Aum Mani Padme Hum !



“There is nothing mightier, more useful, more beautiful nor so necessary as Truth.-“



Plan of Work
Practical Realizations

(Amplification of our Message of May 1931, in Batavia, Java)

Proposed, Convocated and Organized by the:
“Universal Union for the Diffusion of Budhic Philosophy”

“Oh, Light of Asia, lighten our dark West
With Wisdom garnered from thy Holy Quest,
Show us the Path which leads to Sorrow´s Cure.
The Sorrow that all living things endure,
Thy gentle Teachings in our minds instill,
That none can prosper who treat others ill.
But he who can cherishes goodwill to all
Earth´s living creatures, whether great or small,
Through their content his sufferings shall cease,
And he shall walk the Path of the perfect Peace”

G. Lyster.


By the Venerable Anagarika Lhasshekankrakrya

First Edition .- Copyright, June 1933
Publication Number 4
Address: 2 Rue Charles Bonnet.- Geneva.- Switzerland.
Or Das Budhhistishe Haus.- Frohnau-Berlin. Germany



Namo Tassa Bhagavato   Sama Sam Buddhassa


“Where two or three gather in my name, I shall be among them”. Christ.

The Budhic Congress is called upon to do some work. It is not being intended for idlers nor organized for tourists.

Budhic Philosophy as taught by the Budha, being in itself ultimately a transcendent impulse and UNORGANIZABLE on account of the purity and unobjectivilty of its principles, and also in consideration of the absolute sense of its ethical tenets, can only serve as a graft and this is why it has never been a missionary system in spite of its undisputed cultural force throughout the world at all times since its expulsion from India by the Brahmanic and Islamic conquerors. Those professing it have always been lofty-minded and tolerant towards all creeds while remaining true to their own profound philosophical education. In all cases, Budhic Thought can only purify and intensify the inner religious feelings of the person, because it is the most righteous expression of the purest urges of the true being.

The Crusade of the soul is rather an effort to arrive at actual results counterbalancing the effects of prejudices and wrong thinking of the past, and also, to establish common ground for the ablest thinkers to deal with humane relationship, such as ideological equilibrium, the brotherhood of humanity, the avoidance of international and inter-racial misdemeanor; to prove the futility of strife and the stupidity of hate, as caused by misunderstanding of human nature, and to arrive at clear conceptions as to the common cause of all our earthly ills: Ignorance of primary Laws of Life. All our evils and misfortunes arise around that very fact.

We aim at creating that longed-for Fellowship or Feeling and mutual activity that the crude, contingent, emergency “measures of state” of the present day affect to foster, whereas these measures are by no means ideal solutions but remain fleeting and rapturous illusions when not inhuman and unreasonably rigorous. Remembering the failure of present day values, a timely Solution must be sought for the evils we suffer if we are not to find ourselves faced with dreadful realities still worse than those we are actually enduring.

At this Congress no-one will be encouraged to boast of the past or of the superiority on his particular creed or ideal unless as to its ability to rid the earth of the agelong curse of ignorance (of the true Laws of nature), prejudice and dogmatic fanaticism. There will be no attempt to compare the actions of different factions or to judge or readjust according to any preconceived standard the faiths of individuals or peoples. There will be no discussions relating to doctrines, formulas or belief and faiths, or any expositions of particular political or economic systems. The sole object of the Congress is to weigh the actual depressed, yet inflated, fundamental values which were once the ideals and the force of humanity in order to express them in forms more adaptable to, and in harmony with, our modern problems; or, to arrive at altogether new forms, mobilizing at the same time all the forces of goodwill in concerted action against such effete moral conceptions as War, Imperialism, exaggerated commercial enterprise, and against the spirit and aims that are likely to commercial enterprise, and against the spirit and aims that are likely to produce differences among peoples and push them to exasperation and wrong behavior.

This Congress is truly a TOURNAMENT OF PURE THOUGHT


Essential only are fundamental to us.

            The Organizing Committee has it as its duty to foster the event of a Budhic Congress by all available means: visits, friendly gatherings, newspapers, letters, books, radio. Their task is, also, to prepare the work for the Congress, such as to Organize the Meetings and guarantee the good administrative functions of the Congress.

            This Committee is called upon to seek after the necessary funds for the Administrative expenses and others concerning an intense propaganda and voyages. Any remnant sum will be diverted to further applications to be determined by de Round Table Meeting of Leaders. The functions of such Committee will cease as soon as the Meeting of appointed Budhist Leaders is to be held.

            The Congress will be divide into four different Sections or, namely PHILOSOPHY, PSYCHOLOGY (Study of Consciousness), RELIGION and SCIENCE (including Art), which will be conducted by special Boards of Sections that are to conduct the Proceedings on the subjects offered to public discussion or exposition either by the Members of the Congress, by the Commissions or by the official Delegation of Universities or other concerns specially invited.

