Worldwide confederation of independent and autonomous religieux, idealist, fraternal, mystical, spiritual, scientific, research, benevolent, philosophical and Spiritual organizations interested to the Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man, the aristocracy of culture and Spiritual noblesse.

Mrs. Sonia BERG – Legal President             Prof. M. PEUROZET
UNIVERSAL HOLY REALM, Inc.                    Curator: Alliance World Museum
P.O.Box 4293 – Grand Central Station          Apartado 126
New York City – N.Y. 10017 – U.S.A.              Barcelona – Spain

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         We take the liberty of sending you this PERSONAL and DIRECT communication, together with all the pertinent data regarding the UNIVERSAL CULTURAL, HUMANIST, RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE FOR MODERN TIMES, Inc., which is the end result of almost 60 years of constant worldwide endeavors and well over a century of previous planning.  This great result of experience is what actually justifies our claims of BREAKTHROUGH and epoch-making SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL SYNTHESIS. Indeed, we have reached the point of successful realizations insofar as the UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD-COMMONWEALTH OF MANKIND, SPIRITUAL COMMUNION and THE REALM OF THE GOLDEN RULE UNDER THE FATHERHOOD OF GOD are the issues.  There is not the slightest doubt now as to the existence of a genuine link and bridge among all the societies and nations of the world, such as mankind has been longing for in vain.

         We wish to appeal once more for UNIVERSAL UNITY in principles as well as in action.  We are positive that you realize as much as we do that there is no real and effective WORLD PEACE, UNIVERSAL CO-OPERATION and COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS without a basic condition of solidarity, goodwill, mutual respect, co-operative endeavor, mutual dignification and undivided kindness.  It is in this spirit that we address this LAST APPEAL.  Certainly, all RELIGIONS and all FAITHS, FRATERNITIES, MYSTIC ORDERS, ARTISTIC GUILDS, PHILOSOPHICAL GOODWEAL MOVEMENTS and SPIRITUAL SHRINES or SANCTUARIES have their own distinctive mandates and characteristic activities. Such an independence with autonomy cannot be jeopardized in the least or limited in any way.  But unless there is this genuine basic condition they are limited in views, and they run the serious risk of missing their goal.  For are we not ALL Sons of GOD, or Partners in the Divine Spirit?

         We feel sure that you understand us, and that you realize that our move is inspired only by the great success we have already attained.  Naturally, our success is limited as long as other organizations like YOURS do not resolve to collaborate with the great many of US. --- Your also have, of course, your own record of noteworthy accomplishments, and we render justice to your noble presence.  But, indeed, can anyone ever be completely successful without the participation of all other people?  Will YOU ever be able to sing praise of utter fulfillment in your own noble designs unless and until we ALL join hearts, heads and hands, or as long as we are not REALLY UNITED IN AIMS AND FINAL PURPOSES, AND IN PRINCIPLE AS IN ULTIMATE REALIZATIONS?  Does not separatism stand somewhat for antagonic exclusivism and competitive sectarianism, or conventional selection and impractical self-centeredness?

         Please consider this larger and unbiased point of view.  We trust you will realize that there is no time to lose, and that we could undertake at once the pourparlers, which will lead to a complete collaboration among us all.

         Enclosed is our PUBLIC STATEMENT, which will, we hope, serve its purpose.

         A SPECIAL CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL MISSION is to visit your country soon. Could we make arrangements for a friendly MEETING upon our arrival?  We have no definite schedule, but we may be free from other commitments in the course of next month. --- Should you be interested we could from now on exchange communications.

         The UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE is meant to be really, effectively, what it stands for.  Needless to say, the collaboration of your wonderful organization as well as your personal attentions are most necessary.  History is a living expression of Divine inspiration and human portents, from which we must irremissibly take guidance.

         We can be reached at any of our Headquarters or main addresses.

          Much obliged for your kind attention.

           Most faithfully

           Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig

Grand Chancellor                                      General Gran Patron


ONE God, ONE Truth, ONE Humanity, and ONE Golden Rule of Life