The Supreme Effort



Operation Cosmic Consciousness.
Mobilization of Religious Leaders, Spiritual Teachers, Sages, and Philosophers.
A new World Crusade for Moral Rehabilitation and Spiritual Renaissance)




Just what for? asks the wicked, the fanatic, the idiotic and the wrathful. We answer: just so that mankind may live harmoniously, wholesomely, and peacefully, without behaving like devilish fiends and treating each other as beasts and enemies, although claiming to be God inspired and spiritually anointed, and vaunting a “way of life” which is triumphant materialism in vice, foul passions and ignorant stupidity. The spirit of the GOLDEN RULE excludes rule by means of force, and the exploitation of man by man, which is tantamount to eradicate the right of might, war, class hatred, racial discrimination, party tyranny, and sectarian totalitarianism. Besides, all genial concepts are more easily brought into effectiveness by means of the spirit of friendly co-operation and Brotherly behaviors, and if need be, by thus creating our own Ecumenic Spiritual Communion and Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Mankind under the Fatherhood of God we ward off evil and wicked forces, and emasculate vicious or devilish elements which weaken human nature, banish Spiritual values and make impossible the application of Divine Teachings. Without peace, respect and freedom, existence is meaningless, parasitical, ignominious and monstrous. Last but not least, why should we not definitely decide to live according to the Divine Teachings to which we claim absolute devotion and loyalty?

The numerous different Councils, Boards, Bureaus and Sanctuaries constitute the autonomous mechanism of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE.


Foundation Members from 1907 to 1946. Prestigious idealists, advanced thinkers, noteworthy sages and much admired Spiritual Instructors who made possible the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE:

Nicolas Berdiaeff, Mgr. Louis M.F. Giraud, Sir James Frazer, Sir Connan Doyle, Dr. Franz Hartmann, H.H. Patriarch Nared Lanos, Paul Otlet, Dr. Mario Roso de Luna, Albert Lamoureux, V. Joaquin Batus, Albert Neckelson, G Trarieux d´Egmont, Ven. Anagarika Dhammapala, Rev. Henri Pierce, Rev. Charles Gonzolus, Herman Blake, Rev. Dr. Subba Rao, Paryt Shou, Count Alexis Tostoi, Mahatma Gandhi, H.M. de Champigny, Rt. Rev. C. Chevillon, George Muchery, Armand Praviel, Mahadhamikha Hla, Dr. René Allendy, Patriarch Benarsis, Ct. Nadia Tolstoi, Prince Areno Yukanthor, Primate Jollivet Castelot, Swami Jñanakanda, Dr. Auguste Award, J.H. Probst-Biraben, Lewis Miller, B. Phillips Oppenheim, Dr. Henry Atkinson, Woldemar V. Uxkull, René Grousset, Eng. Ouspensky, His Holliness Christophus I. Edward Schuré, Rt. Rev. Francis French, Rev. E. Danielson, Patriarch Anba Youssab, Rev. Stewart M´Lennan, Thomas Braniff, Ven. Dr. Sri Ram, Rt. Rev. Sa Hushu Hu, Count Henri Protzor, Dr. Jules Regnault, Dr. Paul Carus, Van der Nailen, Rev. Washingtoj Crile, Henri Demont, Fritz Kreisler, Abbé Albert Loisy, Jane Adams, Sir Basil Crump, Dr. Lucien Graux, Count Francisco Rackowski, Prof. L. Levy Bruhle, Rev. Tai Hsu, Ven. Swami Dayananda OM, Pir, Fazal Shah, Ven. Mahatera Sayadaw Maung, Iman Mohamed Saled Din, Rt. Rev. Dr. Gustavus de Ebsjorn, Miguel de Unamuno, Rt. Rev. Dr. Mazziniananda, Paul Carus, Most Rev. Sri Sumangala, Prince Maurice Paleologue, Prof. Joachim Barckhausen, Jean Delville, Dr. Jan Mircovitch, Count Boris Berg, Anatole France, Dr. Serge Marcotune, Sir Harry Sigh, Louis Bertrand, Dr. Wu Ting-Fang, Har Dayal, Mme. Blumhard de Gingind, H.H. Princess Nirgidma of Terut, Sephan Zweig, Dr. A. Nair, Dr. Mariavé Gremillon, Maurice Bucke MD, Judge J.C. Chatterji, Werner Zimmermann, Dr. Alfred Strauss, Lord Bulwer Lytton, Dr. Ferdinand MdeaoK, J.S. Nackar, Dr. Jan Masaruk, Sédir, Maurice Maeterlinck, Dr. Carl Voql, Jan Paderewski, Karl E. Krafft, Thomas Grimshaw, Harold PO. Courtney, Nathuranji Jain, Herbert Warren, and H.E. Fazl-Ur-Rahman-A


