What it is, what is stand for, and its accomplishments. What are Agharthians, their character, their dreams, their standing and their endeavors.





From the



Pr. OM Cherenzi Lind

Regent of the Aghartha


Brief exposé prepared on the occasion of the announcement of the INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CREATIVE THOUGHT AND HUMAN REHABILITATION, which is to convene in New York City, on the 10th of June 1949, under the august auspices of the AGHARTHA.




Universal Alliance for Religious Unity, Social Justice, Economic Equity, Commonwealth and Human Brotherhood….

Supreme Spiritual Council for the New Age (Aquarium) Civilization

AGHARTHA, INC.                                                             AGHARTHA

215 East 57th Street – apt. c-5                                     18, rue Maurice Arnoux

New York City, N.Y. – U.S.A.                                         Montrouge, seine

                                                                                          France – Europe

         “Dark forces are negative and destructive, yet they always unite for their own unavowed designs and therein lies their might. It White forces were ready and willing to unite and cooperate for the triumph of Sacred Ideals, Spiritual Values and Universal Principles, they would prove that they are almighty.  Dispersion spells weakness and defeat.  Diversion and self-assertion only leads to moral bankruptcy and failure.” K.H.

“There is nothing mightier, more beautiful, more useful or as necessary as Truth”. – Motto of the Prince of Shan.

            The AGHARTHA (or Agartha, or Agharta) is the Greater Assembly of Sages, Philosophers, Seers, Spiritual Teachers, Anointed Souls, Yoguis, Humanitarian Servers of Enlightened people who have at heart the love of Truth, and live to justify Godliness and attest to the highest dignity of Spiritual Values.

            AGHARTHIANS belong to all religious groups, races and nationalities and, in fact, are not limited by worldly conditions or by fancy, prejudice or conventional discrimination. 

            The AGHARTHA is the Spiritual Communion at its best, in function, a New Age Humanistic and Spiritual Mission. Its Members are neither fanatical sectarians or ruthless orthodoxians, and they SERVE wherever that happen to be fulfilling their “mission of life”, considering themselves as “Trustees of Universal Truth and Ministers of the Divine”, which are eternal and non-limited.

            Those who are Christians are convinced of the truth stated in Ephesians 4; 13, John VI: 27, Cor, 3: 16, Act II: 36, 2 Cor. V: 17, Col, III: 2, Lucas 20: 36, Gal.3: 1,3, Rom, 6: 9, Gal, 2:6.  Those who are Buddhists are moved by the Bodhisatva Doctrine of the Heart, and know that they are the vibrant image and life of the qualities, which they choose, love and defend.  Those who are Hindus live the Shri Krishna Doctrine of the Baghavad Gita. Those who are Hebrew eagerly strive to embody the merits of the Divinely Chosen Chohans.  Those who are attached to Tibetan Teachings have pledged their whole lives to the Dyani Chohan ideal of life. Those who find themselves wholly emancipated from earthly trends, realise that none can be the ideal realization of Truth unless they live Truth, because men are really as pure, as great, as powerful and as magnificent as the Universal Principles and Spiritual Values, which they love, serve, adhere to, and cater to.

            Sincere Faith is always sacred.  But, we do not behold Truth unless we break the barriers of sentimental fancy and mental delusions, which create sectarian circles or mystic prisons and conditions of psychological and material slavery.  True Wisdom is absolute freedom, boundless love, unrestricted consciousness, and enlightened living.

            Masters of Wisdom, Asekha Buddhas, Enlighteners, Seers, Leaders of Sagacity, Anagarikas, Mahatmas, Anointed Souls indubitably exist, and it is the privilege of the AGHARTHA to shelter, unite and blend them in the great Unitarian Spiritual Communion, whereby they demonstrate their Spiritual Nobility and Divine Kinship. Their attainments and virtues do not depend on their say-so, or on the fact that they are missionaries of the Truth, but, rather, because of their own inner development, and their conquests over worldly trends, which have empowered them through manifold experiences of duress and untold difficulties, and conferred upon them the unique prestige and unquestionable authority of moral strength and spiritual dignity. None can really understand these Liberated Souls unless at par with them in Consciousness and in mental consistency, moral force and Spiritual realization.

