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***To the Illustrious World Helpers of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE – Auspiciators of the PERMANENT PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS.


Dear Brothers in the Universal Holy Realm:

            It is with profound joy that we learn that the 24th Grand Session of this magnificent World Parliament of Religions has been called for the 24th of December of 1954, and that almost simultaneously numerous Special Grand Sessions will be held in different countries so to facilitate matters for the Churches, Fraternities, mystical Schools and Spiritual Sanctuaries, which are too poor to send Delegates to such a faraway place as Paris, France, as well as for those who cannot obtain funds and visas to travel at ease to this One world of ours.

            You have been active, that I know, for the past forty years, and the WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS has functioned for well over 35 years, which is no mean record. Would to be that you found more courageous associates, and that all the Religions appointed their main leaders as members of your World Board of Trustees, Patrons and Advisors.

            Fortunately the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is now a wonderful reality, and the PERMANENT WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS, which it auspicates, supports and inspires has since long been hailed as the great Open Forum where the noblest ideals of humanity are voiced, and where all the evils of the world are exposed and abated.

            You have proved that all Religions are ONE in essence, and that there is no need for humanity to be so divided, since there is only ONE God, ONE Truth, and ONE Life. Without dogmas, vetoes, or domineering sectarianism you have succeed in bringing all known religious bodies to realize that they have nothing to lose in convening together, and in cooperating toward a common good. In fact, you are the BRIDGE, the LINE, the BLESSING, the Holy Universal SPIRIT what functionally UNITES all Churches, Fraternities, Faiths and noble philosophies on a common moral basis and the UNIVERSALITY of the Holy trinomy: God-Truth-Life.

            Your accomplishments are matchless, because you respond to Spiritual imperatives and most human needs. You have been hailed as the Spirit of the New Age by the greatest living sages, too, because they inspire your work, and no well-bred soul and pure heart can either ignore or despise such a momentous effort toward securing a wider and more sympathetic interpretation of eternal varieties, which make life worthwhile and ennoble human existence. You also have numerous imitators, the which proves that your endeavors bear wonderful fruits; but these foolish competitors should first prove worthy of their ideals by helping to build the Universal Temple, the Civita Dai, the New Jerusalem ere trying to set up their own petty tents separately as puny minds do; they should qualify in the great school of experience under the guidance of genuine Masters of Wisdom and Spirituality ere striving to self-aggrandize themselves.

            It is really marvelous, indeed, how your great souls have succeeded in bringing all Religions, Faiths and Inspired Philosophies of the whole world to recognize the priority of God and Truth, and importance of Spiritual education, eliminating sectarian rivalries, banishing violence and hatred among different Fraternities and Schools of thought, and promoting interfaith-interracial and international goodwill, cooperation, concord, tolerance, understanding, and love, above traditional, doctrinal and dogmatic orthodoxies and without the least controversial criticism. One thing is to hope and speak about these things, and still another to render them possible. Fortunately, your record of four decades speaks for itself.

            Perhaps the worse evil of our day is mind poisoning by means of fouls slanders and ruthless defamation. We believe that those persons and organizations which antagonize others, refusing to put into practice the basic Commandments of their own faiths and doctrines, should be invited once more to face realities, so that they would expose themselves to the whole world if they ignored much a beau geste on our part – which would also be a Spiritual summons served on them to respond before the conscience of Humanity and God.

            In order to help you toward diffusing such an INVITATION to all our sectarian opponents and foolish enemies, I beseech you to send me more printed INVITATIONS, which we will make reach the hands of all these people. I would also suggest that you send special INVITATIONS, too, to those people who have maligner our Illustrious Grand Inspirer Koot Hoomi Lal Singh in Europe, America and Asia. Some of these people are no doubt good, and if succeeded in reaching the main cords of the heart we might bring them to function conscientiously and in full kindness and earnestness.

            One of the other greatest needs of the day is to bring Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, Hinduists and Jews together for a theological precision or definition in regards to eschatology. There is an essential unity of all Religions, of course, but there is also a specific identity between and in the form and spirit of all their Divine exponents, or Saviours. The Lord Buddha, for instance, is identical to the Lord Jesus Christ, Serapis, Moses and Mithras, as well as Pythagoras and the Avalokitesvara of Lamaism.

            Only anthropomorphical forms and traditional legends differ. Historically they all appeared at different times, but all equally teach the same norms of ethics and Spiritual designs. Muslims and Taoists also had their great Divine prophets or inspirers, which favorably compare with Orpheus, Zoroaster, Solomon, Sargen, Tammus and other great Divine Teachers and Spiritual Instructors, not only of Christendom and Buddhism but also of the Semitic and Chinese peoples. In fact, all embody the same mystical characteristics, the same love for humanity, the same Spiritual urges. Theologians and historians would do very good by reducing all Religions to their essentials, and giving precisions on the Biopsycological and mystic-spiritual likeness of all the great founders of Religions. No greater service to the present peace and to the future well being of humanity could be rendered.

            There is only ONE GOD, ONE TRUTH, ONE LIFE, ONE HUMANITY.   Must people who claims to be intelligent consider Religion as a business enterprise, and treat each other as vicious enemies? Must the world remain for long the stage for such foul sectarian systems and ludicrous doctrines of mystical domineering and self-aggrandizement? Shall we continue to ignore for long the essentials of Religions and the need for a more wholesome Spiritual education as proposed by our Illustrious Guide Koot Hoomi Lal Singh the Hounza Prince OM Schernrezig Lind?

            Humanity experiences at this tragic moment of world history an unquenchable thirst for Spiritual food. Let us meet this great need without delay, because spiritual void is too great, and at no time of history, our species has needed so much true Religious life and Spiritual rehabilitation.

            We are organizing the World Theosophical University. We would appreciate all requests for information, or offers of academic assistance from the Members of the Parliament World Parliament of Religions.

            Devotedly in the Spirit of Shree Krishna-Lao Tseu – Budha – Christ- Mohammad – Abraham - Padma Sambhava and all theDivine Teachers of all the ages.

Dr. Sri Ram


General address: Srinagar - Cashmere