World Assembly of Sages and Spiritual   Instructors and Supreme Spiritual Council




Headquarters: 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Room 4326

New York 20, N.Y.


                                                                                         New York, April 10, 1949


Manifesto and Invitation

         The world is reeking with economic desolation and uncertainty, social injustice, war psychoses, political absolutisms, religious totalitarianism, mental distress, fear, persecution and hate in countless different forms.  We hear democracy vaunted, yet all humanity is sick at heart and suffering from want and lack of freedom.  We are flooded with propaganda issues boasting religion or humanistic ideals, yet the whole Earth is shrouded in suspicion, permeated with brutish passions, poisoned by excessive materialism, scourged by over taxation, disrupted by over-organization and diseased by secret tyrannical forces.

         Needless to say that these conditions are not by any chance new and temporary.  They are the fruit and consequence of centuries of evolution in the wrong direction and based on inadequate principles.

         Mankind has not lacked in wise guidance in the past, yet progress has not matched in Moral significance and Spiritual Values the Teachings of the giants of thought and genii of Nature.  In fact, we may state without a shroud of doubt that civilization now proves mistaken and, defective, to say the least, only because it does not rest on the noble Teachings of the Sages of bygone ages.  Truly enough, what we commonly call “principles” and “morals” are entirely devoid of Spiritual grandeur and Divine character, because they do not belong to the realm of Universal Principles.  Human ignorance and passions, as well as vices and material ambition have become the ruling forces of the world.

         Yet, the determining factors of life on the Universal plane are much above simple human limitations and worldly interests.  This, of course, should be taught in elementary schools.  However, people still talk of education and culture while continuing to live their primitive taboos and ancestral atavism of tribal times.  They boast their traditional accomplishments and historical conquests in terms of religion and social doctrines, yet the common trends of life are meaningless from the moral standpoint, and absolutely delusive in regard to the Spiritual realm.  Advanced belief and persistent faith was never meant to spell Spiritual certitude and Moral dignity.  On the contrary, the more mankind progresses according to the current historical purview, the more we realize that effete morals, hypocrisy, superciliousness and lust take the lead and are prevalent in human life at large.

         These comments are not at all casual, or even radical at that.  They are simple conclusions arrived at by honest and lucid thinking. Facts may give us a still better picture of all this, if we consult human history, and it is not necessary to go very far out in the expanses of time to discover the deep sense of this immense tragedy of humanity. Since this is not a propaganda platform, slogans are out of the question.  Let us face facts, and then tell ourselves sincerely what it is all about, if we can.

         Present day world conditions give us details of this crude and gruesome tragedy, which no system of Religion or political doctrine has been able to avoid or to eradicate.  Those of us who know what civilization has meant to the world for the past four or ten centuries, realise without difficulty that our species is headed for chaos, and as time passes delves deeper into abysses of discontent, lassitude, displicency and despair.  Right at present, after six years of brutal hysteria, we are enduring a harvest of immeasurable misery, sorrow and lust for power, further stressed by universal fear of violence, and weariness out of too much suffering and loss of hope.

         Why all this?  The answer is clear, and there is nothing genial about it.  The truth is that humanity is missing its Universal goal, and instead of attaining the stature of Angels and semi-gods, it is headed for virus living.  In fact, human consciousness is weakening and human will is obliterated to the point of making of our species a sub-animal kingdom.  Now, people more than ever speak of WAR, Divine Truth and Democracy, yet in reality everything seems to be wrong with the thinking mechanism of man, since the most vaunted ideals have become a jumble of fancy tenets and fears born of morbid psychosomatic conditions.  People cannot live at Peace, because they are not conditioned inwardly for PEACE, neither have they been trained or enlightened for that.  As for Divine Truth, they hold and worship as such only what really suits their secret yearnings and more vivid inhibitions and delusions.  When they talk of Democracy, again they do mean their own brand of comfort and convenience, not the well-being of all.

         We hear vaunted everywhere the noble conquest of Liberty, yet few seem willing to grant this Divine attribute to others unless it is to their particular selfish advantage.  So, the world is divided unto itself, and everywhere we face social taboos, national frontiers, geopolitical diplomacy, freakish chauvinism, frankensteinism dogmas in angelical disguise, popular doctrine with antisocial imperatives, Divine commandments with brutish human absolutism, marvelous religious ideals with rivets and implications of totalitarianism.  All this under the varnish of an age-old process of domestication and religious sanctification.



         Reality is crude, devoid of fancy.  Yet if we face it valiantly, we may still discover the cause of all human troubles, problems, sickness and misery.  It is to our advantage to be truthful.

         The AGHARTHA or World Assembly of Sages and Spiritual Instructors, comprising the Yogins, Arahts, Seers Asekhas, Prophets, Healers, Bodhisatvas, Gurus, Anointed Ones and Illuminati of all races and creeds, now endeavors to concert its accomplishment and Spiritual greatness arise from deep within the self, yet it is utterly unselfish in manifestation.  That is why Agharthians are now rushing to help rescue humanity.