            The AGHARTHA has something substantial to offer the world, and this is a true Golden Rule Brotherhood and absolute wholesomeness in the form of Universal commonwealth and ennobling Service. The representatives of the AGHARTHA are real Spiritual Ambassadors, and their view of life is one of unlimited cooperation and immediate human rehabilitation, well-being, social security, economic certainty, peace, happiness and enlightenment.

            The AGHARTHA is, in fact, the only practical solution to world chaos, division and misery.  It has laid the foundation for THE PARLIAMENT OF MAN, and its fundamentals open the way to everyone toward the full awakening, development and expansion of Consciousness as WORLD CITIZENS.  It has no army and it condemns violence; it is not insincere and does not vie for power or hegemony;  yet through its lack of prejudice and conventional barriers, doctrinal dogmas or traditional orthodoxy, it stands for the most sacred ideals of man, namely, dignity, well-being, peace, happiness and enlightenment.

            We realise the world is not yet ready to yield to the scientific and spiritual program or Crusade of the AGHARTHA, toward a complete human rehabilitation and Universal Peace.  However, what we have to offer is decidedly better than all the complexities and mystifications of the past, now spelling FEAR, ANXIETY, HATE, CONFUSION, WORRY, VIOLENCE, REGIMENTATION, TOTALITARIANISM, SICKNESS, POVERTY, WANT, SLAVERY and WAR.  What else is this immense crazy house of the civilized world, where people cannot travel freely, live as they want, believe as they need, or be happy as they should be, but endure the dictates of some political or religious absolute power?

            In order to join the AGHARTHA, one has to be an Agharthian (also referred to as AGHARTE) at heart, and live his own vaunted ideals and proclaimed faith.  No one can, indeed, be an Agharthian without being wholly consistent with Universal Principles, and duly empowered by Spiritual Values, which are the only factors, which consecrate Truth, imbue it with Divine grace, and give it a touch or Eternity. Agharthians are such, because of the Divine kinship of their Spiritual Realization, which is evident through their unquestionable genius for representing Eternal Truth and in the ennobling mission of Service to Humanity.  The AGHARTHA, in fact, accepts them in the Invisible White Lodge or the Spiritual Hierarchy, only upon their merits, consecrating them by Universal recognition.

            Agharthians are Princes of Truth, Missionaries of Peace and Happiness, Ministers of Human Well-Being and Dignity.  Wherever they may happen to fulfill their allotted task in life, they are shining examples of Kindness, Wisdom, Peace, Harmony and Compassion, because they are Divinely inspired for the great Spiritual Civilization of the New Age (Aquarian).  To them, no great Avatar, Spiritual Teacher, Prophet or Lawgiver of the past has been greater than the others, because all were Members of the same Great Spiritual Communion, and none ever contradicted, condemned or disowned the others, all being equally Noble peers of the Eternal Divine Covenant or AGHARTHA in the Impersonal Service to Universal Life and Truth.

            No one seems to have thought so far of a Supreme Council for Democracy, an International Committee for the maintenance of Peace, a World Bureau for the Solution of Economic Problems, an International Arbitration Court for Social Problems, a Supreme World Spiritual Court, and a Research Institute for International Relations and World Good Will.  Absolutely true, but the AGHARTHA is precisely that, all in one, with a Moral force and a Spiritual prestige, which are unmatchable, bringing to the human realm the supreme authority, dignity, order and nobility, which functions above all religious and political divisions, sectionalism, particularism and selfishness.  What else could Agharthians represent, if not the sense of Cosmic life and the majesty of Universal Principles, above all mischievous prejudice and mean scheming, delusive mysticism, impudent hypocrisy, selfish absolutism, arrogant ignorance, ludicrous materialistic dialectics and supercilious self-assertive theologies?

            The AGHARTHA is the only organization of its kind in existence. There cannot be any other like it, because once it exists it can only be Eternal and ONE, like Truth, Life, Beauty, Nobility, Generosity, Love, Righteousness or God.