The Spiritual Consciousness (Bodha Mandala) Movement, the Esoteric School, the Great White Lodge, the Great World Assembly of Sages and Spiritual Instructors (AGHARTHA). The Mew Age (Aquarian) Church-Brotherhood, the Spiritualism University of World, the World University of Sacred Sciences (in formation), the World Spiritual University, the International Ministerial Training College, Israel-Christian Understanding, Maha Yoga Mandira, the Ill. Order of the Knights of the Round Table, the Royal Order of the Knights of the Swan, the Royal Order and Priesthood of Melchitsedeq, the Old Syrian Church, the Ancient Chaldean Church, the Ecumenical Church Foundation and St. Andrew´s Collegiate Church, the African Religious Ministry College, the International Academy of Scholars, the Orthodox British Apostolic Church, the Divine Healing Ministry, the World Theosophical Order and Sanctuary, the New Thought World Movement, and others.

France: Universal Gnostic Church, Gaelic Catholic Apostolic Church, Eleusian Church, Sacred Order of the holy Ghost, Eglise Deist, Association Occultiste Internationale, Holy Sanctuary, Ordre Maçonnique de Memphis et Misraim.

India: Esoteric School, Divine Love Society, Order of Maitreya, Budhist Church, Universal Religious Mission, International Cultural Forum.

Canada: Invisible Church, New Age Christian Church, Old Roman Catholic Church, Order of Christocracy.

North Africa: Les Amis de l´Islam.

Egypt: Sacred Order of the Golden Scarab, Universal Church of Initiates, Brotherhood of Luxor.

Pakistan: Ahamadiyya Mission (Muslim), Order of Islam, Divine Science Society.

Jerusalem: Order of St. Michel, The Essenian Community.

Chili: Order Teosófica Neo-Cristiana, American Congress of Spiritual Societies.

Colombia: Supreme Academic and Spiritual Council, Spiritual University, New Age World Spiritual Confederation.

Germany: Universal Rose-Cross Sanctuary, Universal Order of the Holy Grail, Orient-Occident Brotherhood.

Italy: Universal Samaritan Order and Foundation, Esoteric College.

Spain: Sacred Order of the Holy Ghost, Universal Order of Spiritual Service Order of AncientChivalry, Universal Order of the Star of St. John.

Mexico: Orden Naoatl, Invisible Hospital (Spiritual Healing)

USA: New Age World Spiritual Confederation, Aquarian Church, Great World Budhic Council, Cosmic Church, Liberal Church of the Master, Church of Christ, UNIVERSAL HOLY REALM, World Guild of Spiritual Healers, Supreme Universal Council of Sages, Church of Mu, Psychiana, Pantheism, Foundation, Universal Biosophical Foundation, Universal Legion of Honor, Aquarian Institute of Metaphysics, Order of the Temple, Universal Spiritual-Service Union, World Federation of Spiritualist Teachers, Societies and Churches, Church of the Holy Tabernacle, Assembly Church of God, Holy Ghost Spiritualist Church, Church of Universal Brotherhood, Church of the Cosmic Truth, Universal Brotherhood of Faith, World Masonic University (in preparation), Church of the Divine Presence, World Spiritualist Confederation, Old Orthodox Apostolic Church, World Healing Spiritual Power, American Religious Educational Association, Progressive People´s Pulpit, United World Movement.

