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San Francisco 1925 

The UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE OF THE GOLDEN LINK, created by the Marquis Stanislas de Guaïta in 1988, offers the vital teachings and procedure, which enable people to control and master their destiny in accordance with the ancient Schools of Wisdom.

Since time immemorial, man has striven to Master Destiny. Few people have succeeded, however, because the “conquest of self” is not as easy as said. The ancient Schools of Sacred Wisdom and the Spiritual Sanctuaries have to a certain extent triumphed in such noble aims, being wholly dedicated to the study of the mechanism of life. The magi, prophets, seers and saints of yore offer ample proof of this.  The Universal Alliance of the Golden Link was established precisely to guide earnest seekers after Truth along such noble objectives, and also, to prevent unwary people from being victims of impostors and charlatans who exploit human ignorance, superstition and gullible credulity.

Sooth to say, there “are” so many systems of sophistry mystical demagogy and moronish metaphysics, as well as sooth-sayers, vendors of horoscopes, magic talisman and marvelous herbs or improvised authorities on Heavenly Powers and Sacred Teachings or “revelers of mysteries that the world is now literally flooded with delusive methods and spurious organizations, and it is about time that MANKIND be rescued by the genuine sages and the authentic Colleges of Holy Spiritual Science.

The UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE OF THE GOLDEN LINK is a benevolent, cultural, ethical, and scientific and spiritual research society absolutely impersonal, unsectarian, and non-mercantile.  Its Members are of all faiths, races, nationalities and social positions, and they contribute $1,oo (American currency or the equivalent in the stable currencies of Germany, England, India and Japan) monthly, to the Research Fund, which is destined to publish popular and inexpensive editions of important texts books that really deserve ample diffusion, on the basic issues of life and on important phases of Para-psychology, Telepathy, Psychotherapy, Psychosolution, genuine Transcendental Yoga, ancient Royal Art of Sacred Spiritual Science, Cosmological Wisdom or arcane astrology, Chaldeo-Huighur Holy Realization or MelchiTsedeq Revelation, Mentalism or New Thought and Religious Science, and diverse branches of modern Theurgy, Grecian  Magism and Occultism.