Paris, 7th of October 1964

                                                                     Blanche Ledran
Principal Curator
18, rue Maurice Arnoux
Montrouge (seine) France

Ocean Park, Calif., USA

Dear Friend and colleague in eternal ideals, or Spiritual Values,

         Completely in accord with your conception of A TEMPLE WHERE NO MAN IS A STRANGER, appeared in The Voice, last year.  We just got acquainted with your wonderful expressions, revealing the right kind of awareness.  Still it seems to us that you have hesitated in mentioning spiritual values and the perennial principles, which underline all spiritual endeavors and attainment.

         World problems are plentiful, and humanism seems quite lame, limited, of impotent nowadays. Or should we confess outright that mankind is not yet ready for a higher role of livelihood that is above the common concept of humanimal.  Certainly, man is seen different to the rest of animal creation, but in feelings and morals there is a tremendous lack, or minus capacity, since people still set aside their civic education, their religious faith, their good manners and even their humanitarian and artistic ideals when their petty whims and private interests are at stake.  Then, sectarianism, partidism and personalism still play a great part in all social mechanisms, to the extreme that racial, religious and economic discrimination prove more powerful than all the Divine teachings ever heard of, in fact as though they had never been heard of.

         Now, organizations as well as individuals behave according to the forces and motives that impulse them.  And what kind of force do we discover behind most human endeavors?  Are they really moral, ethical and spiritual, or, rather, purely material and crudely selfish?  Some people worship God, but only to cajole and beseech Him. Others build Temple to Divine Love and Wisdom, but only to serve their own megalomania and improve their financial power as well as their social or religious “authority”. Others still will speak of their super-spiritual magnificence, or claim Seership, prophet-hood and Divine Powers, yet they behave like mischievous and miserable mortals who well realize that today it is no longer a crime to desecrate Divine Truth and Universal Spiritual values. Perhaps they are smart enough to understand that no one any longer dies of ridicule. Remember Pascal, who once said: “Qui fait l’ange fait la bête”, but nowadays hypocrisy is considered a great virtue, and the more idiot people can be the greater is their assured success in life. Instead of decency, most people think it wiser to grow bushy tail on their head, or to don a turban and proclaim themselves Masters or Spiritual Guides on the strength of spectacular Hatha Yoga or insolent hypnotic influence on unwary masses. True enough, most people are incapable of a right and positive thinking process, not having been taught how, and the rest of mankind seems too tired to worry about the future because “God will provide”, so they claim.

         In reality, what mankind needs is to learn how to live humanely, how to Love Truth and live it, and how to be a friend and brother of other people to the extent of helping them to live. Too often, leaders and ministers miss their goal because they fall in the ditches and forget their own ideals, seeking to exploit, imprison and enchain their fellowmen instead of assisting them in being cultured, free, peaceful, happy and enlightened.

         Most great organizations, no matter how they call themselves, miss their goal, or should we say fail to fulfill their own allotted mission.  And when we see how easily some daring homosapiens establish “religions” of their own, or “world fellowship of religions”, “Universal temples of Divine realization”, “Great universal white brotherhoods”, “Esoteric Schools”, Holy Shrines”, “Cosmic Arcane Schools”, “Ancient Mystic Orders”, “International Spiritual Councils”, or “Invisible Cathedrals”, most of the times with a handful of friends and neighbourgs, or only their own family circle – we cannot but sense the profound tragedy of mankind.  We know of “Bishops” and “Swamis” who have improvised themselves just as a recourse to “get rich quick”, so to say.  Yet they dazzle the world with their mystical poses and overused doctrines formulas, and they manage to get a following, for the world is replete with silly folks who do not mind being let around by intellectually limb and spiritually blind leaders.

         As for the UN and some great religions, they are no doubt useful.  People do need to be guided, sometimes only by means of suggestion and wonderful promises, because it is their nature to fellow and to be guided. They know no better.

         Yet, the fact that people know no better should not be an excuse for extreme violence, undue tyranny, or foolhardy imposture.  People should be taught better, so that they might live their own life and reach a status of dignity above simple automatism.  They must also be helped to free themselves from errors, mismanagement, cruel deceit, and monstrous slavery.  They must be lifted to a status of self-respect and authentic spiritual dignity.

         This is not at all farfetched or impossible.  Man must learn some day to be man’s best friend, assistant and brother, instead of being as now his worse enemy, exploiter and destroyer.  This is proven feasible by the Method of Physico-Mental Scientific Culture or Integral Scientific Yoga, where the latest secrets of modern laboratory research are mapped in a grandeous educational process of biosynthesis and human rehabilitation.  This is where we should begin, in fact, in all idealistic pursuits and spiritual endeavors, as without due preparation man in the raw stands as of little value as any ore or precious stones before adequate processing, no matter how rich they may be potentially. The Human Potential has, in fact, never been tapped, or even discovered outside the sphere of the above mentioned scientists, and there is such a thing as Human Capital, which likewise needs attention and can be developed as well as susceptible of investment for more significant and ennobling purposes or ideals.

         The Human being is a Temple of the living God, Sacred Scriptures assert, and we agree that even God is a part integrant of him, for the universe is one no matter how we care to look at it, all energies being transmutable and mutually integrating, as well as subject to the selfsame principles of life eternal.

         Now, the Universal Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Mankind remains a faintly essayed ideal. People have not yet proved intelligent enough, or enough anything in the sense of humanity and spirituality. Great institutions are more oftime than not simple schemes of reality, or symbols of what they are supposed to be.  The tragedy of refugees, exiles and sans patrie, alone, suffices to disprove all humanistic claims in the most advanced or more civilized countries, and they constitute a permanent challenge and shame to religion as well as to all international organisms.

         Is it not well nigh time that all mankind began thinking about all these things?  Let us show some humanitarian sense and have a beau geste of Divine nature, or spiritual character, and begin solving all those problems. All the Palaces, Temples and Universities in the shape of luscious buildings are entirely useless, simple monuments to human mental obnubilation and spiritual void, so long as we discard the problems so as to avoid their solutions.

         All the capable people of this planet should get together and prove that they are really capable of living up to their own better ideals.  The Universal Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man is already under way, but it needs more elements so as to grow further, and prove to the whole world that Spiritual values and principles are not simple fancy.

         Much obliged for your kind attention.  May we hear from you in the near future.



Blanche Ledran

Grand Chancellor