Ecuador: Order of the Inca, Aula Lucis Maitreya, Aula Lucis Koot Hoomi Lal Singh

England: Holy Catholic Church in Britain, Ministerial Training College, The Graalist League, New Jerusalem Fellowship, Université Polytechinique Internationale, Old Holy Catholic Evangelical Church of God, Old Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox British Apostolic Church, Hungarian Old Catholic Church, Saint Andrew´s College, International Academy (World Fraternity of Scholars), National Council for Animals´ Welfare, Universal Order of Christ King, Religion of Mankind (Camptism), Society of Olympians, Society of Pythagorean, School of Christian Psychology, Islamic Center, Spiritual Church of England, Healing by Prayer, World Crusade for Peace by Prayer, World Radiomind Foundation, Universal Psychosolution Society, Simple Life Society and Adamite Church.

Switzerland: International Masonic Alliance, Ecumenical League for Christian Unity, World Peace and Fellowship Association, the Universalist Society.

Belgium: Grand Congress of Psychical Researches and Metaphysical Studies, Army of the Eternal.

Norway: Think for Yourself

Japan: Oriental Culture society, Metropolitan Press Club, The World Shangrila Fraternity, Universal Love and Brotherhood Association, International Buidhist Correspondence Club.

(List incomplete. Other Adherents mentioned in another List elsewhere)


“Ill ne suffit pas d´admirer et d´approuver nos idéaux et nos efforts; il faut surtout les vivre et les propager”

World Jain Mission, Yoga Vedanta Forest University (Sivananda), Universal Religion Mission, Divine Love Society, Peace Mission, Himalaya (Christian Social Justice), World Federation of Lutheran Church, Jewish-Christian Reconciliation, Church of Jesus-Christ of the Latter Day Saints, Mouvement du Compagnionage de la Pensée, Eglise Chretien Universelle, Ordre des Chevaliers du Christ, the August S:.O:.M:.A:., l´ALLIANCE des croyants, Unité des Peuples, Ligue Oécuménique pur l- Unité Chrétienne, Sufi Movement, International Budhist Mission, Buddhism in Ceylon, Ceylon Humanitarian Society, Truth Practicing Society, Budha Fellowship, True Life Society, Nederland Unie Van Spiritisten, Fraternidad Internacional por la Religion, Fraternidad Atlantis, “Gralscot”, British Guyana Non-Violence (Ahimsa), Pensamiento Espiritualista Moderno, ALAS, Progressive Ind. World Peace Advocates, Mayan Order, Humanist Fellowship, Universal Theosophical Foundation, New Sanctuary Foundation, Kingdom of Yahveh, First Academy-University, Christian Co-operators, Church of the Resurrected Socrates, Orthodox Christian Church, Self-realization Fellowship, House of David, Brotherhood of Light, Society for the Promotion of Good Will toward Men (Swedenborg Church), Unity, Unitarian Church, Presbyterian Church of America, Universalist Church, Church of Christ, Methodist Synod, Christadelthian Ecclesia, Christian Assembly (Full Gospel), Eastern Orthodox Church, Church of the Brethren, Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Evangelical United Brethren, Baptist Church, Christian Science Mother Church, Church of Spiritual Vision, Vedanta Society, Universalist Church of the Divine Paternity, Interdenominational Assembly Guild of Christ, Buddhist Church in America, Church of the Healing Christ (Divine Science), Church of the Divine Christ (Cosmic Science), Community Church, Saint Esprit Church, Ramakrishna Mission, General Welfare Movement, New Jerusalem Fellowship, Working Muslim Mission, Crusade of Prayer for the Peace of the World, World Healing Crusaded, New Thought Movement, Russian Orthodox Church, Christian Fellowship Organization, World Federation, Asociación Pacifista Uruguaya, Religion of Science, Maxwell Farm, Academia Universale Marinara (Concordia), World Goodwill Christian Party, Immortality Now, Imperial Order of Byzantium, True Church of Christ, Fellowship in Prayer, Heraldic Society of Italy, Supreme Academy and Spiritual Council, World Congress of Pythagorean Societies, Int. Inst. Du Spiritisme, Oomoto, Academia Letteraria Scientific Int., Academie Historique Heraldique de ´Athenes, Faith Farms, United People, Int. Campaign for Human Rights, Bharti Association, Two World School of Yoga, Ancient Order of Seekers, College of Universal Truth, Vedanta Centre, Health Research, Islamic Publicity, C.B. of Conscientious Objectors, American Religion Educational Assn., Progressive People´s Pulpit, Orient-Occident Institute, the World Associates, l´Unique, Inst. Nolire de Demophilocratie pour la Paix Universelle, Augusta Hermandad America, Nal. Spiritualist Assn of Churches, Vancouver Council of Social Engineering, Nat. Inst. Of Psychology, World Assn, of the New Nobility, The Open Way, Alliance des Croyants, Esoteric School of Cosmic Sciences, Success Assn, Devenir, Laymen´s Movement for a Christian World, Chimes Kasmon Service Center, School of Applied Christian Psychology, Sociedad Victor Hugo, Philosophical Research Society, Inst. Des Sciences Metaphysiques Appliquées, Kosmon Church and Confraternity of Faithist, General Welfare Movement, Starr King School for the Ministry, Universal Spiritualist Church Assembly, Greek Orthodox Church, etc.….

