. For false truths and misrepresentation in the name of truth have brought to mankind more miseries than all the natural ailments combined. It is still urgent, however, that all those demonstrating the higher life of Impersonality, join in our Endeavor and become affiliated with the Sanctuaries through the necessary self-discipline and higher guidance, that characterize the accepted Chelas of the Inner Service Group. If you are indeed interested, please get in touch with us again.

Our movement is the only one entirely composed of eminent Leaders in the field of science and philosophy, who are engaged in world-affairs. They occupy prominent positions and actually direct the most important of the philosophical and ethical movements of the present day. The Bodha renaissance Movement functions as an UNORGANIZED ORGANISM”, (or rather a Group of persons functioning as synergically as the organs of a living organism) seeking only the welfare of mankind and his spiritual enlightenment.

We are known as the Great (White Universal Spiritual Brotherhood, since we must call our spiritual communion somehow; however, it knows no such limitation of sect, doctrine or dogma.

Wisdom is our aim and means and our unique objective. Neither Resentment nor Intolerance do ever bother us. Appreciation is our guide and means on the Path of Righteous Livelihood, and we know of no separativeness, nor do we accept as absolute any discriminative concept. The task of the Master K.H. is to harmonize and unfold values, not do defeat or destroy. We must work and toil quietly, silently irrespectful of appreciation or recognition but effectively. We must engender higher ideals and foster constructive efforts. Behind us in the entire Spiritual Communion, all the true ones, all those who really cares for essentials rather than for self-style selectivities, or fanciful principles and self-consecrated values.

Receive my highest Blessing in Anuttara Mandala

His Serene Highness the Prince OM Cherenzi-Lind, of Chan Tartary-Tibet (Asia).

Supreme Instructor of the Universal R C Movement.

Director of the World Bodha (Spiritual Consciousness) Endeavor.

Leader of the Movement of World Servers of Impersonal Life.

Gran Patron of Universal Masonry.

Inspirer and Director of the modern SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE Movement.

Lord Abbot of the Ch´An Cheng-Lob´ (Tartary World Principle Spiritual Center: Aghartha).

His Holiness KWANG HSIH

Also known as The Tibetan, Ven Anagarika Lhasshekankraya, Djobng Jol Hutulktu, Takur Dayananda, Amanti Rimpocheh and Prof. OM Lind.

With the Compliments of:

International Buddhist Mission, Thaton, Burma (Asia).

The Maitreya Society, Darjeeling, India.

Seminaire Rose Croix des Gaules, Toulouse, France.

The Spiritual University, Bogotá, Colombia.

The Universal Spiritual Union, Paris, France.

The Bodha Society of America Inc., Ocean Park, Cal., USA.

Seminario Rosa Cruz “Maitreya del Tahuantisuyo, Quito, Ecuador.

Colegio Rosa Cruz de la América Septentrional Inc., Los Angeles, California.



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