            Each of these Sections is to Report during the Conference on the actual transcendence of Budhic Thought in their respective lines, and also is expected to summaries after the Proceedings the outcome of the Sessions and to specify the benefits derived through this event.

The name and addresses of the Members of the Commission and of the working Sections will be furnished before the beginning of the Congress.

This Congress is a sterling effort towards a later International Congress of the People of the World which is to be convened, in order to discuss and devise ways and means, whereby its decisions may gradually be carried into practice for the furthering of the perfection of humankind, a true Commonwealth of humanity.

The work of the Congress is classified as follows:

  1. Budhic Philosophy as a sum total of factors or as a means to create a new spirit, or culture or Social Order in substitution to the order of things now bankrupt (Mental Science)
  2. Budhic Thought Trend as a meant and propounded by the Budhas (Scientific Philosophy)
  3. Budhic Thought Trend as a practical system of life (True Spirituality is undoubtedly in the higher Mental (Budhic) attitude, which alone can lead human beings within Truth (Bodhi)
  4. Budhic Thought Trend as a positive and sound domain of Science

All the studies entered will be classified according to that order.

________ Analytical thesis suggested for public exposition and debate. These must be presented in Scientific terms and in current Western expressions accompanied with schemas or symbols whenever possible so as to facilitate understanding (The studies must be original. They will not be returned)

  1. Definition of Budhic Thought Trend as given by the Budhas as a satisfying attitude, of subjective transcendency, and on purely scientific basis.
  2. What is the value of transcendent (Budhic) Philosophy in face of the social problems of the present?
  3. What transcendental definition does Budhic Philosophy imply (Budhic being the Atmic of the modern orientalistic ideology, and the exact equivalent of the active principles, Christ of the Gnostic terminology and Shekinah in the Hebrew thought)
  4. Explanation of the scientific basis of Budhic Thought Trend.
  5. What are the psychological values according to Budhic Philosophy?
  6. What factors are there in Budhic Philosophy that could make it a transcendental religious value in our present-day conditions?
  7. What correlations are there between B. Ph. and the actual experimental science? All contemporaneous scientists are thinking Budhically without knowing it.
  8. What mathematical importance is there in Budhic Philosophy?
  9. Budhic Philosophy deals only upon essentials. Can it, then, bear with transcendency upon the affairs of the world?
  10. To what extent is, or can, Budhic Philosophy be a fundamental factor of intimate individual life?
  11. Compare Budhic Thought Trend in our very intimacy, with the ideology of modern thinkers, like Spengler, Santayana, Bergson, Krishnamurti, Hoggson, Bragdon, Bluher, stating its functions, values and transcendencies.
  12. To what extent is, or can be, Budhic Philosophy an artistic (esthetic) factor?
  13. The historical importance of Budhic Thought, among avowed followers of Budhas as also among adherents of other schools, like Christians, Hebrews, Moslems, Incas, Taoists. Expose the universality of such Budhic Thought Trend.
  14. As to how the Budha principle is equal to that commonly called Christ. And are they differentiated in the course of time and in respect to the contingencies of space.
  15. Are world affairs subject to transcendental cosmic or subtle immaterial forces of higher planes, like Budhi?
  16. Is the philosophical Budhic Universal Unity consistent with the egotistic individualism of certain modern ideological schools or with the crude personalism advocated by de world at large?
  17. The contribution of Budhic Thought to modern scientific progress.
  18. How does, or can, Budhic Philosophy become a fundamental factor in the development of science or thought and idealism? Can it be a panacea to the modern discomfiture in order of things? Is it consistent with the anxiously sought for Solution to the actual confusing problems of our species?
  19. Does Budhic Thought actually affect the current on flow of contemporaneous events? Is it not to be recognized as the main factor (or the Higher Forces) of the great Reform that is being undergone throughout the world?
  20. What conditions of study and what sort of attitude should be evolved in the new effort of solving the present-day problems of Orient-Occident?
  21. Are the social sciences in need of new orientations in the light of Budhic Philosophy?
  22. How must the Revision of the old fundamentals be conducted in order to bring about the general Renovation which the entire world is seeking, thought without known precisely what it is in need of?
  23. Can therapeutics be better designed and more efficiently applied under the tenets of Budhic Philosophy?
  24. In what way can the status of women in the affairs of the world be elevated?
  25. What is the attitude recommended by Budhic Philosophy towards: Birth Control … Conscientious Objection in cases of compulsion … Capital Punishment … Economic Barriers … All forms of Proselytism (religious, doctrinal, political)?
  26. What is really meant by Culture?
  27. Do cultural qualities depend upon certain ethnical or racial fundamental traits?
  28. Can a general cultural system surpass the genii of ethnicity?
  29. Is biology a basis of the true science of life?
  30. Expose the exact distinction between Budhic Philosophy and so-called Occult.
  31. Explain the dangers of common so-called Esoterism and Occultism and all sorts of Mysticism and Yoga-practices in the light of Budhic Philosophy
  32. The cause of the failures of the past, in the light of Budhic Philosophy
  33. Can ethics be universalized? For example, is Gandhi’s method applicable in the Western world, and could the best Western pragmatism match with the truest spiritual values of Eastern sages?
  34. How can the best qualities of all the people of the world be efficiently matched and fused or coordinated towards a true enlightenment of the human species?