Many other Churches and Organizations have either endorsed our aims and endeavors or sent literature in response to our invitation for the past forty years. All known Religious Movements and Spiritual Organization as well as Philosophical Societies and Mystic Schools have been contacted throughout the world. Those not list here have not respond being apparently not interest in our lofty designs and in the transcendental Universal Principles of Life.

We are happy to discover that COSMIC VOICE has not been entirely ignored, and that the response is steadily flowing in. We also hope that all these Churches, Societies, Federations and Movements will soon adhere to the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE by underwriting the ETERNAL SPIRITUAL COVENANT. We believe, indeed, that there must be undivided and unselfish cooperation if we must really have Peace on earth and Brotherhood of Mankind. To admire, or sign a Proclamation is not enough. We should courageously uphold and defend principles, and live our preferred ideals. The best to solve world problems and ward off all forms of inhuman menaces is to get to work and pray, or meditate together, and by learning to respect, help, protect and bless each other under all circumstances.

We welcome and appreciate, however, the friendly gesture of those who admire us and sympathize with our endeavors. We will always be glad to assist them in any way possible.

(Complete List of corresponding Organization and addresses will be forwarded to Members of the UNIVERSAL RELGIOUS ALLIANCE).

All the adherent Churches and Organizations of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE approve and require the use of the INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS MINISTRY PASSPORT, which is an authentified document issued under the authority of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE, and as such recognized and honored by all the adherent Churches and organization of the ECUMENIC COMMUNION.

Application for this document must be made through the channel of a Church and/or upon recommendation of the responsible officials of Ministerial Schools, Universities and learned societies which are Registered as bonafide organizations.

There are absolutely no charges for any of the many services of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE. All persons benefitting through them, however, are expected to contribute to some extent with FREEWILL OFFERINGS, so that we may carry on our magnificent mission.

ORGANIZATION frankly opposed to any form of cooperation with us, or antagonist to our Principles, Ideals and Endeavors, not interested in Humanitarian Cooperation, Divine Universal Brotherhood, and Spiritual Communion (List sent upon request).

All main leaders of all the adherent Churches and Organizations are expected to apply spontaneously for erstwhile and unswerving collaboration in them, according to their own qualifications and ideals. They work independently throughout the year, although in unison of purpose and ideals, and perfectly synchronized in their endeavors. They also submit Reports of their activities and developments each four months to the Grand Chancery, as well as special papers and motions before the Permanent WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS. Each separate Bodies have their own Boards of Administration, elected among their own Members, or collaborators.

Officers on the World Board of Directors of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE elected at the 23rd General Session of the Permanent WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS:

Maurice H. Lea (Orthodox Catholic, England)

Minocher K. Spencer (Spiritualist, India)

Ven. Anagarika Dhammapala (Budhist, India)

Thomas Braniff (Catholic, USA)

Charles Yale Harrison (Presbyterian, USA)

Prof. D.T. Gokhale (Gandhist, India)

Abdulah Ibn Yusuf Ali (Islam, England)

Rt. Rev. Charles E. Curzon (Anglican, England)


Pir Fazal Shah (Islam) Anba Youssab (Orthodox Copt. Egypt)

Dr. Henri Chellew (Universalist, England)

Rev. Augustus Jorgensen (Orthod. Catholic)

