We wish our readers to keep well in mind that THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY is actually a confederation of organizations, spiritual as well as idealistic, cultural, mystic, philosophical, and, though far from being fanatical, nevertheless of deepest religious meaning, but averse to all sectarian dogma, doctrinarism or proselytism.

Each organization, moreover, while it agrees with the General Statutes of the Institution called THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY, keeps its complete autonomy, and is functioning according to its own aspirations; the organizations, therefore, operate as its faculties.

THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY, as an institution of exclusively cultural and Spiritual nature, is neither religious, nor political and has legal status in many countries of the world through its proper registration as the agency for the orientation of ideals, character-development, and the cultivation of the indefinable qualities of the being, in fact it is an educational seat of deep and positive transformation of human structures and function – a transformation which means the elimination of the atavistic nature and of karma, as well as the substantial improvement of the faculties of the being so as to secure the best expression of the inner and transcendental life.

THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY, moreover, broadens all human knowledge in respect to life in general, and also in a manner truly exceptional guides the being toward better realizations and prepares it at the same time for discovering the bonds which bind it to Universal Infinity, thereby enabling it to use cosmic as well as universal energy, to satisfy its best desires and most noble idealistic and spiritual aspirations.

THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY does not impose or exact external oaths, nor calls for fantastic promises, although it does expect the most complete sincerity and consistency of effort on the part of its adherents and students. Besides, it is not doctrinal, that is, it is not based on preconceived theories and postulates, which each member must learn from memory and accept with blind faith in slavish obedience. Like an educational institution it has definite norms and properly outlined procedures; and, while it rigorously recommends and insists on the development of a strong discipline, it does not produce the kind of idealists who are deprived of all self-initiative and ethical force, and who are well on the way to become simply fanatics of ephemeral and inconsistent doctrines.

This Institution frees the individual, putting him in possession of his own inner forces and enabling him to understand and sense the attainment of his faculties and higher powers. Therefore, the visionaries, those who like to be deceived with illusions, promises and fantastic offers, have no place with us, since we have no procedures for fools nor do we tolerate weak spirits and vacillating hearts. For us ethical, mental and spiritual forces are something real, living, substantial, transcendental, superlative. We do not tolerate those whom life has overcome, the shipwrecks, eternally bemoaning their fate …

THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY acts as a guarantee of the organizations that form part of it, as faculties, while they conform to the spirit of guidance, dignity and superation which are demanded by the General Statutes; and members of these faculties take part in the activities and teachings of the SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY only in conformity with its conditions which are study, discipline, order, diligence and the required study of some course edited by the Institution.

THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY, in addition to offering an ideal guidance, promotes mental activities and a superlative mystic function, furthermore awakening new faculties and revealing the marvelous magical meaning of the powers of Universal Nature, which enable one to utilize them at will and also to choose one´s path and true spiritual realization without vain dogmatic fantasies or illusions of doctrine or natures, which is not always adjusted to natural reality or the ever present necessities of the human heart.

On the other hand, THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY insists upon constancy and sincerity for the simple convenience of the student himself. He should know whether he desires a better orientation to develop better faculties and powers and overcome the detrimental ones. The greater the measure of his sincerity, the harder he will study, and his constancy will allow him to continue his exercises with patience, character and firm will

There are also the reasons why we do not recommend superfluous reading matter.  Our courses contain all the essentials to attain to a high peak of culture and to secure the best paths and realizations. Why then, waste time, so valuable, in reading of secondary importance, or of feeble and fantastic natures, much of which can but cater to the dull hopes of the impotent, the unawakened eunuchs of spirituality?


Each lesson of our Courses carries and examination and each Course have besides a final examination. Students should take due notice of this fact since we do not seek nor desire adherents, acolytes or “faithful ones” who accept everything we set forth and become fanatic defenders of what we teach. No! Only sincere persons, eager for self-superation, should find their places in our ranks those who have a background of moral dignity, mental achievements and spiritual realizations, and who know how to live our Teachings, thanks to their awakening and intense awareness of conscience.

We do not promise to completely change the personality and the life of any person. We can modify the atavism and karma, annulling them and destroying all malign influences that weigh upon the Spirit, or clear up negative and destructive conditions and smooth out those that have left their scars deep in the individual consciousness, and in fact, it is within our power to change entirely the destiny of anyone, as well as that of whole Groups; but for that we need the goodwill of the students or those concerned, and also they must enable us to count on their determined, assiduous, patient effort. All this is very important, since no philosophical school and no religious system can do it, although it is often promised.

THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY does not impose creeds, nor does it prevent anyone from following his own cults or ideals. And what is more, to justify its incomparable liberalism and the sacred meaning of its respect for individual liberty, it guarantees complete success in these matters to its students, provided, of course, as long as their efforts remain sincere and dignified. None of this is really difficult, if the person concerned is truly sincere and if he makes the effort. We will know how to guide him. We ask only that we be judged by our deeds, and not by the undependable interpretations of “others”.

TRY this very day our transforming and enlightening Teachings and then judge us impartially. We know how to deal with sharp analytical criticism, if it is well meant!

To promote a MODERN SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE at the present time of confusion in ideologies, of moral upheaval, of discrediting of “isms” and doctrines and the break-up of sacred institutions, it is imperative to seek new horizons and above all to make serious account of the characteristics boasted by THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY since from these Teachings will come forth THE NEW ERA and the NEW HUMANITY of tomorrow. Those who laugh at our foresightedness will be the unfortunate ones, victims of circumstances and of the ignorance of TODAY, which they did not know how to transcend. Those who are not preparing to conquer will be inevitably the conquered and defeated of the future.

A new world is being forged. But do not believe the studious reader who talks of what will result from this unnatural human carnage of the world war by the destruction of created interests and conventional ideologies, the torpedoing of ships full of women and children, the bombarding of cities peopled with innocent souls. THE WORLD IS NOT CHANGED THEREBY. The changes at work today in certain spheres of the world have a basis in the inmost being. There only it is that he will be transformed who in time will create a new world, more worthy, nobler, more spiritual.

A new building cannot be built of old mortar. And so the better world of tomorrow will not be forged of the passions, vanities, prejudices errors and ignorance which have prevailed up to THE PRESENT TIME.

THIS VERY DAY, try our offer, and even if you cannot subscribe as a student-member, ask for ONE FIRST LESSON FREE.

At the service of humanity and Universal Consciousness,

Swami Jñanakanda
Los Ángeles, California, U.S.A.
September 22, 1940 (… 2009 …)


Official Organ of The Bodha Society of America, Inc.
Vehicle of The Great Universal Spiritual Brotherhood
Vol.3, No. 5, Fall 1940, California USA