         The main problems of the day – there are many, obviously, -- must be courageously faced, and valiantly taken to task.  A new postulation of ancient Truth is absolutely necessary, and also a clarification of concepts and ideals so as to make them fit human needs, and respond to Universal Principles.

         We cannot permit or tolerate the increase present living conditions, or the antisocial menaces, which thrive and overgrow in the common atmosphere of material misery, moral dependency and Spiritual voidness.  Not to take a stand against this terror, insanity and devilish bedlam of materialistic civilization, which is only emphasized and monstrously developed by false mystic postures, metaphysical delusions and morbid sentimentalism, would be utterly satanical.  The worst of all crimes is not to yield to “laissez faire” philosophy, but, rather, to ignore the wrong and encourage it by condoning it.

         We all share the destiny of mankind.  Then why not seek to make our species better fit for enlightened life?  The AGHARTHA is looking forward to a better world, to ennobled life, and wider horizons of consciousness and we hope all noble souls will assist us in this great venture.

         The INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CREATIVE THOUGHT AND HUMAN REHABILITATION, which is to convene in New York City next June the 10th is, to all intent, bent on a more effective SERVICE to Humanity, and all those who boast noble ideals, gifts of the soul, heavenly inspiration or philosophical capacity, as well as scientific possibilities, are invited to take part in this first pageantry and Grand Jury of creative forces.

         A Spiritual Dynamics is badly needed today.  Yet, ere we enrich the world thus, we must prepare the human species for nobler realizations and a more adequate use of Biopsychosomatic potentialities.  We may even tap Universal energy, to counteract the undue use of atomic forces by irresponsible civilized individuals.  We can also become the deserving assistants of Divine Laws; but how can we expect to give man such marvelous secrets if he will not relinquish egotistic fights, and if he forfeits all his Divine attributes by forsaking the natural imperatives of his own heart?  Indeed, what can be expected of folks who boast moral perfection and spiritual magnificence, yet are subject to these poisons and soul deterrents of FEAR, WORRY, ILL-WILL, HATRED, LUST, DOUBT, PRIDE and INFATUATION?

Those who feel ready, and are willing to take part in our activities, should feel it their duty to come or to participate as best they can.  This INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CREATIVE THOUGHT AND HUMAN REHABILITATION is not limited by any religious dogma, sect or traditions; not subject to any political party, and subservient to any secret design whatever.  Our activities are in the open, and our views as well as our purposes are only those set forth here.  Our means and methods of action are also not to be misconstrued:  we need no armies, engines of war, secret legions or other violent, hidden or under-handed methods.

         The means of Wisdom, the contrivances of Compassion, the power of Love and the dignity of Spiritual values in themselves command respect and admiration and convince more than all the engines of wars and secret scheming forces.  Furthermore, once Spiritual Forces UNITE and decide to SERVE on the basis of real Universal Principles, Divine realization will be at hand.  There is nothing more effective than Awakened, Enlightened, Expanding, Cosmic CONSCIOUSNESS.

         Last but not least, we repeat here the Motto of the Prince of Shan, Thibet:  THERE IS NOTHING MIGHTIER, MORE BEAUTIFUL, MORE NECESSARY, OR MORE USEFUL THAN TRUTH.




         The activities of the Congress will be divided into eight different sections, namely:


*The Mission of Art in a New Age Civilization.

*What is expected of Women.

*Education as a Method of Human Regeneration and Rehabilitation.

*Ushering in the New Age.

*The Meaning of Life (philosophy of science and science of philosophy).

*New Age Economy and Money Reform.

*Why Religious Systems fail.


***”This is not time to criticize, slander, demote or hate.  Let us work together and do our share in the justification of life”.

                                                                           (Koot Hoomi Lal Singh)


For the Organizing Committee

                                                           JOSEPH PANTALEONE

            Dr. Joseph Pantaleone, Countess Sonia Berg, Mrs. Evelyn Courcil, Dr. Frederick Tilney, Mr. Doris Perdomo, Frank Hafford, Mrs. Violet Reed, Mrs. Gladys Mae Walter.


 Program and place of Meetings will be sent to those interested, one month in advance.

         Please send us your Papers and suggestions, and let us know if you intend coming personally.

         There is no Registry or seat charges for Delegates and attendants. Only GOODWILL OFFERINGS will be accepted.


         There will be no revision or censorship of Papers.  Motions will be spontaneous, and there will be no interference whatever with the expression of thought.

         Decisions will be made by spontaneous voting and on the principle of majority.

         The Congress may last for several days, according to the interests of the delegates.

         All Correspondence should be sent VIA AIR MAIL, and registered if important.

         Address:  AGHARTHA Congress Organizing Committee, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Room 4326 – New York 20 – N.Y.