A G H A R T H A, Inc.







30 Rockefeller Plaza, Room 4326

New York 20 – N.Y.

Honorable Sir,

         It is our privilege to invite you, as well as your close collaborators and friends to the INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CREATIVE THOUGHT AND HUMAN REHABILITATION, which will convene at the Hotel Biltmore, Madison Avenue, and 43rd Street, New York City, on the 10th (at 8P.M.) and on the 11th and 12th of June, 1949.

         As you may well realize, this event marks a departure in history, since we are not trying to present a new metaphysical system nor boast the marvels of our own mental power or faith.  We are simply marshalling human forces with the aim to work for human well-being and world peace, considering that the primordial basis for peace and human dignity are righteous thinking, nobler designs and enlightened Spiritual realizations.

         We are not interested in political formulas and religious doctrines.  Our task here is to confront realities, face human needs, and find solutions to world problems as well as remedies to the ailments of humanity at this point of history, without heeding traditions or minding the claims of orthodoxies or hypostatic imperatives.  We gather under the august sign of Universal Principles, and we consider as sacred only Spiritual Values.  Therefore, to us sectarianism, nationalism, parties, clans and persons are of secondary importance.  Humanity is deemed above everything, and to it belongs the priority of human thought.

         Spiritual values, however, are primordial, and we hold them in sacred consideration above everything else. We may be outspoken, yet no one must be afraid of thinking, because it is the real source of all human accomplishment, and the true-basis for Liberty, Peace, Respect and Happiness.  It is on these grounds that we invite your personal attention and cooperation.

         Regardless of adopted philosophical positions, inherited faiths, or preferred forms of delusion, all people are responsible for the happenings in their surroundings, because they are either active factors or tolerant cooperators. There are no innocent bystanders and no one escapes the moral and cosmic consequences, whether he knows it or not.

         The whole world is ablaze with unseeming and hypocritical pretenses. Everywhere the ideals of Liberty, Peace, Love, Charity, Brotherhood, Divine Wisdom and Hope are being vaunted, yet humanity has never been so divided as it is now, and each group, party, nation or class stands aloof for its own particular brand of concept, unmindful of others’ identical rights and aims, and exploiting human credulity and seeking world positions and possessions with mad delight and devilish fervor.  Selfishness and self-assertiveness seem to be the mainstay or this chaotic time.  Sincerity of purpose and wholesome earnestness are distressingly missing wherever we cast our inquiring eye.

         The AGHARTHA or General Assembly of Sages, Spiritual Instructors, and World Helpers has spent long spans of time in silence, almost ignored but ever watchful of historical trends.  Of late, it has been rather misconstrued and misrepresented, both by charlatans and by envious bigots alike. The most fantastic things have been said of it. However, it is mysterious only insofar as human ignorance, wickedness and traditional doctrines are concerned.  Its activities are absolutely open, and its designs are of the highest humanitarian character.  Only sectarianism and totalitarian systems, or empiric dialectics insist on ignoring this age-old nucleus of Sages, which constitutes the summit of Spiritual Hierarchy.  Of course, those who condemn or combat it the most are those who oppose its moral Vigour and its intellectual pulchritude. This naturally because no crystallized orthodoxy will ever recognize anything, which is against its autocratic or theocratic aims and absolutes.

         The AGHARTHA opens new vistas of thought and discovers greater and more exacting Spiritual horizons. Therefore, it should be natural that dictatorial doctrinaires and imprisoning systems of orthodoxy should deny, ignore, combat and attempt to crush what does not suit them, or fails to measure up to their own fundamentals and arbitrary conventions and dogmas. Their practice is to follow to the letter their own rules, and they adopt a laissez-faire philosophy, only to suit their own designs of ruthless dogmatism.

         The AGHARTHA, however, now wishes to partake in the New Age labors, and it brings into being a set of brand new fundamentals, so as to enable people to think more righteously, break the fetters of selfishness, freeing man from all evolution of man in accordance with Universal Principles, freeing man from all dogmatic molds and totalitarian slavery.  One of the main motives of this International Congress is, precisely, to bring to the attention of man more exacting notions, to facilitate the approach to Universal Truth, and to open new avenues toward the greater possibilities of life.  Because people have limited their horizons to selfish designs, or shut themselves in fancy orthodoxies, they have created all the present-day miseries, limitations, chaos, bloodsheds, unhappiness and torments of civilization.

         Truly enough, all orthodoxies and dogmatic tyrannies (all tyrannies are dogmatic, while dogmatism is always tyrannical, and we know all orthodoxies always rest on dogmatic absolutes or tyrannical totalitarianism) vie for the selfsame end, namely: supremacy and hegemony. All want to boss, impose, command and rule.  None seems to think of harmonious living or mutual respect, or multilateral interests and universal morals. All will boast wonderful precepts and vaunt their tradition, while completely ignoring the moral standing and spiritual accomplishments and rights of others. At the same time, they will promise Liberty, Love, Divine Wisdom, Order, Charity and Brotherhood to all humanity, provided their own formulas are preferred, and in promoting their interests they will go to all extremes. Those who boast their ideals the most are in fact the worst representative of it, because they do the exact opposite.  The whole world seems to have gone stark mad, each sector imposing itself on others, and all trying to demand their rights, which they deny to others.

