World Disarmament, World Peace and the Universal Brotherhood of Man

From: NAWPS (New Age Press Service), London, England. March 31, 1946

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The great manifestation for World Disarmament, World Peace and the Universal Brotherhood of Man, Inspired by the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE, will take place under the presidency of eximious pacifists like Dr. H. Gwandor, Prof. James Gould, Rt. Rev. Henri Duvernois, Bertrand Russell and the Illustrious Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig on April 3rd.  Several groups of Peace Lovers and Conscientious Objectors will also come from different parts of Europe, particularly Germany and Sweden. Simultaneously with this great event, The World Supreme Religious and Spiritual Council will also held a Grand Session.

            The aim of all these Peace pronouncements and endeavors of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE are intended mainly to make mankind Peace conscious and opposed to all forms of warfare, atomic tests, colonialism and extraordinary military activities.  Instead of spending countless billions in armaments and militarism the poor and miserable victims of modern civilization should be adequately fed, lodged, educated and adapter to up-to-date social conceptions. More than exasperating political quarrels, mankind needs a better living standard and economic security.   More than endless supra-nationalistic designs, colonialism and churchian bigotry humanity need Peace, Liberty, more genuine democracy, and real Universal Brotherhood of Man. TO DO GOOD IS THE HIGHEST RELIGION OF MAN, and THE WORLD IS MY COUNTRY, exclaimed the great American patriot Thomas Payne in his time, proving to be in line with the spirit of the great luminaries of the world of past ages and the founders of all the great religions and philosophies.  Had he been among us today he would be one of the leaders of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE.  Our Grand Spiritual Mobilization is producing good fruits in all the latitudes of the world, and the number of World Citizens is increasing daily. Our immediate task, as Julian Huxley puts it, is to make people face the reality of life and develop human Conscience and life with dignity. This immense task hinges on the unfoldment of the individual’s intellect and spiritual nature as well as his character and his qualities of the heart in a slow yet effective process of evolution in all its phases. It can be envisaged as a trend toward the actualization of potentiality, the realization of fulfillment of inherent possibilities, and the building of a noble as well as creative character. The great question mark is not if, or why, but when this relative perfection is reached. Once attained, it shall prove its validity and justify itself amply.

            Advanced thinkers and spiritual guides realize that the actions of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE are highly humanistic, cultural and spiritual, under the leadership of the great Hierarchy of the World. World problems shall not be solved by means of doctrines, worship, and economics only. People do not live of bread only, and the ultimate goal of life is one of spiritual values. Ultramodern social theories, which depend on economic progress, have their validity also, but they can never surpass in usefulness and grandeur the spiritual yearnings upon which gravitates human life.

            Membership in the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is obviously quite important.  Only when people learn to pool their moral assets and spiritual forces, can they really know what is the UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAN, and only in the measure that they actually collaborate, they finally discover that neither sectarianism nor selfish exclusivism can really accomplish much on this planet, particularly when they come face to face with the dark forces, which strive to rule the universe by means of the right of might, or by sheer military treats, economic serfdom, colonialism, and abominable pseudo democracy, which always spell crude immorality, false religion, and spiritual void.  All nobly conceived, genuinely humanitarian and spiritually inspired organizations learn the real sense of HUMAN SAFEGUARD only when they come face to face with the great problems of the world in our Great Assemblies of World Congresses of Man, which is in reality a constituent of official representatives of all the sectors of human interests.