            It is unique and magnificent because it is profoundly humanistic, infinitely conscientious, supremely inspirational, categorically practical in its ideals, absolutely non-egotistic and non-limited in its functions, and strictly honest and straightforward in abiding by Universal Principles.  Agharthians, to be sure, can be recognized by their undivided love for Truth, absolute righteousness, Universal Consciousness, transcending of worldly shams, conventions and prejudice, and infinite Compassion. Agharthians cannot be slaves of any orthodoxical tradition, professed dogmas, pressurizing doctrines, selfish designs, or conventional absolutes, which are universal Essentials of Life. Limitation, self-assertiveness and self-centeredness, metaphysical preferences, mystic tradition and fanaticism are aspects of dissipating whims, forms of morbid delusion and varieties of monstrous selfishness.

            Therefore, the AGHARTHA is a Universal Union for Truth, aiming at the highest Spiritual Realization. Agharthians are linked by Universal Truth, inspired by the Eternal Principles, ennobled by Spiritual Realization and consecrated to the Divine Kingship by Wisdom, Love and Creative Consciousness, which are the only foundation of a true Spiritual Hierarchy.

            The AGHARTHA has existed since remote times, as the Spiritual Hierarchy, or Eternal Spiritual Lodge. All real Initiates or more advanced Souls of the Great Universal White (Spiritual) Brotherhood have belonged to it, because it embodies the Eternal SOMA or MANI, or Heavenly Spiritual Manna.

            At each Cosmic or Equinoctial Precession Cycle (about 25,925 current solar years), a new page of history is turned, and the AGHARTHA, being in reality an Invisible Cosmic Lodge or Etherian Spiritual Empire, takes a new form of activity. The Cycle of Ram was particularly significant, since the AGHARTHA openly fought the Atlantean Black Magicians at that time. The Cycle of Aquarius, now ushering in, marks a new form of open activity of the AGHARTHA.  After several Cycles of secret functioning the AGHARTHA will no longer be underground, or pushed back into obscurity by the fool occult forces of the present Kali Yuga or Dark Devilish Age. 

            We will realise to what extent materialistic designs and unwholesome forces are at work today, to the detriment of humanistic values and Spiritual Realizations. Monstrous selfishness, unholy dogmatic traditions and power policies mark daily trends. War and nationalistic or religious absolutism threaten the future of mankind, compromising on all saintly faiths and with utter disregard to Universal Principles. Whither mankind? The AGHARTHA is the answer with lasting solutions to all problems and remedies to all human ills.

            Agharthians believe that the forces of the Heart alone can bring forth on Earth the Kingdom of Peace and Happiness, and by Wisdom and Compassion only will a standard of Universal Morals and true Spiritual Values become the foundation and the humanitarian civilization, which the whole world craves. It is not in the urge of conquest or in the will of domination that the world will find equity, peace and dignity, but, rather, in humanistic mutual respect, guarantee, and protection, moved by non-sectarian, non-separative, non-exploitative designs and unself aspirations.  In justification of such fundamentals and in order to become the living witnesses of such realizations, Agharthians have now created the UNIVERSAL SERVICE UNION, so as to promote World Understanding, Commonwealth and Triumphant Living.

            Throughout the ages, the Assemblies of the AGHARTHA have been known as SHAMBALAH, their Sacred See as AGHARTI, their Universal Meditations as MANDALA, and their Life-Fore as GOTHA.

            All Initiates, all Teachers of Spiritual Truth, all earnest seekers after Divine realization are invited to participate in the Sanctum Sanctorum of Esoteric Sanctuaries or Supreme Spiritual Council.  There, however, limited Souls, mean hearts and sickly personalities, ruthless egotism and abysmal ignorance have no place. Religious Ministers, advanced social leaders, learned Artists, true Philosophers, all non-limited Hearts and non-shrinkable Souls are Welcome, provided they are willing to abide by Universal Principles, and live according to Divine realizations and Eternal Truth.  People usually boast and behave the opposite of what they are. Those who continually sell peace are commonplace professional haters; those who vaunt their Brotherliness are practical backbiters, pestering meddlers or criminal “protectors”; those who pose for perfection are mere arrogant pretenders, ridiculous and hypocritical angels; those who brag about their superiority and wisdom are tragic nondescripts of human complexes or loose irresponsible lunatics.  Hypocrisy and effete morals are rampant, now perhaps more than ever.  That is why the Secret Doctrine recommends to Initiates never to tell their name, age, nationality, faith or fortune, because they are supposed to transcend or have already transcended these binding earthly conditions. Agharthians, fortunately, live their convictions and have their religion in their heart, and never, never vaunt their Heavenly realizations and Divine contacts.