         An overwhelming predominance of such “thinking” or “faith” exists everywhere, catalogued as “pure science” or even “Divine command”.  Yet humanity is anxiously seeking for Truth, and desperately desires answers containing remedies to its growing ills, solutions to increasing problems, and an end to the mockery of present-day Peace, Justice and Democracy.  There is obviously something fundamentally wrong with humanity. A simpleton might say truthfully that man is living on forfeited rights and feeding on the shadow of forsaken principles. Surely enough, many Sacred Scriptures posit the Truth, but how many people today understand it, or really are prepared to visualize it, or willing to abide by it?  How many of our great social leaders, religious prelates, and savants are today capable of noble designs, or have in their heart the best that their mind can brew?  Do they not eschew what they preach, and refuse to do as they sermonize?

         Most people have heard of the AGHARTHA, but hardly any really understand what it is. Indeed many have heard of the Underground Kingdom and the Invisible Empire, of King Arthur’s Round Table and Hercules’ Twelve Tasks, and the Heavenly Hosts of World Helpers, of the Golden Fleece and the Holy Grail and the Divine Soma or Sacred Mani, of the fabulous riches of Agharthi and the Philosophers’ Stone, of the Elixir of Long Life, and of the Mystic Presence of resplendent beauty. Yet they refuse to believe it when they are offered it as a supreme gift for all this is precisely the Aghartha itself and what Agharthians stand for.

         This is obvious, yet few people grasp it mentally, their senses being fossilized, and their spiritual vehicles vicious.  They cannot become conscious of the very essence and power of their own faith!  Poor wretched humans!

         All this has become the substance of ancient myths, the romance of medieval legends, and the prey of modern charlatans and impostors. The Mystic Quest and the Realm of Truth are beyond the limitations of time and space, fortunately, yet the mystic bigots and sectarians of all classes have been at the task of pretending to possess these Universal marvels, vying, of course, for hegemony to suit their own fancy and unholy designs.  This unfortunate predicament has driven pure souls to utter despair, and honest people were lead to distrust and doubt, with the result that today the world is reeking with fear, intolerance, lustful motives and ignominious audacity.

         What are we trying to prove?  Is it not sufficient to disclose the cause or human ailments and world problems?  And is it not time that the real Truth be given out, so that humanity may not be the everlasting prey of wrongful thought and untoward behavior? Besides, how can we remain indifferent when someone comes along and tells us:  BELIEVE THIS, FOR THERE IS NO SALVATION OUTSIDE MY CLAN, FOLLOW ME, OR YOUR ARE GOD FORSAKEN, DAMNED, DOOMED. The worst of it all is that many different groups and parties have come to think and behave in this manner and fashion, and they can be no more dangerous predicament for the future of humanity because absolutes of this kind reveal an underlying spirit of totalitarianism, which is the antithesis of true democratic ideals and constructive thinking. Unless we return to a form of plan, wholesome and harmonious thought, humanity is bound to be still more divided, and wars will be endless, and human miseries will increase everlasting.  Quousque tandem?

         The AGHARTHA wants to put people face to face with the facts of life, and bring them to tap Universal Energy as well as to communicate with the Divine Eternal Spirit.  It insists on this one fact, though, and this is that the problems of the world will be eradicated only insofar as they are dealt with on the basis of individual freedom and the preservation of human dignity and this by extension will apply to larger human groups and finally to the race as a whole. It is a futile loss of time to entertain metaphysical beliefs and mystify ourselves through self-delusion and mutual hypnosis, in Congresses and Peace Parleys, if, as experience proves, right here in the U.N. capital of the World and unmatched metropolis of wealth men cannot gather except in a mien of hypocrisy and with the aim of lying, cheating, stealing, slandering, hating, exploiting and murdering each other, even when meeting in the austere atmosphere of religious auspices.

         We neither invite anyone to change his or her faith or opinion, nor to consider us as superior and better than anyone else. All we ask for is earnestness. We summon human good will and universal constructive thinking, not to speak in the name of fancy, delusion and dogmas, but, rather, to really challenge the modern menaces of artificial and irresponsible living, ere the human species be completely doomed.

         We have no particular preference for any system or group of people, be it a church, political party, a brotherhood or a simple family clan. We want to remain above human struggles, vanities, delusions and passions, so as to be better able to arbitrate differences and analyze reality objectively, with malice, hatred or preference toward none and seeking Truth above everything else. We are servers of Universal Principles and Universal Consciousness.

         The personal appearance of the World Head of the AGHARTHA, who is a noted scientist and spiritual leader, Prince Omar Cherenzi Lind, himself, author of many books on mathematics, philosophy and religious exegesis should prove on the occasion the real worth of transcendental principles, and this INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CREATIVE THOUGHT AND HUMAN REHABILITATION will no doubt prove to be the greatest, if not the most effective of current events. We believe, in fact, it will be one of the greatest landmarks of human history.

         Hoping to be honored by your personal attendance, we remain,

Devotedly in Cosmic Harmony

Joseph Pantaleone M.D.

Dr. Joseph Pantaleone

Chairman of the AGHARTHA


Please notify us it advances how many you would like to have reserved.  Thank you.