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In the face of increasing violence, ruthless aggressiveness, fiendish hate, selfish greed andin compassed destruction due to sinister sway of complex irresponsible political schemes aswell unwholesome metaphysical dogmas throughout the world, and because Spiritual values are being set aside and ignored, while the most elementary principles ofdemocracy and religious behavior are postponed and compromised upon under the impact of effete morals, the Churches, Seminaries and Sanctuaries which comprise the WORLD RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE hereby proclaim their profession of faith and their unswerving will which constitute their best justification.

  1. We believe in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, and our Mission consists exclusively in rendering Spiritual Communion possible, in furthering the Brotherhood of Man, and in developing a civilization of peace, friendship and mutual respect and protection in all the latitudes of the world without the least sectarian spirit, racial discrimination, doctrinal intolerance, or hegemonistic aspiration
  2. God is the eternal intelligent mainspring of Life - the Spirit - Essence of beingness throughout the Universe, and as such functions as the immanent cause and purpose as well as the supreme source of Inspiration of all vital trends. Therefore, life should be conducted on a basis of absolute faith, conviction and trust and all our aimsand endeavors should be directed so that spiritual values should always prevail.
  3. We proclaim that without a wholesome attitude toward life there is no possiblesound ethics or commendable morality. All the problems of life rest on human limitations in this connection, and all shortcomings arising thereof take the shape of delusions, vice, ruthless endeavors, willful passions, crime and war...
  4. The immediate and permanent task of genuine religious pursuit consists primarily in teaching people how to live wholesomely and how to think righteously. The Mission of Religion is, therefore, educational and inspirational in a spirit of freedom of conscience, purity of feelings (Heart) and peaceful and kindly behavior...
  5. We believe there is no room in Religion for politics and worldly frays. However, we abhor and reject all forms of aggression, coercion, violence, dictatorship, willfulness, self-righteousness destruction, bloodshed and hatred. By principle, therefore, we condemn war in all its aspects, and expose all systems of force or violence, particularly communism because it is a monstrous form of fiendish aggression due to thirst fur power and relentless domineering greed.