Rev. Stewart McLennan (Presb. USA)

Patriarch Iman Mohammed Saled Din (Islam, Pakistan)

Rev. Arthur King (Spiritualist, Japan)

U Sa Sayadaw (Budhist, Burma)

Count Aurelio de Chiverny (Catholic, Egypt)
: Rt. Rev. T. Tolland (Gnostic, France)

Grand Chancellor: B. Ledran (Universalist, France)

Counselors-Presidents of Honor: Specially invited to work toward Universal Religious Union and Human Brotherhood in Peace and mutual respect and protection: all the Heads of Churches Directors of Spiritual Sanctuaries, and connoted philosophers.

TechnicalCounselors: the Director of Spiritual Universities, Fraternal Groups, Leagues of Healers, Psychical Institutes, Metapsychical and Metaphysical Colleges, Religious Seminaries, Leaned Academies, mystical and Chivalric Orders, Ethical Movements, and philosophical Schools interested in the magnificent program and Spiritual dynamics of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE , who respond to our Appeal, to the need of Ecumenic Communion and to the Ideal of World Human Brotherhood.

General Counselors: the Heads of all the Churches, the Directors of all Spiritual Sanctuaries, and the Presidents of all Organization adherents to the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE.

HonoraryCounselors: the Director of all Religious, Spiritualist, Fraternal, Philosophical Mystical, Metaphysical and learned publications which respond to the Appeal of Universal Consciousness, and agree to work Impersonally, without totalitarian sectarianism or dogmatic messiahnism, so as to help humanity and foster the Union of all Churches and Spiritual Sanctuaries, as well as true Ecumenic Communion.

President General of the World Council of Patrons and Trustees: Pr. OM Schernrezig Lind (Universalist)

Ecumenic Apostles: Devoted Servants of God and Mankind, who absolutely without sectarian bias or doctrinal partisanship live for the rehabilitation of mankind, the triumph of Spiritual Truth, and the predominance of Divine Presence throughout the world. Proclaimed as a mark of public recognition, by the Permanent WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIOUS since 1945:

“He who does not love does not know God; for God is Love” I John 4:8

“Wisdom, Love, Faith and Charity are grounded in purity of heart and unselfish service” K.H.

Sri Maharishi Ramana, Rev. James Curson, Swami Jivaramananda, Rev. Andrew J. Purdew, Eleanor Parson, Rt. Rev. Dr. R.S. Pitt-Kethley, Blanche Ledran, Rt. Rev. Dr. G.P.T. Paget-K, Henry Chellew, Rt. Rev. Charles Brearley, Felix Wagner, Micheline Héraud, Rt. Rev. T. Tolland, G.R. Barrerge, Manuel Cifuentes, Luis Sabogal, Antolin Fernandez (List incomplete)

Spokesmen: Rev. Frederick Starck (USA), Rt. Rev. R.S. Pitt-Kethley (England). Rt. Rev. Charles Brearley (England), Rt. Rev. G.P.T. Paget-King (England), Henri Chinakha (France), Rev. J.G. Peters (India), Vishwamitra Varma (India), Dr. Manuel L. Marín (Colombia), Dr. G.R. Benerjee (English Guyana), Naseem Saifi (Nigeria), Dr. Salim Mohamed (Egypt), Countess Sonia Berg (USA), Rev. Dr. Frederick Tilney (USA), Rev. T Tolland (France). Manuel Acuña (Panamá), Carlos Da Silva (Portugal), Dr. Sri Ram (Kashmere), Emmanuel Cihlar (Austria), Rev. James M. Knight (USA).

All the officers of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE are the outcome of elections or appointments by our Open World Forum, thus affording to all prestigious Leaders and Spiritual Instructors ample opportunity to prove their earnestness according to their capacity.

For Individual Membership, please request Application Form A-Z 10. Also more complete literature will be sent upon request.

For Adhesion of Churches, Fraternities, Schools and Spiritual Sanctuaries to the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE, kindly send underwriting of the Eternal Spiritual Covenant, the Rules and Bylaws of the Church or Organization, photographs of leaders and premises if possible, propaganda literature, complete roster of Board of Directors with their addresses, and all possible data for our census.