            This character of AGHARTHIANS marks the spirit of the New Age, as it has been openly proclaimed at the 1947 Congress of the Great Universal White Brotherhood in Paris, France.  This event has also marked the beginning of a new policy of the AGHARTHA, whereby its activities would be public, and in direct contact with the world, so as to better assist humanity in the pursuit of Freedom, Well-Being, Dignity and Happiness.

            This notification and INVITATION is a challenge to the sincerity of all, and none can henceforth claim to serve mankind, speak the Truth or be a Minister of Heavenly powers, if not completely in accord with the Spiritual Communion, and free from sectarian limitations, mean divisionism, fancy delusions or egotistic designs.

            Humanity is ONE whole Family.  There is only ONE Universal Truth and ONE Eternal Spirit.  Only ignorance, selfishness and personal whims or mystic delusions separate people and create confusion, or bring bloodshed everywhere.

            For further data regarding the character and qualifications, as well as the accomplishments of Agharthians throughout the ages, refer to the following books, written by or about Agharthians: “Masters and Disciples of Wisdom (three Vol. by one of Them); “Bible of Mankind” by Mirza Ahmad Sorab; “Tao Teh King” by Lao Tseu; “Cure of the Mind” by Stephen Zweig; “The Importance of Living” by Lin Yutang; “Twelve Houses of the Cosmos” by Dane Rudyard;  “Professors of Idealism” by P. Garcia Calderon; “Masonic, Hermetic, Kabalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy” by Manly P. Hall; “Morals and Dogma” by Albert Pyke; “Motivos de Proteo” by José E. Rodo; “Beast, Men and Gods” by F. Ossendowsky; “Cosmic Mind” by Ing. Ouspensky; “The watches of the Seven Spheres” by Rutledge; “Mission de l’Inde” by Marquis St. Yves d’Alveydre; “Secret Doctrine” and “Isis Unveiled” by H. P. Blavatsky; “The Bodhisatva Doctrine” by Har Dayal; “An Essay on Morals” by Phillip Wylie; “Invisible Beauty” by Maurice Magre; “The Religion of Love” by  Grand Duc Alexander of Russia; “The King of the World” by  René Guénon; “The Supreme Justification of Life” and “Elements of Essential Spiritual Realization” by Koot Hoomi Lal Singh; “REVELATIONS SUR L’AGHARTHA ET LE MAHA CHOHAN” by Dorgen Lama; “The Cosmic Oracle” and “Rosa Mystic” by H.H. Prince OM Cherenzi Lind; “The Great Initiates” by Eduard Schure; “Zanoni” by Lord Bulwer Lytton; “Le Serpent de la Genèse” and “On the Threshold of Mystery” by Marquis Stanislas de Guaita; “The book Which Kills Death” (Jinas) and “Beethoven Occultist and Musician” by Dr.  Mario Roso de Luna; “The Religion of Music” by Camille Mauclair; “Towards Aquarius” by Vera W. Reid; “Think or Be Shot” by Richard Twitford; “Something to Live By” by Dorothea S. Kopplin; “The Mysteries of Eleusis” and “Le Thyrse et la Croix” by G. Trarieux d’Egmont; “What  is a regular Mason?” by Oswald Wirth; “Le Graal Pyreneen” and “Biosophy – Practical Humanism” by Koot Hoomi Lal Singh; “The great Invisible Empire of the Spiritual Communion, or AGHARTHA” by Sir Alfred Worthington.

            “These and still greater things shall be given unto you” (Gospels)


Post Data: In order to avoid misleading critique, or whatever form of representation, since we now have to contend with such cases, we wish it to be known that great Religious prelates, philosophers, artists, savants and benefactors of humanity are NOT necessarily Agharthians, although none really deserving such a qualification should remain outside the Sanctum Sanctorum of SPIRITUAL COMMUNION.  Consequently, in the future, all Members of the AGHARTHA will identify themselves, since there is no higher honor on earth than to be an Agharthian.

Note: _ (This pamphlet may be translated, printed and copied, provided copies are sent to the author, to any of our addresses.)