Paris, 9th of October, 1964

                                                                       Blanche Ledran

                                                                       18, rue Maurice Arnoux

                                                                       Montrouge, seine, France

Mr. Souw Tjiang Poh

Dj. Pangampaan 295 / 19 S

Bandung, Indonesia

To the attention of the “Murnianda Brotherhood”

Beloved Brethren in eternal spiritual Light, Love and Life,

                   Again, we address this invitation to the Beloved Brethren of Indonesia for the gathering of the more enlightened souls who are really interested in Universal Spiritual Communion.

                   SPIRITUALDOM is interested only in the creation of stalwart humanity that stands as Spiritual values rather than on material conditions. Our Universal Temple and Kingdom Divine is made of Love, Understanding, Brotherhood and Mutual Assistance, in living dimensions and not in doctrine alone. The Holy Realm cannot be partial in purposes who flock around this or that personality, or band only in worshiping under certain sectarian tag. Spiritualdom belongs to those of undivided consciousness and liberated from the material delusions, which befog and extenuate souls, or annul the Spirit.

                   Many movements are affect latterly, claiming spiritual grandeur. God-men, Masters, Super swamis and Prophets have never been so abundant as today. But, their inability to UNITE is the main proof that they are only self-styled and cunning impostors. Were they genuine spiritual leaders they would first make peace around themselves, and work toward the real Brotherhood of man. Their being so busy building up their own sectarian empires and earthly thrones proves beyond doubt that they are simple money seekers and self-glorified “authorities” of worldly delusions.

                   Our appeal for Worldwide Understanding, Mutual assistance and Spiritual Communion stands as fresh and vigorous now as Fourty years ago when first launched. We are in search of the good people and seek Spiritual Values and Divine Wisdom, not new emotional sprees and mystical bonds to satisfy their passing whims. We want the real students of life to UNITE, while the curious and passers-by may continue to strive for delusory fancies. We would like to see all the serious and sincere devotees of Truth tolling for the Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man, which is the only possible way of rehabilitating human nature and to react the higher Spiritual conditions, or should we say realizations. AREYOU WITH US? You can be Yourself, at all time, among us, because only those who serve the most, Love the most and work the most may feel himself or herself Leader, Guide or Enlightener.

                   Our work is entirely impersonal and unselfish. Besides the Permanent World Congress of all the Religions, Faiths, Fraternities and Spiritual Philosophies, the Universal Spiritual Communion, and the World University, we now present exhibits of the WORLD MUSUEM OF THE LIVING HISTORY OF MANKIND, in different countries. As you may well surmise, our activities are intense as well as multiple, and there is enough reasons for able and respectable leaders in the different departments of SPIRITUALDOM. You and your best friends are invited to collaborate.

                                    Sincerely yours.

                                                                   Blanche Ledran