The field of observation of this program covers practically all the modern problems and aspects of life, because we aim at a complete revision of all the present-day affairs of life in an entirely new light or angle of vision, which is Budhic thought.


“If you find a cause great enough you can command all the resources of mankind for its accomplishment. Dr. H.A. Atkinson.

The sympathizers with the Noble tenets of Budhic Philosophy and Ethics, propounded by Budhas have now a unique opportunity to gather and meet and comprehend each other around common ideals and also develop brotherly relationship upon all things and interests of Life. Once for all, a proof must be given to the world that the enlightening Thought Trend of Budhas DO NOT cast people into shadows of gloom, or make them renounce, altogether, the affairs of daily life or dead them into depressive states of consciousness. Budhic Thought is a Spiritual Dynamism, and it should be practically exploited as such, making Budhists gather, comprehend each other, and act as a living social-harmonious and constructive force. This is not just “Another” Conference or Congress. It is free of whatever “official” ties and without proselytic aims. This time, there is neither politics norauthoritative dogmatism,neitherrestraints nor impositions.

For the first time in History, thinkers of all Schools will be able to consider matters on a common ground of understanding, un prejudicially and free of all sorts of dogmas, sincerely devoted to the upright Communion of Pure Thought (BUDHI) in endeavors to solve the present-day problems – individual and social problems – in the genuine principles of Truth (BODHI) well discovered and comprehended.

So the Spiritual (Truth and Might) Reality is at last, laid down to the consideration of the thinking world.- Shall not all the lovers of Truth and Spirituality prone respond to our call? But above all, this must be well borne in mind: those having it at heart to know of our efforts must understands that to sympathize with such aims is alright, but cooperate in the effort is by far more important, in fact the Duty of everyone. The call to action is given. Many respond.

Bodhi means Truth. Budhi is Superior Mental Activity and Noble Attitude. Budha is complete enlightenment and deliverance from material fetters. These Sanskrit words will not frighten earnest thinkers. Ended, the present Movement has for one of its aims to make a common effort to put down Truth in plain words and aid the superior mental faculties towards that grand attainment, known at the East as Budha. No fear need be entertained as to Buddhists attempting proselytic work. Buddhists have ever been the most tolerant people, and Budhic Philosophy being but a Thought Trend and Attitude of Mind –a great one, indeed - it is not ORGANISABLE, and for that selfsame reason it has never been imposed, or even enforced. Buddhists are strict observant of their convictions, and one of the greatest of their discoveries is that Mind can never be harnessed nor even controlled from without, and that freedom of action is perhaps the greatest of all the Principles of Life.

Our Movement has it as its main aim and practical effort, to bring the ills of our species to an end, by re-awakening, or giving new expression to the Ethnic Potential of the being, with new orientation so as to avoid errors of the past.

Who would refuse to start for a New Era? Who would refuse to make a new start?



Are we wholly enlightened as to the real object of life?

Is there anything contradictory with the convictions of the past ages in the greatest contemporaneous scientific discoveries?

Is Reincarnation a fact? Is there a Universal Providence?

There are thousands of obscure or otherwise completely blank points in Science and Philosophy that actually need and cry for earnest revision. It is the object and purpose of the BUDHIC CONGRESS to tackle these problems. So we call on those having something worthwhile to say, should not loose the occasion.


“Go ye, Bhikkhus, about the world and Teach the Dhamma (Budha Truth)”, said Budha Gautama. Present-day Bhikkhus seem to ignore that. They are, indeed, in need of some sort of awakening. We hear of some that try to torpedo this BUDHIC CONGRESS, because they were not consulted before undertaking this Movement. They undoubtedly ignore what Budhahood, Bodhi and Budhi imply. We must insist on this fact this affair is a TOURNAMENT OF LOFTY-MINDED ONES AND OF PURE HEARTS. Budhas will be no more than historical decorations, and their teachings, just “words, words, words” if modern Bhikkhus insist on ignoring what they should know better than anyone else.