Of Sages and Spiritual Instructors

Of all the ages

“I have been informed that in the silence of their Sanctuary, without pomp and publicity, Masters of Wisdom are imparting their Blessings, Messages and dynamic Guidance to EVERY part of the world. We should rejoice immensely, indeed, to realize once more that mankind is not forsaken and that great Blessings and Assistance is reaching it”

“Let us try NOW to elevate our souls and hearts above all the barriers of discrimination and isolation around us and humbly after ourselves in Spirit and Consciousness to TRUE bonds of World Brotherhood, with a unique and sparkling goal before ourselves – the Salvation, or Regeneration and Enlightenment of Mankind and a REAL UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE”.

Maha Chohan Koot Hoomi Lal Singh

“When evil minded people combine and/or are too powerful, it is high time that good, decent, kind, noble-minded persons associate and establish the Moral stronghold and Spiritual front that shall enable them to survive and be happy”

S.A. Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig – K-H.


Tools of Wisdom

May Full Moon: 1970 - 2514